Reaching the Finish Line: Vriddhi 2k19

Reaching the Finish Line: Vriddhi 2k19

The campus was bustling this weekend as NITR hosted its Annual Sports Fest - Vriddhi from 11 January 2019 to 13 January 2019. Despite having some shortcomings in the previous versions of Vriddhi, it very well managed to keep the people full of fervour. The true feeling of sportsmanship was amazingly invigorating.

There were lots of victories and defeats and fidgety finish-offs. Team Monday Morning brings you all the latest happenings of the three-day sporting extravaganza.

DAY 1 (Friday, 11 January 2019):

Vriddhi, the Annual Sports Fest of NIT Rourkela, got underway with the Inauguration Ceremony held at Dilip Tirkey Stadium (DTS) on Friday at around 5:30 pm. Due to a short span of time and hermetic schedule, some of the matches were already conducted before the inauguration ceremony. The occasion was graced by Honorable Director Professor Animesh Biswas, Professor S. Panigrahy (Dean Student Welfare), Professor S. Chakraverty (President Student Activity Centre), Professor Samit Ari and Professor N K Vissa (Vice Presidents of the Games and Sports Society), Dr. T R Pattnaik (Student Activity and Sports Officer).

After the completion of speeches of the dignitaries, a melange of drumbeat firecrackers declared the fest open, much to the delight of the onlookers.

Cricket had a round robin system, where teams winning the most number of points headed to the finals. The league matches were of 15 overs, while the final match was of 20 overs.

In the football matches, NITR Team A and IIIT Bhubaneswar concluded the match with a draw, with none of the teams scoring a goal, while IGIT Sarang defeated NITR Team B by 1-0. 

In kabaddi matches, the first match was between NITR Team A and NITR Team B, where the latter was defeated by 45-26. In the second match, NITR Team A and PMEC Berhampur had a neck to neck fight, in which the latter was defeated with a score of 44-37. 

In table tennis, the first round of matches was between NITR Team A and IIIT Naya Raipur, in which the former won by 3-0. The next match was between NITR Team A and NITR Team B and the latter lost by a score of 1-3. The last match of the day was played between NITR Team A and GEC Bilaspur, in which the former emerged victorious with a score of 3-0. 

There was a series of matches played in basketball. In the first match, NIT Jamshedpur defeated PMEC Berhampur with a close score of 45-38. The other participating teams were NITR Team A, NITR Team B, ITER and IIIT Naya Raipur. All the teams showcased phenomenal talent in this sport, which attracted quite a good crowd.

Day 2 (Saturday, 12 January 2019):

Along the recesses of an exhilarating sports meet hosted by the home institute, there were diversions planned for the exhausted participants at the very iconic Student Activity Centre (SAC). The music concert scheduled to kick off at 5:30 PM, however, got delayed by the ongoing events leading the show to run late by an hour. Leisure grooving and drum beats echoed the campus as a merry crowd assembled by 6:30 PM. 

Roddur Dutta flaunted his vocals as Arindam Sinha lingered his fingers strumming to his beats. The event saw an appreciable gathering as the performances went on. A footfall of tired sportsmen filled the SAC gallery as the tunes reverberated homogenously in the winds of NITR. The evening was a beautiful amalgamation of the retro classics and the modern hits. The evening was beautifully wrapped with musical vibes finally ending up by 9:15 PM. 

DAY 3 (Sunday, 13 January 2019):

With most of the events being concluded on Saturday, the last and final day of Vriddhi 2019 had Football and Cricket matches. With the mild sun shining on the DTS and STSC stadiums, the events started at 10 AM.

There were a total of 3 football matches held. The first two were qualifying matches which included, NITRKL team B vs IIIT Naya Raipur and NITRKL team A vs IGIT Sarang. Both these matches ended up drawing at 0-0. This was followed by the final of the top two teams in the league: NITRKL team A and IGIT Sarang. The final was scheduled after lunch and it did attract a lot of supporters for the home team. With many tactful passes and kicks, NITRKL team A emerged winner with a 1-0 lead against IGIT Sarang.

Simultaneously, there were two cricket matches held between NITRKL team A vs NITRKL team B which saw team A emerging victorious. The second match was between NITRKL team A and NIT Raipur which again was won by NITRKL team A.

This marked the end of all the sporting activities of Vriddhi 2019.

Closing ceremony:

It was now time to give an everlasting adieu to the magnificent festival filled with a huge gush of the young minds and warmest bodies.

The formal meeting started with The Director, Dr. Animesh Biswas, President SAC, Prof. S. Chakraverty, Dean Student Welfare, Prof. S. Panigrahi, The  Vice Presidents of the Games and Sports society, Prof. Samit Ari and Prof. N.K Vissa and the SAS officers, Dr. P.K Rout and Dr. T.R Pattnaik. The Director addressed the sportsmen applauding the spirit and enthusiasm that they radiated in the festival of action and fair play.

Prize Distribution 

The environment then got filled with excitement, intensity and a sense of cheerfulness as the players received the prizes from the dignitaries present on the dais


Sr.NOSport NameTeam
2Table TennisNITR-A




The convener of the fest, Subhakanta Sahoo was quoted saying

The fest went smoothly. Everything was on time in the busy schedule. The main problem was to start the events in the morning at 8 am. Our team pulled it off very well in spite of the chilly weather. I would like to thank my fellow convener Sasidhar Reddy and all my team members for making the Vriddhi’19 edition a huge success.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the organizers of Vriddhi 2019 and hopes that the succeeding editions of Vriddhi also reach great heights and keep the banner of NITR soaring high.

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