Finishing up with a Creative Thriller: Literary Events of NU'19

Finishing up with a Creative Thriller: Literary Events of NU'19

Deepak Marandi | Feb 04, 2019

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On the final day of NITRUtsav 2019, the Library Lawns was bustling with energy and enthusiasm. A multitude of events were taking place which tested the literary and creative side of the participants. Here is a brief of the events.


NU Journalist, a flagship event in Nitrutsav conducted by Clarion, is an investigative event which allows it’s participants to step in the shoes of their favourite detective to solve a crime scene mystery.

The event was held on 3 February from 9 AM till 4:30 PM in the Library Lawns. The event picked up pace after 11 AM and garnered a total of 190 participants during its run. The participants were enthusiastic and determined despite the strong rays in the afternoon

The crime scene was a circus, based on the theme of NU’19. The participants had to interrogate seven suspects, each a performer in the circus with unique quirks of their own. In addition to that, the participants also had to look at hard evidence and then come with the entire story and catch the murderer.

Finally, the participants submitted their cases and the ones who get the story right and catch the culprit will get a shoutout in NU Journalist’s Facebook Page.

The execution of the event was smooth and the turnout was huge. But there were a few problems along the way. The publicity was meagre as the NU Team did none of the offline promotion. All the posters had to be pasted by the organizers themselves.

Rudransh Sharma says:

We loved the enthusiasm of the participants. If there could have been more publicity the participation could have been increased. Overall the event was a success despite all the challenges.

The event came to a successful wrap at 5:00 PM.



What if you could live in the same universe as your favourite characters did? What would you do alongside them when stuck up in a precarious situation? is the event which answers these questions and expands the boundaries of fandom in different ways., a fun event conducted by Clarion, was held on 3 February, from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM, at Library Lawns.

In the event, the participants had to pick a fandom of their choice and then they were given a scenario at random. Then they had to pick a character from the fandom they chose and had to enact what their character would do in the given situation in front of a panel. Then the panel had to guess the character. If the panel successfully guessed the character portrayed by the participant, they got chocolates and e-certificates.

Despite its short runtime, the event had a total participation of 116. The event was pretty popular as it was a fun and engaging event. The participants were indeed put in exciting scenarios, and it was as fun to guess the character as it was to play the roles.

The execution of the event was smooth. However, there were a few issues. The publicity on behalf of NU Team was poor as there was no online publicity for the event from their side. The volunteers were not present during the moving process and neither after the event was over.

But the event was an overall success, and the turnout for the event was good, although it was the first time this event was conducted.



Coming back this year at NITRUtsav, Lit-A-Lympics, by Clarion, was an amalgamation of multiple literary and fun rounds encompassing both the intellect and cognisance of the participants. Lit-alympics was held on 3 February, from 9 AM to 4:30 PM in Library Lawns.

Having had a slow start, the event quickly gained pace as people started rolling in greater numbers to participate in the event. The event was divided into two stages. The first stage was an open stage where there were three rounds, a combination of the Hangman game, Anagram and Guess Who. The participants tested their brains in these fun events.

The top 12 players qualified for the second round. These players were divided into 6 teams, who then had to play a quiz game. The quiz game consisted of five rounds which had a mixed bag of questions ranging from meme game, audio round, and general quiz questions.

The second round began at 3:30 PM. As the 6 teams outwitted each other, a sizable crowd gathered around them to witness the event and encourage the participants. At the end of 5 rounds, the duo of Prashant Sharma and Sandipan Sen were the winners.

Owing to a huge turnout of 210 participants and the event being conducted very smoothly, the event was considered a big hit. But the wrap-up process was delayed by an hour because benches could not be moved back due to unavailability of volunteers from SAC. In spite of this one minor glitch, Lit-a-lympics was a successful event and an enjoyable one at that.



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