Congregation Of Material Enthusiasts: 82nd Annual Session of InCerS

Congregation Of Material Enthusiasts: 82nd Annual Session of InCerS

Ayan Dutta | Jan 28, 2019

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Established in the year of 1928 with the blessings and active support of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya, the chief architect for establishing Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Indian Ceramic Society (InCerS) in its past 71 years of existence has ushered the importance of material science amongst educationists, scientists, technologists and industrialists. Presently, the organisation has more than 2000+ members including many foreign members, comprising a wide variety of individuals and interest groups that include scientists, engineers, researchers, manufacturers, plant personnel, educators, students, marketing and sales professionals in related materials disciplines.

The forum recently organised its 82nd Annual session which was a two-day event starting from 9th January 2019 till 10th January 2019 organised in Hotel Wave International, Jamshedpur. The session was attended by several students as well as Professors from the Department of Ceramic Engineering, NIT Rourkela. The Professors who turned up for the meet are Prof. Ritwik Sarkar (HOD), Prof. Swadesh Kumar Pratihar, Prof. Debashish Sarkar, Prof. Sudip Dasgupta, Prof. Ranabrata Mazumder and Prof. Partha Saha. Along with them, 11 students from the UG programme in the Ceramic Department also registered for the event. The students who attended the session are Abhinav Pandey, Shivam Sharma, Tanay Kumar, Sanket Pati, Jitendar Kumar, Dibyajyoti Dass, Aswini Kumar Sahu, Adyasha Pattnaik, K. Roja, Srija Mukhopadhyay and Snigdha Sucharita Sahu.

Day 1:-

The beginning of the Annual session was marked by the inaugural ceremony following which Plenary lectures were delivered. Every lecture was timed to be about half-an-hour in duration. Here is a list of all the Plenary lectures alongside their respective speakers on Day 1:

Evolution of microstructure in developing high-temperature resistant ODS Alloys and laser-assisted coatingsProf. I.Manna
20 Years Of Commercializing Medical Devices Using NanotechnologyProf. Thomas J. Webster
Optical Fiber: Empowering a New Global EraDr R.Sen
Mechanical activation of mineral bearing wastes to improve geopolymerisation-Energy aspectsProf. Gabor Musci
Recent advances in Magnetoelectrics and Multiferroics Materials and applications in Energy HarvestingProf. A Garg
Ceramics for Gas TurbineMr Atanu Saha
High purity Silicon- SILGRAIN for non-oxide Ceramics and other applicationsMr. Arindum Mukherjee
Energy conservation and the environment in float glass manufacturingMr TK Chakraborti

This was followed by the 31st MG Bhagat Memorial lecture on “Ultra-high temperature Ceramics (UHTC) for hypersonic space vehicles: opportunities and challenges.” By Prof. B. Basu.

Day 2:-

The second day of the session was primarily focused on paper presentations by the PG students from different institutes. The following is an infographic representation of the various sessional themes on which the paper presentations were made:

The total duration for each paper presentation was 10 minutes with an additional duration of 2 minutes. A total of 93 paper presentations were delivered, 11 of which were done by students from PG program of NITR. Here is a list of all the students alongside their topics for paper presentations at the conference:

Venkatesh PilliEffect of amount of graphite on N220 nanocarbon containing Al2O3-C refractories: A study
Sriram AbhinayHydrothermal synthesis of ferroelectric 0.9KNbO3-0.1(BaNb1/2Ni1/203):characterization and photocatalytic properties
Vinay Kumar RSynthesis and characterization of Ba2Co2Fe1O22-NiFe2O4 composite ferrites for high-frequency applications 
Yogendra Pratap SinghPreparation and characterization of Nano Anyhydrous Calcium Phosphate added Gelatin-Chitosan Scaffolds 
Love Dashairya

Polymer derived porous carbon spheres coated Sb nanoparticles:A high-performance anode for Li-Ion

Kousik PolleyBaFe12O19-activated charcoal-chitosan composite adsorbent for methyl blue dye removal application
K. Sarath ChandraStrengthening of sinterable low carbon Al2O3-MgO-C refractories with YAG nanoparticle hybridized expanded graphite
Pinki DeyEffect of addition of B2O3 to the sol-gel synthesized 45S5 bioglass or bone tissue engineering 
Sumavo SikderHigh aspect ratio Aluminium Borate whiskers by Molten Salt Synthesis with different B/Al ratio and Decipher its reaction sequences 
Satya Narayan SabatAn in-depth study on morphological transitions for the architecture of directional freeze-casted porous Alumina Scaffolds
Itkankhya MahapatraEffect of ZrO2 addition on MgAl2O4 spinel: Comparison between co-precipitation and Oxide reaction routes

In a brief conversation with the team Monday Morning, Prof. Ritwik Sarkar, HOD of Ceramic Engineering Department said:

The organizers of the Annual session contacted us for participation in the event and we conveyed the same to our final year students through webmail. But dishearteningly, there wasn’t any positive response from their side. Luckily, the 6th semester BTech students complied to our wishes. So, it is more about the interest of the students than the initiative taken by the institute regarding participation in seminars and research paper presentation conferences.

We are also planning to have an Alumni-meet cum conference at the end of this year to celebrate the silver jubilee of Ceramic Department at NITR.

-Prof. Ritwik Sarkar.

Team MM hopes a sharp increase in the involvement of ceramists in conferences and wishes the Department all the luck and prosperity in its future endeavours.





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