A Race Against Time: Field-o-Mania

A Race Against Time: Field-o-Mania

Deepak Marandi | Feb 11, 2019

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NITRUtsav 2019 had an assortment of events ranging from fun to challenging. Field-o-Mania was one such event which was both challenging and fun. It was an NU event taking place on 3rd February at Chemical Department Parking from 9 AM till 5 PM.

It consisted of three rounds each of which tested the physical and collaborative capabilities of the duos that participated before time ran out. The first round was an obstacle course where one would have to walk blindfolded, and their partner would guide them. The second round tested their physical skill as one of the teammates had to balance themselves on another’s feet as the other walked to complete the course. The third round was a collaborative event as both the participants juggled a ball to put into the basket.

The winners were decided based on how much points the teams collected as they completed the rounds. The top teams were given chocolates.

Speaking to one of the coordinators, Vishal Jaiswal,

The event was a novel event and the turnout was good in my opinion, so the event was successful. But our requirements were not met until the last moment so we had to arrange our own stuff. But I’m satisfied that the event turned out to be successful despite the problems.

Team MM wishes the organisers for the success of the event.


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