Preface To The Circus: NU 2K19

Preface To The Circus: NU 2K19

There’s no season without festivities and fests in NIT Rourkela and it’s that time of the year when the institute awaits for the mega cultural extravaganza with zest and zeal. “The Great NITRUTSAV Show” is all set to deliver a plethora of events making the three days, February 1-3 nothing but a bonanza. With an unusual theme of “Circus”, the official cultural fest of NIT Rourkela aims to organize this edition as never before setting up new benchmarks.

Regarding the theme of the fest, we iterate the words of Swapnil Sahoo, Convenor (Dean’s Nominee), NITRUtsav:

We believe that a theme like “Circus” will be amusing and attract more crowds. Since in general, the popularity of circus has declined which once was a major attraction among the masses, reviving the charisma of Circus would be one of our plus points. We strive to make NITR witness the biggest Circus show ever through the theme-based cultural fest.


A total of 13 Lakh has been allotted for conducting the fest by SAC which has been broken down into micro-budgets which seems similar to last year except for a few internal adjustments. Along with it, INR 4 lakh has been sanctioned for the events to replace “celebrity night” this year.






Club Events

Events, items, competitions, judges for flagship events, entertainment program



Venue Preparation

Tent-house, ramp stage, registration and sponsorship stalls, chairs, barricade(DTS), bedding



Lights and Sound

Sound, light and generator arrangement in DTS(DIGIVAN), Light Decoration from SAC to Ceramic Gate, DTS Gate







Guest House hospitality and Accommodation




Flower decoration for the inaugural function at BBA




Theme based decoration

Ambience design including DTS Stage, BBA Stage, Gate(DTS, Ceramic, SAC)



Video and Photography

All events and inaugural functions




For judges, volunteers and coordinators



Pro Shows

Comedian and DJ




Flex, Standees, Brochure, Posters, ID Cards, certificates




Unexpected Expenses






While talking about the allotted budget, the convenors said:

We feel, we could pull up a much better fest if we are allotted with some extra funds. The budget remains a huge constraint in organizing the events in larger magnitude. We are trying for sponsorships and hopefully, we could make the best out of it.

A sum of INR 5 Lakh was collected from Sponsorships last year but the team has been able to pull in Rs 1.5 Lakh till now which could be a major hindrance for the fest. Serajuddin has turned out to be the biggest sponsor worth 1 Lakh and Monnet Ispat has also agreed to provide sponsorship worth INR 31,000 while Green trends will be the grooming partner providing sponsorship in kind worth INR 30,000. Along with them, Rourkela Tips and Bhubaneswar Buzz have been confirmed as the media partners. Apart from these sources, the registration amount of Rs.500 is being collected as well. The sponsorship amount has declined majorly because of the cancellation of Celebrity Night.

The Team Formation Formula:

The arrangements for the fest are going on in a full swing. It’s the mass power that drives a fest to success. NU, not being an exception to it, its arrangements totally dependent on the different teams formed under the guidance of the convenors. the convenors of the fest are Anubhav Sharma, Ranjeet Kumar and Swapnil Sahoo (Dean’ s nominated) The event management team, Decoration team, Hospitality team, Accommodation team, Design team, Content team, Requirement team, Web team, and a few others are the teams formed in different departments this year and the last but the very important Core team. Most of the teams are having one mentor. The last year’s team heads have been selected to be this year’s team mentors. Swapnil Sahoo (Dean’s nominated Conveno) r and Ranjeet Kumar  made a very clear statement about this year’s team induction strategy:

We are inducting members and not just choosing randomly. More importantly, the team formation is dynamic this year. Our simple strategy is if you work you will remain in the team lest you will be removed. We have already sorted the publicity team strength into half. Talking of the core team, we are selecting people into the team who are very willing to contribute and have done a good job in the pre-fest session, doesn’t matter whether he/she is from first or final year.

People are yet still being inducted but they have to work to stay in the team. The hierarchy set within the teams is the same as usual: Volunteers->Coordinators->Core Coordinators->Team Heads->Core team members

The team-strategy, being more dynamic and aligned to the contribution one gives, can make a difference in the overall coordination and management of events.

Events of NU:

Overall, 35 to 40 events will be held this year. The theme of this year is the ‘CIRCUS’, the concept will be reflected in many of the events as stated by the convenors.

There are a couple of pre-fest events being held: PIC-A-THON 2.0 and CLIXX 1.0:


 In this event organised by Hourglass, questions will be circulated through google forms and people have to send answers through them. The questions will be based on picture puzzles with clues to the answers. 25, 20, 10 points will be awarded to correct answers according to the relative promptness of sending answers. After all the question are asked points will be tallied and the highest scorer will be awarded Rs-1000/- cash reward, while second and third highest scorers will be awarded goodies.

