The Cavorting Carnival

The Cavorting Carnival

Raksha Karkera N Manyata | Feb 04, 2019

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The Circus themed edition of NITRUTSAV could surely not end without some fun events on offer. From acting, art and reminiscing our childhood games there was nothing left out by NITRUTSAV 2019 in order to ensure that everyone had a good time. Team Monday Morning exclusively covered and caught up with Nukkad, Facepainting, Snakes and ladders, Ad-Mad show, Monoacting and Housie.

Housie ( Tambola )

Housie was organized by the Rotaract club of NITR. It was held on 3rd February at SAC (Student Activity Centre). The Rotarians were at SAC as early as 9 A.M to sell the housie tickets for the event which was to take place at 11 A.M. The game started at 12 P.M due to lack of enough participants. Finally, there were a total of 100 registered participants.
The next question that comes to most minds is, What is housie?
The game is purely based on luck and it involves crossing out numbers on your ticket as the housie master announces numbers that he picks from a pool of numbered chips. Prices can be won for completing early five, corners, lines and a full house of the ticket. The brief yet fun event was concluded by 12.45 P.M.
Rotaract gave out a total of Rs. 2790 for all the winners. The breakdown was as follows:

CategoryPrice MoneyWinner
First Full HouseRs. 450 EachRamu and Bhargavi
Second Full HouseRs. 600Vikas
Third Full HouseRs.150 EachRojaline and Sailesh
Early FiveRs.300Joshua
CornersRs.75Nikhila and Harsha
First LineRs.180Bhargavi
Second LineRs.180Ayush
Third LineRs.180Afreen

 Snakes and Ladders

This event was organized by the Metallurgical Society. It was held at RM (Rajendra Mishra) Hall lawns and was meant to start at 9.00 A.M on Sunday however due to delays from the NU requirements team they weren’t able to get the flex which was a major necessity for the event and therefore it started at 12 P.M.
As the name suggests the game did have snakes and ladders but with a twist, instead of the traditional numbers, they were replaced by the atomic and mass numbers of the elements of the periodic table.
Every time someone landed on a snake they would have to complete a dare decided by the organising team. If one person would land on a snake twice they were declared out. The person who manages to land on number 118, was declared the winner. There were a total of 222 people who turned up for the event.
The event ran from 12 P.M to 5 P.M. and the winners were Soumya Ranjan Swain and Shivani Maharana.

Sriya Sainath, a participant said,

It is a very innovative idea of incorporating something like the periodic table with snakes and ladders. One of the really good aspects about the game was that the crowd could even get involved with the ones playing with the help of dares. So it was great fun! Kudos to the team.

Face Painting

This event was organized by team Nitrutsav on 3rd February. The event was held Student Activity Centre. It was scheduled to start at 9 A.M however due to lack of participants the event started at 11 A.M and finished by 1 P.M.
Registrations were done in pairs. One person paints on the face of the other. And so, there were a total of 9 registrations. The paints and brushes were provided by Team Nitrutsav.
The painters were given a span of 2 hours to complete their work. The participants were judged by Akshat Sambodhi. The winner and first runners up were as follows;
Sonali Dalai and Ankita Kushan were at first position.
Shilpa and Khushboo were at second place.

Each of them received T-Shirts for their win.

One of the participants, Penki Supriya Said,

The competition was very good, it gave me a platform to show case my talents and it was a very fun experience.


This event was organized by team Nitrutsav as one of its flagship events. The event was held in front of the Student Activity Centre. It started at 9 AM and got over by 12:00 PM. It witnessed an enthralling faceoff among three teams: Ritvic Club of NIT Rourkela, Pantomime Club of NIT Rourkela as well as the dramatics club of ITER College, Bhubaneswar. The winning team, which was decided by a panel of two chief judges, was that of ITER College that left the audience awestruck after enacting a play based on the hypocritical mindset of the society that delved deep into an array of topics including judging a woman by the length of clothes, etc. While Ritvic fabulously enacted on the topic Drug Abuse by Youngsters, Pantomime also stole the limelight with a play based on Misuse of Social Media.
While the event went on smoothly without any glitches, the winning team complained about the prize money of 10k( which they are yet to receive) as opposed to the sum of 20k that was promised in the posters of Nukkad.

According to Raj Mohan, one of the event coordinators:

The event went on smoothly as expected. The team from ITER College gave a stellar performance that focuses on the hypocrites in the society who set their own standards of morality, only to go against their own principles in near future. The audience had a great time watching the performances.

Ad-Mad Show:

This event was organized by Pantomime club of NIT Rourkela. The event was held in the lawns of CS Department. It was scheduled to start at 9 A.M however due to low turnout of participants it got delayed. It witnessed a mere turnout of around 11 participants. The event started at around 11:30 am and most of the participants were required to advertise their own chosen products like t-shirts, pens, mobile phones, etc. Each individual participant or team was given a maximum of one minute to showcase his (or their) advertising skills. It was not merely about advertising the product, the participants also enlightened the audience about the importance of those products in our lives, in a rather comical way. While one participant drew a difference between Nokia and iPhone to carry out his advertisement, another compared the human body to a robot. The participants unleashed their creativity skills by coming up with innovative ideas pertaining to advertisement along with a dose of mirth and laughter. The results of it are yet to be declared.

According to Ajay, one of the members of the organizing club:

It was a great experience to run the Ad-Mad show and it served as a great opportunity to bring out the individual as well as the collective talents of the participants. We will declare the results on Monday.


This event was organized by Pantomime club of NIT Rourkela. The event was held at Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium (BBA) as well as in front of the SAC. It started at around 9 AM. There were around 9 participants who enacted different roles. The winner was Akash Jaiswal who played the role of a lunatic son while the second position was bagged by Priyanshu Panda.

According to Shiv Khuswaha, one of the coordinators of the event:

We started off at 9 AM. The only problem that we faced was the erratic flow of participants that resulted in latecomers. It was great to see the excitement of the students towards drama.

Team MM wishes all the winners a hearty congratulations and kudos to all the teams for organising and carrying out the events smoothly!

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