Evincing their mechanical marvels: ASME at E-fest

Evincing their mechanical marvels: ASME at E-fest

Sonali Sahoo | Feb 11, 2019

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Founded in the year 2012, ASME NIT Rourkela is focused on bringing out the best of the ingenious minds of the institute and scales new heights of progress in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation. The legacy of this club attained a new high with its recent success at the E-fest organized by ASME at VIT Vellore (Asia-Pacific region). The fest comprised numerous workshops, competitions and guest talks. Among the competitions, the team participated were the Human-powered vehicle challenge in which Team Bluestreak secured an overall rank of 13, Oral Presentation in which Satish Pradhan (sophomore, Mechanical Department) was ranked first, Student Design Competition and poster making. Here are the details of the events:


Human Powered Vehicle Challenge provided an opportunity for students to demonstrate the application of sound engineering design principles in the development of sustainable and practical transportation alternatives. In the HPVC, students worked in teams to design and build an efficient, highly engineered vehicle that can achieve high speeds and is comfortable to ride.

This challenge spanned across three days which involved several gruelling tests. The manufacturing of the vehicle of Team Bluestreak started from December after the team qualified for HPVC based on a qualification report containing some concept sketches and an assurance that the team had adequate funds and resources to execute the concept. In a major highlight of the vehicle as compared to past years, Team Bluestreak implemented the feature of a fairing, which gives an aerodynamic advantage by reducing the drag coefficient. The specific tests in each day were as follows:

  1. Day 1, the elimination criteria: This day saw several tests being conducted as safety tests, dynamic tests. Besides, a design report was presented by them about the making-procedure, analysis, performance and modifications they made before the competition.

  2. Day 2, the drag race: It is a speed event( cycle race) between thirty teams which was very daunting, and they failed to fare well ranking 23 among women-riders and 22 among men-riders.

  3. Day 3, the endurance test: This test determined the degree of robustness of the vehicle. The ground rules were as follows:

  • Every team had to make the maximum number of laps in two and a half hours.
  • Each rider of the team has to make at least six laps or has to ride for a half hour.
  • Every team should appoint one female rider, at the least.
  • It was mandatory to carry additional weight (parcel) for five laps.

The team performed brilliantly and secured a rank of 9 in an endurance event after 34 laps. Speaking about the team’s success, Sunayana Polaki, Vice-President, ASME NIT-Rourkela Chapter, said:

I am quite satisfied with the improvement that the team has shown over the years. A huge amount of credit goes to the seniors and alumni of our club who have offered their unwavering support for the team, financially, technically and morally. The enthusiasm of the members was fantastic; we never compelled them to stay over for the night and work diligently but it was their zeal that was so contagious that the seniors members also had to cooperate and work with them (grins). Besides, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that BAHA, Team Road Runner, Team Bluestreak and Team ZON worked together in harmony in the workshop and helped each other without indulging in any conflict.


The ASME Student Design Competition provided a platform for student members to present their solutions to a range of design problems - from everyday household tasks to groundbreaking space exploration. It is yet another challenging competition where the participants are required to design, construct and operate a prototype over a problem statement in the field of Robotics, the challenge for this year is: making a pick-and-place robot. The team, consisting of five members, Satish Pradhan, Biswajeet Sahoo, Dibya Jyoti Mohapatra, Chandan Jena, Maneesh Rout, performed diligently, disbursed all the expenses on their own and made it through to the quarterfinals. Finally, it was IIT Bombay that bagged the first prize. The prime problem incurred was the lack of funds allocated in the annual club budget that made it difficult to fund all the individual events.


The Old Guard poster competition is designed to emphasize the value of an ability to deliver visual presentations. The subject matter of the poster must address a technical, economic or environmental aspect of engineering provided it pertains to some sphere in which an engineer is or should be involved. Polaki Sunayana, from the Industrial Design department, prepared a poster on Continuous Liquid Interface Printing with a good balance of content and aesthetics for the competition.


Two student members of ASME NITR Chapter, Satish Pradhan, and Abhigyan Majumdar spoke about Intelligent Ground Vehicle(IGV) and Hyperloop respectively, and both of them presented very well. However, Satish Pradhan brought laurels to our institute by being awarded the first rank and a cash prize of $750. With this achievement, he will represent the Asia-Pacific region at the International level.

The team members were content with the management of the fest and with the reception and approachability by the volunteers. Besides, they did not face any major technical or management glitches but for the lack of funds. With the club progressing to conquer new heights and achieving greater success, Team MM congratulates Team Blue Streak and club members of ASME NITR Chapter and gives its regards and accolades.


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