Vriddhi 2019- Has anything changed from last year?

Vriddhi 2019- Has anything changed from last year?

Sayed Munib Ahamad | Jan 21, 2019

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The last weekend witnessed the first anniversary of Vriddhi: the NITR sports fest.  Now in its second year after a rather long hiatus of 4 years until 2018, Vriddhi happened rather smoothly and with a low profile. The competitions were adrenaline fuelled displays of mental tact and physical skills with a myriad of close-calls as well as some thoroughly one-sided games. The common thread in this fest was the fact that sports aficionados enjoyed the fest as usual, but a significant portion of the NITR folks stayed out of the fest. Moreover, like most fests the participants, as well as the audiences, had their fair share of entertainment, delays and unexpected results- the usual stuff. All in all, Vriddhi went by smoothly except for one teeny-tiny detail that a more significant than expected portion of the NITR didn’t attend the fest this year. To this end, MM conducted a poll to get a measure of the prevalent opinion of  Vriddhi

First things first, 43% of the populace voted for “I did not attend Vriddhi this year”.

The primary reason owing to which majority of the students could not make it to Vriddhi was the lackadaisical attitude towards live sports which isn’t an uncommon thing at NIT Rourkela excepting a few like football and cricket. Then add to it the fact that publicity this year has been better than last year but wasn’t significant enough to turn the tide in favour of Vriddhi remained a contentious issue.  No proper schedule was displayed or circulated in the form of posters and banners which led to students of the institute staying aloof and not attending the events. The general lack of interest among the students when it comes to sports-related activities also led to the slackening of the attending populace. Given that Vriddhi was reinvigorated only last year it was not something that is talked about by the NITR populace in a way Inovision or NitrUtsav are, further leading to the absence of student interest in the fest.

A substantial fraction, 18%, of the populace was of the mind that “It did not improve and suffered from several glitches despite all preparations.”

As we have mentioned before--college fests are a business in which unless something is screwed up, it’s not one. Like always there were glitches and faux passes. This response could be attributed to the delayed events and cases of mismanagement by the organising team members. One must keep in mind the fact that Vriddhi was shifted back to the spring semester from the autumn ones.  The short time allowance for the preparation of the fest followed by tight budget constraints may have resulted in unwarranted outcomes or gaffes which would be done away with in future years, hopefully

39% of the voters were of the opinion that, “It was better than last year. The organisers made a good effort.”.

Despite the few delays, the organising team members kept in check the smooth functioning of the events and coordinated to the most substantial extent possible. It very well managed to keep the people full of enthusiasm. The real feeling of sportsmanship was amazingly refreshing. There were lots of victories and defeats and fidgety finish-offs. Amidst all the latest happenings of the three-day sporting extravaganza. Almost all the audacious matches were conducted at the scheduled times followed by the felicitation ceremony where the environment was bustling  with excitement, intensity and a sense of cheerfulness as the players received the prizes from the dignitaries present on the dais.

The fest went smoothly. Everything was on time in the busy schedule. The main problem was to start the events in the morning at 8 am. Our team pulled it off very well in spite of the chilly weather. I would like to thank my fellow convener Sasidhar Reddy and all my team members for making the Vriddhi’19 edition a colossal success.- Subhakanta Sahoo

Team MM congratulates Team Vriddhi on the completion of fairly successful endeavour and hopes that the fest will continue to improve.

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