Playing with Words and Music: NU fun events

Playing with Words and Music: NU fun events

Samarth Mohanty | Feb 04, 2019

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The second day of Nitrutsav- 2k19, saw many fun events and games being conducted along with the different competitions and exhibitions. Hourglass, the official public speaking club of NIT Rourkela conducted six events at the Library lawns. The events attracted a large crowd and saw total participation of more than 1600 in all the events. Along with this, a fun game of Musical chairs was being conducted at the garden before R.M. Hall which also attracted a lot of participants.

The following are a few of those fun events-

Make me mute

This event was one of the best additions to NU this year. Being organized by Hourglass, the game was conducted at Library Lawns on day two of NITRUTSAV-2019. The game was played in teams of two where one of the teammates had to wear a headphone with blaring music being played while the other had to read out words or phrases from a card for him to recognize. The words were divided into categories like very easy, easy, medium and difficult and each of them carried different points. The game attracted a huge number of participants accounting to more than 320 registrations. Scheduled to begin at 9 AM, the event got delayed as the benches required for the event were not provided in time. The event began at 10:30 AM and went on till 4:30 PM. The event was coordinated by Saheel  and Khalid who did a great job in the selection of the words and helped conduct the event smoothly.

Khaleed , the coordinator for the event had this to say,

Seeing such a huge number of people turn-up really made our day. Everyone playing the game had a really great time and so did we organising is it.

Boston Legal 2.0

This event conducted by Hourglass was based on recreating a real courtroom battle. The participants were assigned a random case for which they had to act as the defense or the prosecution. They were given a time period to prepare their case and then present it before the judges who judged them and decided the winner among them. The event saw a lot of heated discussions with both sides fighting for the win for all the different cases. The event broke last years record and amassed more than 160 participants. Due to the non- availability of benches, this event too was delayed from its scheduled time of 9 AM and began at around 10:30 AM. The coordinators for the event Soumyaa and Emanuel made sure that the participants enjoyed by creating a wide range of cases.

Satyaket Das, one of the participants for the event had this to say,

Battling it out with my partner gave me a feel of the real courtroom. The cases were quite interesting which added to the events fun quotient.

Match the Stash 2.0


This event was based on the participant’s ability to find the perfect match. Being conducted by Hourglass this too was organized at the library lawns. The participants were given a set of words that they had to connect to its perfect match which were kept across different benches in a given period of time. The one who makes the most number of correct matches wins the game. Owing to its location and the fun selection of stashes the event saw a huge footfall of more than 320 participants. The coordinators for the event Risabh, Smruti and Prateek were extremely happy with the turn-up and they had this to say,

We are really excited. We were able to break last years record and set a new benchmark. The word selections were quite funny and the participants had a great time matching them. We did face some problems as we were not provided with benches on time and we had to bring them ourselves all the way from BM BT Department.

Siddharth Swarup, one of the participants was quoted saying,

Matching the stashes in the given time really gave me an adrenaline rush. It really challenges your ability to think quickly.

Sravya Sridhar, the president of Hourglass was quoted saying,

I was awed to see the participation this time. I’m proud that we were able to attract over 1600 participants. Our flagship event Pictionary had over 500 participants. Match the stash and make me mute had 320+ registrants. Boston legal, Stranger Tales and Game of Cards had 150+ registrations. We couldn’t have pulled this off without the efforts of our club members. Our members have shown utmost dedication and determination to make all our events successful. This NU, all the club members have made the Executive Committee proud and we’re very glad that we are all a part of this close knit family.

Hourglass also conducted three more events namely, Pictionary , Game of Cards and Stranger Tales.


Musical Chairs

Traditional and fun are the best words that can be used to describe this event. This  was organized as an individual event by Aniket Giri, Swapnil Bisen and Vaibhav Surolia. The game had the general rules where seven to ten participants had to move around a set of chairs when the music is being played and had to sit on a chair as soon as the music stops. Those left standing are out of the game. This continues with the number of chairs decreasing in each round until there is a single winner. The coordinators for the event were Biswjeet Singh, Sahitya Raj and Rahul Verma who helped conduct the event in a smooth manner. Scheduled to start at 9 AM, the event was delayed by three hours as the NU team failed to provide the musical system and the organizers had to manage it of their own. Regardless of all the problems the event was a success and saw a participation of more than 300.

Aniket Giri, one of the organises expressed his displeasure,

 Our scheduled timing was 9am-12 pm. But we were not provided with the requirements. There was a speaker in our requirement which we were not provided with. All of us organisers and co-ordinators had to arrange for it ourselves and it caused a delay of approximately 2:30 hours.The main problem was electric supply near RM Hall where our event was going to take place. So we had to wait for another 30 min for Electrician. The event however was a grand success with more than 300 participants

All the coordinators and organisers had put in their hearts and mind into their events. They were able to grab everyones eyes through their unique ideas and enthusiasm. Team MM congratulates them on their success.


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