CLIXX 1.0:

 This one is also a competitive event on photographic skills. The participants need to register to a link and submit photos on the THEME-“NATURE: AN ELIXIR” by the 29th instant. The winner of the competition will be rewarded with goodies worth Rs. 5000/-

Apart from the pre-fest events, the posters of the events have started getting released. The list of events declared so far is as follows:

Fun Events: Pictionary, Tambola, Snake N’ Ladder, Love-Booth.

Competitive Events: Make Me Mute, Boston Legal 2.0, Game of Cards 2.0,, Savour The Flavour Of Tales, Lit-A-Lympics, Match The Stash 2.0, NU Journalist.

No guest lecture is expected to be held this year, as ‘SAC is not in a favour of guest-lectures because there is already ROOTS for organising the guest lectures.’ No workshop has yet been finalised to be held so far due to budget issues though the team is working hard to arrange some.

While talking to Prof. Rohan Dhiman, Vice-President, Literary Society about the overall organization of fest, he replied:

The student should enjoy the fest to the fullest. The effort the organising team is putting should not go in vain. There shouldn’t be any mismanagement. I can understand that some part of charm has left because of the cancellation of the celebrity night. But, hopefully, the arrangements planned for the third day should fill the void to some extent. Given that we need to give an explanation to the president & dean for each of the events we organise and spend money on, we are doing to the best of our abilities. Let’s hope we have a very good NU 2019.


Unlike last year, there will be no celebrity gracing the cultural fest this year. Although Celebrity night was one of the top priorities of the team, things did not turn up the way everyone expected.

According to the Convenors,

We started the tendering process much earlier as compared to last year’s NU team since there were few discrepancies and atrocities with the tendering process and documents we received, the first tender had to be cancelled and after our constant deliberations, retendering was not done by the administration.

The initial tendering process started in December where enquiries were sent to various companies for the Celebrity Night and after a gap of 21 days (as per the norms of the tendering process), the tender was opened and quotations were revealed in the first week of January. As stated by the Convenors, out of the 5 quotations they received, only one of them had the required documents and authorized signatures. Due to the failure of receiving at least 03 valid quotations, the tender was called off by the President of SAC and the Director.

In mid-January, it became crystal clear about the cancellation of the major attraction: Celebrity Night. On 17 January, Swapnil Sahoo, Convenor (Dean’s Nominee) documented a file and presented it to the Director stating two demands: (a) Issuing orders for the re-tendering process and (b) Provide funds in lieu of cancellation of Celebrity Night.

The Purchase Department did not agree with the retendering process because it would have violated the ’21- Day rule’. Even the demands of single-tender were turned down by the administration. Although, the Convenors had demanded an additional budget of INR 5 Lakh to organize some interesting event replacing the Celebrity Night 4 Lakh has been sanctioned for the same.

Expressing their concern and dissatisfaction, the Convenors stated:

It has to be made completely clear if Celebrity Night comes under the responsibility of NITRUTSAV team or the Art and Cultural Society of SAC. We faced a lot of logistic issues because of such confusions and chaos. There are no fixed norms in SAC about whom to contact for what, we often have to run from post to pillar that remain a main hindrance in the overall organization.

Interestingly, we received some contrasting comments from Prof. SN Alam, Vice-President, Art and Cultural Society where he says:

I do not blame the Convenors because some among the team are really hard-working while few others are quite irresponsible in the organization of the Celebrity Night. But they should have been more careful while sending the enquiries, they had sent enquiries to a lot of bogus and vague companies that became the foundation of all problems. When you add a lot of people in implementing such decisions, things become messy due to conflicts between them

Further, he added:

I am really sad about the cancellation and it will affect the footfall but we will be having Celebrity Night on March 10. Again, after a week of NU 19, we will be organizing Roots 3.0 that would keep the festive mood of the campus intact.

As a replacement to the gala night, the team is making efforts to arrange events involving famous bands, which certainly can’t match the excitement of a Celebrity Night.

Publicity & The Official Website:

Offline publicity had started early in December, last year as stated by Ranjeet Kumar, Convenor

We had printed our posters and the offline publicity team members went to different colleges of Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Chhattisgarh, Ranchi, Tatanagar and Patna, and distributed the posters and invitation letters.

They also clarified,

The expenses are reimbursed, but the publicity work done in December was totally on us. During that time, we sent people to their respective hometowns for publicity.

The official website has been made on the theme of ‘CIRCUS’ with fun and circus animations on the background. The posters of the events have already been uploaded to the website and the rest are expected to be uploaded soon. Some of the sections in the website though are still blank such as Pro-Shows, Musical Night and Exhibitions. Hopefully, the website will be power-packed and stuffed with sufficient details of events before the fest starts.

