The Sporting Coliseum - All India Inter NIT 2019

The Sporting Coliseum - All India Inter NIT 2019

As we are reaching the tail end of the month of January and carrying on with our daily routines, our Institute hosted the All India Inter NIT competition for FootballKabaddi (Men and Women) and Kho Kho (Men and Women) from 25th to 27th January. Teams from 26 different NIT’s across India represented their respective institute as they participated in the competition. Team MM brings you the account of the proceedings.

Opening Ceremony-  25th January 2019

On the sunny morning of Friday, the opening ceremony of All India Inter NIT tournament was held at Dilip Tirkey Stadium. The stadium had high spirits as the sportsmen and women gathered together having donned their respective team jerseys.

The ceremony was hosted by Rashmitha Pulsum and D Vikranth of Hourglass (the public speaking club of NIT Rourkela). The ceremony was started off with the march past as each of the sportsmen lined up according to their institute teams and matched their feet with the rhythm of the drum rolls.


After this, all the teams assembled for the address from the institute officials. The event was graced with the presence of the director Dr. Animesh Biswas,  Prof. Snehashish Chakravarty (SAC President), Prof. S. Panigrahi (Dean Student Welfare), S.K Patel (Registrar). They each took the dais to give words of encouragement to the participating sportsmen and women.

Soon after, the director declared All India Inter NIT open. The Inter NIT and the Institute flags were hoisted by the Director and Dean Student Welfare. To conclude the opening ceremony, there was an oath-taking ceremony which was led by the team captain of  NIT Rourkela, Siddhant Das.



The game of runners and chasers had 13 teams participating in the men’s category, and they were divided into 4 pools. With games being played in two courts, day one(Friday) had 12 matches in the group stages.

Day two (Saturday) also had 3 group stage matches which happened in the morning.

In the afternoon, the semi-finals were held which saw the toppers of each of the pools facing off each other.

The finals and the competition for third place were held on Sunday. The final was between NIT Rourkela and NIT Raipur. Since the home team had made it to finals there were many cheers and hoots from home supporters. In the end, NIT Rourkela emerged as the winner.

The best player was awarded to Ajay of NIT Rourkela.

1NIT Rourkela
2NIT Raipur
3SVNIT Surat


There were a total of 10 teams participating in this category. The women's team was divided into three pools. All the group stage games were held on the first day except for one which was done on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon the toppers of the three pools competed against each other with NIT Trichy emerging as the victor.

The best player was awarded to Ankitha of NIT Trichy. 

Position Institute
1NIT Trichy 
2NIT Nagpur
3NIT Raipur



A total of 27 fixtures in this category were organized. The matches were scheduled to start off at 10.00 AM and each of the fixtures was timed to be of 45 minutes in duration. On day 1 viz. 25th January, 2019 a total of 11 fixtures were organized in court A whereas the rest four took place in court B. The total number of participating teams in Kabbadi (Men’s category) was 19. On the first day, the matchups started off at 10.00 AM and continued till 8.15 PM. Whereas on the second day, the league stage kicked off at 10.00 AM and got over by 9.00 PM. On this day 8 matches were played in court A whereas the rest two matches were played in court B.

Here is a group-wise division of teams from different NITs:

Group 1- NIT Nagpur, NIT Bhopal, NIT Delhi, NIT Raipur

Group 2- NIT Kurukshetra, NIT Manipur, NIT Surat

Group 3- NIT Surathkal, NIT Andhra Pradesh, NIT Jaipur

Group 4- NIT Calicut, NIT Patna, NIT Puducherry

Group 5- NIT Warangal, NIT Trichy,  NIT Srinagar

Group 6- NIT Rourkela, NIT Agartala, NIT Silchar

The only problem faced during organization of matches between different teams was the incessant rainfall which caused technical hitches while having matches during the 2nd day of the Inter-NIT sports meet. In the end,  NIT ROURKELA emerged as the winners while NIT Surat bagged the Runners up trophy and NIT Raipur was adjudged to be the 2nd Runners up. Md Hasim from NIT Rourkela was adjudged to be the best player in Kabbadi (Men’s category).


