Synchrony Of Fun And Interaction: Events Of AICHE, Cognizen And Miscellaneous Workshops

Synchrony Of Fun And Interaction: Events Of AICHE, Cognizen And Miscellaneous Workshops

Ayan Dutta Sohan Mishra | Feb 04, 2019

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On the occassion of NITRUtsav 2019, NITR witnessed a wide roster of fun events along with workshops. Here’s a briefing about the events one after the others conducted by clubs like AICHE, Cognizen and other miscellaneous workshops.   

                                           Mendeleevian Show


On the final day of NITRUtsav, AICHE club conducted a fun event named as the Mendeleevian show. The event was organized in the CSE Department lawns on 3rd February, 2019 with Rachita Sahoo and Siddhant Mohanty being the coordinators of the event. Although the event was supposed to start off at 9.00 AM, it got delayed by 30 minutes owing to some technical hitches. The event consisted of two rounds.

Round 1:- The Dart game

In this round, any one member of the team had to randomly draw a piece of paper from a bowl consisting of chits which had either s, p, d or f mentioned on them. Based on this, the teams were allotted the dart boards which had initially been grouped under any of the above mentioned letter bearing chits. Following this, one member from every team had to throw darts on their respective dart-board. In case the dart landed outside the board’s periphery, that attempt was considered to be void. Following each hit on the dart board, the team was asked a question. The heavier the element block on which the dart landed, the more difficult was the question put forward to them. Based on the results of this round, the top four teams qualified for the following round.


Round 2:-

In this round, each of the teams was provided with a laptop containing a questionnaire. There were a total of fifteen questions in this round. These questions were further divided into three sets comprising five questions each. After each set of question solving, the team with the lowest score was eliminated.

Till now the turnout has been amazing. A total of 20 teams (40 participants) have registered for the event and seems like they’re really having a great time. So in my opinion, the event really fared off well.

said Rachita Sahoo, the Coordinator of the event.

Prizes worth 500 INR were given away to the winners. At the end of the event, Suvam Mishra and Abhishek Rout were declared as the winners.

I really enjoyed the event. It was well planned and the questions were really intriguing as well. All in all, it felt satisfying to participate in the event and I really appreciate the idea of having a dart round.

said Satyaranjan Mallick, a participant of the event.

                                   Indo-pak Crisis Conference

The event of Indo-Pak 1947 crisis conference was organized on 3rd February 2019. This event was organized by Cognizen club of NITR at the TIIR Auditorium and was coordinated by Pratyush Ranjan and Harsh Bhudolia. Although the stipulated time of starting the event was 9.00 AM, due to some managerial issues, the debates started off at around 10.15 AM.

The Theme

The theme of the conference was an emergency situation that arose due to ongoing riots due to communal tension before the partition of India. Therefore, to address the problems faced by people from all walks of life then and get a solution to all the shortcomings, the meeting which was then called for back in 1946 was reimagined and simulated again in this event. Different debators (each of whom was representing a particular leader of any committee from the 19th century) grouped to form parties like INC (Indian National Congress) and All India Muslim League. Apart from these, there were other independent stake holders which included aristocrats like the Nawab of Hyderabad, Maharajas of Princely states who took part in the sessions. These roles had been assumed by the fellow participants upon whose discretionary outlooks the debating session would witness varied outcomes.

The idea and format of the event

The basic idea of the conference was “What if we had a chance to rewrite history? What if the partition hadn’t happened?The event’s verdicts were totally open-ended. Based on the assertions made by the leaders of two parties namely— INC and All India Muslim League, the outcome might be the formation of two states or even redeeming the idea of the partition to be null and void.

The structure of debate was regulated by Robert's rules of procedure in which the event witnessed speeches from the leaders of the two main parties following which there were questions put forth to them by the Executive Board as well as opposing parties. Participants had the discretion to voice their opinions either in Hindi or in English, thus making it a conference adhering to bilingual approach. The representative from the British Committee, Lord Mountbatten whose role was assumed by Mehul Anand, was the moderator of the debating sessions. The total session was timed to be for a duration of two and a half hours with 1.5 hours dedicated to the first slot of the session.

The first slot was dedicated to a general discussion as to whether there is a need to have partition or not. Following this, there was a crisis which included communal riots: Calcutta killings (which had actually happened then) marked the interval between two sub-sessions. There was also a provision for the organization of Direct Action Day which was given by Md. Ali Jinnah. After this, crucial decisions were taken as to whether there’ll be partition or not and what all provinces will be under control of the states (in case partition happened).


The final verdict

At the end, Congress wanted to make Muhammad Ali Jinnah the prime minister of the interim government. But that too wasn’t agreed upon. So the partition couldn’t be avoided.

said Fahim Ali, a participant of the event.

Although the turnout hasn’t been what we were looking forward to, the debating sessions have however been exceptional so far. Yes, there was some room for improvement in the organization of the event. We could have started it off right on time but anyways, I’m glad to see the enthusiasm in the participants

said Pratyush Ranjan, the coordinator of the event.

                                          Workshop by Akriti

Akriti, the official art club of NIT Rourkela had their workshop in the seminar hall of the Mechanical postgraduate department on the second day (2nd of February) of the 'The Great NITRUtsav Show', and was scheduled from 2 PM onwards.

The workshop was tutored by the national awardee Shri Brundaban Maharana as he exhibited his skills and techniques that is essential while working with water colours. The workshop saw a tentative crowd of around 50 people.

The guest quoted:

The zeal of the crowd was so exhilarating. It's good to see a technical institute showing high enthusiasm in the field of fine arts. The crowd was interactive and the hospitality was commendable

The credentials and technicalities were well elaborated and rectified as the beginners were taught about the most probable mistakes that were likely to take place. He also taught to work with poster colours and acrylic paints. He flaunted some of his masterpieces and briefed us about the techniques that were incorporated for the same. He briefed about the scope and opportunities in the field of fine arts and appreciated the efforts and works of the participants.

                                       Scribbled Stories

The much widely acclaimed, Scribbled Stories, popular for sentence-length stories that they post online regularly, held a workshop on the third day of the cultural carnival (3rd of February) in the seminar hall of the Mechanical postgraduate department. The event scheduled to start at 10.30 AM, however, kicked off at 11:30 AM owing to the thin crowd during the scheduled first hour of the event and lasted till 2 PM with a total of 52 registrations in total.

The guests were the honourable founder Mr. Omair Tarique and his co-tutor Mr. Viplove Seth.

The founder Omar Tarique quoted:

The workshop team escorted well along our terms and conditions and we never for once were left unattended. The crowd was interactive and attentive and the session flew well in time. The level of zeal the technocrats portrayed were beyond my wildest expectations.

The workshop was based on the credentials regarding micro-tales, ambiguity in meaning based on usage and aid to follow the word precincts. A presentation was exhibited regarding the specifications and prior instructions for composing a micro-tale.

                                       Divine Torque Dance Workshop

The Divine Torque Crew dance workshop was held at SAC dance room and started on time at 4 30 PM. This was taken over by Mr. Atish Mohapatra. A group of passionate dancers showed up both from the institute and away.

Atish Mohapatra quoted:

It was a great experience to teach, dance and even learn from the participants. The workshop timings were fixed and everything was on time. Available sound systems were good although the footfall could have been more.

Due to persistent training sessions for both the dance clubs, Synergy and Mavericks for Footloose, the participation wasn't up to the mark as most participants felt exhausted. The dance room echoed till 7:30 PM as the dancers were tutored with tactics and hacks to boost stamina.

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