NIT Rourkela Marches as One: 70th Republic Day Celebration

NIT Rourkela Marches as One: 70th Republic Day Celebration

Sonali Sahoo | Jan 28, 2019

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A nation’s culture resides in the heart and soul of its people

A patriotic fervour enveloped the atmosphere at the NCC Ground as the NITR community gathered to celebrate the Nation’s 70th Republic Day on a frosty winter morning.

The Commencement

The event commenced at 8:30 am sharp with the flag unfurled by our director Animesh Biswas and was followed by the singing of the national anthem. The event, hosted by Sai Swaroop Mohanty and Om Singh, proceeded with the slow march by the Director escorted by Prof V Sivakumar (Associate NCC Officer, Navy) and Prof Ajit Behera (Associate NCC Officer, Army) to address the troops. Then came the ceremonial parade in which the contingent marched with full valour and vigour as they paid salute to the Director. The entire troop was led by Commander Corporal Abhishek Das, the army wing was led by Army Wing commander Sergeant Tapas Nayak, Navy wing led by Senior Cadet Captain  S Lokesh; the third platoon, Junior Army wing headed by Lance Corporal Om Prakash, Security Guards contingent led by Somnath Barik [Security Advisor], and finally the Troops of REC School students headed by Subham Routray (boys) and Isha Rani Sahu (girls).

The event had the Director, faculty and employees, their families and students in attendance who cheered for the contingents. That was followed by the Directors speech.

The Director’s speech

He emphasized the importance of India and her young demographic dividend making her a confident and an innovative, driven economy, and highlighted NIT Rourkela’s remarkable contribution in this respect.

The scholastic output is reflected in the 126 PHd’s awarded, 8059 publications(as per Scopus Database) and 3870 (Web of Science Database) . Currently we are dealing with 242 sponsored and 112 consultancy projects.

Adding that creating technology with innovation is not sufficient and that one needs to transform technology through business and industrial internships, he lauded the efforts of TIIR’s association with FTBI (Foundation of Technology Business Innovation) that has housed 26 startups with the likes of Phoenix Robotics, Penny India and Ovotees. Besides, NITR also hosted the boot camp of Startup India Jatra Odisha, 2018 to boost the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Among the other announcements, he pointed out the unprecedented success (80%) in the faculty recruitment and promotion process last year and the announced that NITR would be conducting the recruitment of non-faculty positions, Assistant Registrar, medical practitioners and the much awaited DPC this year. In a historical breakaway for NITR, he announced that ISRO has sanctioned a research project through the Department of Electrical engineering with funded equipment of lighting studies. Also, he reinstated the completion of long-awaited projects like FR-A, FR-B, and Research Scholar hostel and the creation of other gigantic projects-- 600 seater Girls Hostel, an Indoor sports complex, and a Bhubaneshwar Extension center.

Alumni Relations and their relentless efforts are yet another aspect he brought to light. One of the most important initiatives taken is the student scholarship fund which has amassed USD 77,000. Besides, an Endowed Chair Professorship has been set up in the name of Late Prof Ajay K Mohanty to attract outstanding researchers. The association of alumni reached new heights with the “Distinguished Alumni Award” was conferred on two female industrialists in the present year. 

With all its leadership and new initiatives in technology, NITR must be committed to have a socio-environmental impact in its immediate surrounding. With this aspiration, we have taken an ambitious initiative to improvise on organic farming research project inaugurated by Shri Jual Oram, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India.

He concluded his speech by saying that the strength of the institute lies in the youth population in the form of students and officials, under the age of 40, and that will guide this institute and this nation at large, to progress.

Awards and acclamations

The director’s ceremonial address was followed by the national integration pledge administered by him to the masses. Next in line was the announcement of distribution of ranks by Professor Ajit Behera and the most awaited announcement of the best Cadet award by Prof UK Mishra, which were subsequently awarded by the Director.

  • Winner- NCC Senior Army Wing

  • First Runners up- NCC Navy Wing

  • Second Runners up- NCC Junior Army Wing



The ranks awarded to 3rd-year Senior army were:

  • Senior Under Officer (SUO) – Tapas Nayak
  • Junior Under Officer(JUO) – Abhishek Das, Sourabha Sahoo, and Vandana Rout
  • Quarter Master Sergeant (CQMS) – Om Prakash Choudhary

For the 2nd year, the ranks awarded were:

  • Sergeant – Sanjeev Tudu
  • Corporal – Rohan Kumar Pattanaik, Sai Krishna Mohalik, and Ashutosh Choudhary
  • Lance Corporal – Smruti Snigdha Behera, Prabhu Prasad Rout, Satyajeet Behera, Tanmay and Bidyasagar

A number of prestigious awards were also given away:

Best Senior Cadet Army wing— Abhishek Das (JUO)
Best Junior Cadet Army wing— Sai Krishna Mohalik( Corporal)
Overall Best Cadet— Tapas Nayak (SUO)


The rank holders for the Navy wing announced were:

Senior Cadet Captain  – Sannareddy Lokesh
Cadet Captain – Jayant Kumar Behera
Petty Officer Cadet – Arjun Kumar
Junior Cadet Captain – Swagat Kumar Sahu

The awardees in this wing were as follows:

Senior best cadet—  Jayant Kumar Behera 
Junior best cadet— Atul
Overall best cadet— Sannareddy Lokesh

In another important initiative to encourage and acknowledge the non-faculty officials, the Best Employee Award was conferred on five officials in different categories. Each of them was felicitated with a memento, a certificate and a cash prize of twenty-five thousand.

  • Officer’s Category- Manas Ranjan Pattnaik

  • Administration (Higher Grade)- Ranjan Kumar Naik

  • Administration (Lower Grade)- Ashok Chandra Giri

  • Technical Staff (Higher Grade)- Ranjesh Pattnaik(Metallurgy Dept)

  • Technical Staff (Lower Grade)- Harmohan Gadnaik(Civil Dept)

The event came to a close with people basking in a fresh wave of respect and pride for the nation and a silent pledge to serve her to the best. Meanwhile, the flag hoisting ceremony was carried out in halls of residence, and Aasra celebrated its Foundation Day in a series of daylong events.

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