The Inter-NIT Kabbadi matches in women’s category were played in Court C. There were a total of 7 matches organized on the first day whereas the 2nd day witnessed 5 league matchups and two semi-finals on the time slot of 6-7 PM and 7-8 PM. The final match was played between NIT Delhi and NIT Raipur and was won by team NIT Delhi. NIT Jaipur was declared the 2nd Runners up and Dimple from team NIT Delhi was adjudged as the best player in Women’s category (Kabbadi).

Women's Kabaddi

Position Institute
1NIT Delhi
2NIT Raipur
3NIT Jaipur

Men's Kabaddi 

Position Institute
1NIT Rourkela
2NIT Raipur
3NIT Surat


Institute teams from 26 NITs from all over India had participated in this edition of Inter NIT 2019, all playing with a lot of enthusiasm and team spirit. These teams were divided into 8 pools with 3 or 4 teams in each pool. A total of 30 matches were played in the group stages, on two fields, one in DTS and another in STSC. First 20 matches were played on Day One (Friday), and the next 10 matches were played on Day Two (Saturday).

In the evening of Saturday, the top-ranked teams of all the 8 pools faced off against each other in the Quarter Finals.

On the Third Day (Sunday), both the Semi-Finals were played in the morning. NIT Meghalaya and NIT Rourkela emerged victorious in the Semi-Finals. The third-place match was played at 11 AM in DTS.

The Final of football was played between NIT Meghalaya and NIT Rourkela at 2:30 PM in DTS, right before the closing ceremony. An eager crowd of around 300 people, both visitors and NITR junta alike, came to witness this match. There was a loud and energetic uproar of cheers and sledging in DTS during the match, which did nothing but add to the enthusiasm of the 22 players playing on the field.

After 90 minutes of even and spirited contest, NIT Rourkela won over NIT Meghalaya with a margin of 1-0 at full time. The crowd broke into a resounding cheer when the match was over. The winners celebrated with hugs, cheers and group photos.

Sonam Zangpo from NIT Rourkela was declared as the Best Player, and Khamon Lian was awarded the Best Goalkeeper Award.

1NIT Rourkela
2NIT Meghalaya
3NIT Allahabad

Closing Ceremony:

The Closing Ceremony of All India Inter NIT 2019 was held in DTS at around 4:30 PM. Dignitaries such as Prof. S.K. Patel (Registrar), Prof. B.C. Ray, Prof. S. Chakraverty (President, SAC), Prof. Samit Ari (Vice-President, Games and Sports Society, SAC), and Dr. Prashant from NIT Goa as an observer graced the end of the Inter NIT.

The Closing Ceremony was hosted by Gumpula Ankith and Priyanka Jha from Hourglass Club, who conducted the proceedings. When invited to speak, Dr Prashant thanked the officials for being able to arrange such an event with success. He mentioned that the food and accommodation were good for over 1000 students for their 3-day stay at NIT Rourkela. He then talked about not losing the spirit of the game due to a few wrong decisions on behalf of the referees, because such things happen, unfortunately, and should only be dealt with as an irregularity.

Next, Prof. B.C. Ray was invited to speak. He talked about it being a proud moment for NIT Rourkela to be hosting the Inter NIT, an event of a grand scale, inviting participants from all over India. He was thankful to the organisers who made the event a success.

It was followed by the prize distribution ceremony. All of the teams who rose to the stage were extremely happy and proud and celebrated the same with loud hurrahs.

Then, Dr Prashant was given a token of appreciation, following which, Prof. S.K. Patel was asked to felicitate all the Team Managers who had escorted their teams to this journey.

Then Sri G.V. Nikhil, the Dean’s Nominee for Games and Sports Society, delivered the vote of thanks, after which the All India Inter NIT 2019 was declared closed. All the sportspersons erupted into one final ringing roar before dispersing.

Team MM heartily congratulates all the winners of different sports and wishes all the players their absolute best in the future.


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