More Than Just Preservation: GIAN Course on Advanced Refrigeration Systems

More Than Just Preservation: GIAN Course on Advanced Refrigeration Systems

Ayan Dutta | Jan 07, 2019

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Since quite some time ago, the Government of India has approved a program titled Global Initiative Of Academic Networks (GIAN) in higher education aimed at tapping the talent pool of scientists and entrepreneurs internationally to encourage their engagement with the institutions of higher education in India. Overtime, GIAN has envisaged to catalyze higher education institutions in the country including IITs, IIMs, Central Universities, IISc Bangalore, IISERs, NITs and IIITs.

This year, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NITR organized its first ever GIAN course on Advanced Refrigeration Systems. The course was conducted from 17-22 December at Prana Krushna Parija Auditorium. The Director Prof. Animesh Biswas presided over the inaugural function which was held at PPA auditorium on 17th December, 2018 from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Prof. S Murugan from the Department of Mechanical Engineering who was the course coordinator disclosed that so far only ten such courses have been organized at NITR.

In a brief conversation with Team Monday Morning, Prof. S Murugan unfurled the nitty gritties of the course conducted at NITR.

MM: As the course coordinator for GIAN course on “Advanced Refrigeration Systems” what motivated you to specifically go with this topic?

SM: Over these years, the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry has developed manifolds. Currently, the market needs Engineers who have expertized in this field thus creating good job opportunities for them. Such industries typically require Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Chemical Engineers. So the basic incentive for me to apply was get the students ample exposure that they needed to make them at par with the industrial standards and R&D sectors.

MM: Can you please tell us the subtopics that would be covered in the duration of this course?

SM: The GIAN course which is conducted for six days at NITR will be covering the topics like Basics of Refrigeration, Air conditioning systems, Thermodynamics, Aspects related Refrigeration of air conditioning, Energy and Exergy analysis of refrigeration systems, Trigeneration and Polygeneration systems and Ventilation systems.

MM: How many students have actively participated in this course and how much budget has been sanctioned for this program?

SM: A total of 16 participants from states other than Odisha have registered for this course, 3 participants from Odisha (As external participants) and a total of 20 participants from NITR have registered for this course as internal participants.

A grant of 5.4 lakhs was sanctioned by the MHRD for the conduction of this course.

The guest lecturer for the 6-day GIAN course was Prof. Ibrahim Dincer, an esteemed faculty from the Department of Automotive, Mechanical and Production Engineering from the University of Ontario Institute Of Technology, Canada. Prof. Ibrahim Dincer has an expertise in the field of “Refrigeration and Air-conditioning systems”, “Thermodynamics” and “Poly-generation systems.” He is the Chief-Editor of International Journal Of Exergy, International Journal Of Energy Research. He has patented over 500 research articles and delivered over 250 innovative talks. Prof. Ibrahim Dincer in a candid conversation with the team Monday Morning expressed his views over the ideas of Refrigeration.

The topic of Refrigeration system has expansive applications ranging from food cooling to air-conditioning. This is why this field has time and again proven itself to be critical. More than 40% of the total energy produced is consumed in Refrigeration and air-conditioning applications. So when we look into sectoral applications, it not only confines itself to Ventilation systems but also Exhaustion in vehicles and food cooling. It even contributes a lot in the field of Medical Science where it is used in freezing tissues and attaining sub-zero temperature in cryogenic liquids.

Refrigeration in itself contributes to having solutions to many other shortcomings; not only the ones that are technical but also the social problems as well.

One ample example to satiate the assertion made by me is the preservation of food and water by application of refrigeration to solve the problem of hunger. Therefore, in my opinion it is binding upon the students to come up with innovative solutions to fight out the crisis in smarter ways,

he added. The GIAN course by Mechanical Department of NITR turned out to be quite successful and inspirational as participants from various parts of the country turned up for the guest lectures.

It is a great opportunity that NITR has given me. Attending GIAN course and listening to the lectures of Prof. Ibrahim Dincer has been inspirational. I love the way he taught us Exergy Analysis which hasn’t been dealt with so much of ease and grace by any other Indian author. I’m surely going to convey this knowledge to my students community in Bangalore

said Dr. M.R Kamesh from Dayanand Sagar College Of Engineering, Bangalore who was a participant in the GIAN course on Advanced Refrigeration.

Team Monday Morning congratulates Prof. S Murugan and the department associated with the course on conducting a successful series of lectures and anticipates many other learning courses like this in the future.

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