Flagship Events:


 In the words of Ms. Anna Wintour, you either know fashion or you don't. It may be fleeting, unlike style, but it is ever-evolving and dynamic. It is the armour to survive the mundane reality of everyday life. It's about loathing narcissism but loving vanity; It's about saying all about yourself without having to speak at all. It's about confidence, composure, and comfort.

NITRutsav 2019 brings the golden chance to unleash the fashionista in every participant and set the ramp on fire, at FASHIONISTA 2019.

Voice of NU:

 The annual Singing competition. In the words of NU “As Plato very rightly quoted, "Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything."

Music is magic. Music is religion. Music is what speaks when words fail.
NITRutsav 2019 brings to you a stage to show your love for music and put up a show for other music lovers to relish.
Voice of NU is back with another edition, and it's about time all of you budding musicians geared up to show the world what you got!”


A magical night with heartbeats performing. NU says “Music is a piece of art that enters the ears and reaches straight to the heart.” It plays the role of moonlight in the gloomy night of life. Musical instruments help us express those thoughts which can neither remain silent nor be put into words. With the perfect blend of lively tempo and expressive lyrics, a musical flight to the heavens is ready to take off! Heartbeats, NIT Rourkela, are back yet again with another stellar version of MAKTUB- an unplugged musical experience. It's time to play the moments, pause the memories, stop the pain and rewind the happiness!”


A great man once said, "Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul."

Are you tired of the mundaneness of everyday life? Of going about executing the same routine day after day after day? Do you too want to break free from the shackles of boredom and live the life of your dreams? If it's a yes, then get on the bandwagon and get ready to experience the craziest adventure of your lifetime!

NITRutsav 2019 unveils ROADIES - a contest featuring excruciating and relentless challenges that will not only feed your soul with its fair share of adventure but compel you to battle your self-doubt as you move forth.
You know the rules. You know this game. What you don't know, is what lies ahead. For the brave hearts who are ready to put their all at stake, this is the platform to step up, prove your worth and take home prizes worth 10k!


The movie will make you famous, Television will make you rich, but the drama will make you good. - Terrence Mann

NUKKAD is an art of summing up vitality and screenplay in you. It advocates various communal affairs and fights for justice and sovereignty.
"Don't talk, Just act.
Don't say, just show.
Don't promise, just prove.
And Explore the you in you."

We the family of Pantomime-official dramatics club of NITR present an interesting battle for the real you. It is a showdown to misemploy our inept society.

A Challenging Task:

Managing the fest, especially with a one like NITRutsav is never easy. The job has its own challenges. Since there would be no celebrity night, that would directly imply a significant lack in sponsorships. 

Our main aim is to please our NIT audience before the one coming from other colleges.

- Swapnil Sahoo

Considering the fact that the NITR community has becoming attuned to a celebrity night being a part of NU, it might be difficult to appease to them for the organizers. The absence of an Assistant Registrar and the commotion in SAC regarding NITRUTSAV might as well hinder the smooth organisation of the fest. However, it is being hoped that the team will overcome all hurdles to pull together a worthy fest.

The presence of ROOTS also hinders their hopes for having workshop because of the mandate SAC authorities have issued- which being that all the guest lectures should be covered under the umbrella of ROOTS.

But the Convenors of NU made all efforts to organise few workshops:

Like last year, the team has planned a workshop being conducted by Scribbled Stories. While NU 18 had Hip Hop International, NU 19 will witness a workshop by Divine Dance Crew. Along with these, Akriti, the official art and crafts club will organise a workshop inviting a well-recognized artist of the country.

Another thing which they wanted to come across was the ambiguity in the SAC Constitution on the jurisdiction of the celebrity night. Clarity regarding the roles of the Arts and Cultural Society and the Literary society would also enable to organizing team to overcome certain confusions that have arisen in this year.

With them facing the shadow ban on Facebook (A shadow ban is an act of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community such that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned) and having no post seen from their official Facebook page on your feed, makes publicity very tough. Due to these challenges, they face a humongous task ahead of them. Despite this, we have an assurance that the team shall pull off the best fest possible in these circumstances.

 We have fbb whose judge is going to be Miss India Universe 2018 Nehal Chudasma, Fashionista and Maktub on the first day. The second day has DJ progressive brother on it who is being crowned as almost like Nucleya and a band performing on the third night. The fest surely won't be lackluster.

-Team NU

It is thus hoped that NITRUTSAV manages to attract as much audience as it has done in the past editions with gusto despite the few hurdles faced. Team Monday Morning wishes the Team NU the best in its earnest endeavours in organising NITRUTSAV 2019.


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