Humming To The Tunes And Tapping To The Beats: Maktub And Footloose

Humming To The Tunes And Tapping To The Beats: Maktub And Footloose

Umme Salma | Feb 04, 2019

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And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.
                                            - John Keating from the Dead Poets Society

Who doesn’t like good music, dance? Art is for everyone, some find solace in art and some find an escape. Whatever that be, as the cultural fest of the Institute rolled on, many excited and jolly faces wedged out some time from their compact schedules for some entertainment and fun.
Monday morning brings to you a brief account of the melodious music concert and the energetic dance competition that took the centrestage during NITRUtsav 2019.


Heartbeats was all geared up with a strong team of vocalists and instrumentalists as the crowd headed towards the LA Lawns after Fashionista, the second event of the day got over. The concert started at around 9:30 PM, with the introduction of the whole team.
Maktub is a musical evening delivered by an excellent team of musicians in the form of medleys, classics, contemporary and experimental music aided by a variety of instruments.
A total of 15 members of the music club participated: Sachin Nambiar, Suchetana Chakravarthy, Sairanjan Rout, Ayush Sinha, Manasa Pisipati, Swapnil Sahoo, Manish Kumar Singh, Vaisakh Vinod Kumar, Abhijeet Kumar, Dipti Ranjan, Swastik Pulak, Chintan Gehlot, Sushreema Behera and Akasmika Pand, while Chris joined in from Euphony (Guest appearance). The event was coordinated by Sahitya Raj, Tej Khola and Navin.
The ambience was perfect, the crowd was in high spirits, and a good song selection was the cherry on top. However, apart from the delay in the event, a minor glitch was the sound system as people at the back complained that the sound could not reach them. Apart from this, the event proved to be a huge success. 

Sahitya Raj told MM:

Apart from the fact that people in the back complained about the audio being inaudible, everyone enjoyed the music, even the security guards appreciated the music.

Heartbeats’ coordinator and instrumentalist, Ayush Sinha told:

I have been playing in Maktub since last three years, every year is as magical as this one. If the audience appreciates our performance, it's not just one person, but the hard work of the entire team that is credited. As my seniors have passed out, we are a few people left who know the band as it was two years back. But today, I feel really proud to see the team take over as responsibly as the previous teams had.

A group of three friends: Sanjeev Tudu, Saurav and Shubham told they enjoyed the concert a lot, particularly because a friend of theirs was a part of the performance.


Everybody dances, be it as a passion, hobby, happy news or unavoidable music beats.

On 2nd Feb, the second day of NITRutsav’19, BBA was brimming with people as the dance competition, Footloose started to roll on.
The judge of the competition was Dr. Atish Mohapatra, who completed his MBBS from VSSUT Burla. He had strong ties to the institute since his teenage, he used to come to NITR to practice dancing in SAC. He is the founder of the Divine Torque Crew.
The event started at 1:30 PM, inconveniently delayed by 2 hours as the judge took time to arrive.
There were a total of three participants including solo and group dances. The event was blessed by a very happy and excited audience which improvised for relatively less enthusiastic participation. The performers started to hit the stage with awestriking moves. Synergy presented a group dance performance followed by The Mavericks.
A major glitch in the event was a malfunctioning sound system. The music stopped in between the performances causing confusion and irritation amongst performers as well as the audience.
The sound system kept stammering for a while and disturbed both the group dances. However, it was fixed later. Towards the end of the event, the hosts openly invited students from the audience for a dance performance. Some exceptionally good performances came out from the raw talent. The event was wrapped up by the judge who announced the winners, the solo prize went to Biswajeet Das from BJB college. On the other hand, Synergy bagged the prize for the group dance performance.
The coordinators for the event were Abhishek Sharma, Akash Jaiswal, and Satya Ranjan.
Abhishek Sharma told MM:

I am very euphoric at this moment, because of how the event turned out to be. The turnout for this event was very good, more than the participation, I was in awe of the enthusiasm shown by the audience.

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