The Golden Trilogy-AURUM

The Golden Trilogy-AURUM

Soumya Ranjan Swain | Feb 18, 2019

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With the onset of February, the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering celebrated the completion of 50 years of establishment. The Department was established in the early years of NIT Rourkela in 1963, with the first batch graduating in the year of 1968. An illustrious golden era of such an integrated branch of engineering which upholds the industrialization of the nation deserved a grand celebration, and an Organising Team did just that. The Organising team included Mr Deba Mohapatra as the Chairman, Prof. (Dr.) Archana Mallik was serving as the Convenor, Amlan Das(PhD) who was in-charge of handling the finances of the entire event and Himanshu Shekhar as the Manager with a team of 25 students across all four years including the M.Tech and PhD students from the department.


With the incoming renowned alumni,  the evening was all set for the recapitulation of memories. The innovative Wall of Fame was inaugurated by the Chairman, Mr Deba Mohapatra. The Wall of Fame is the dedication to all students and their respective batches by the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. In the discussion session, Mr Mohapatra walked the students through his life and struggles, thereby inspiring the current generation towards a better future. He had put forward various career opportunities and prospects in the field of metals and materials in the domestic and foreign scenario.

Talking to Monday Morning, Mr.Deba Mohapatra conveyed a message to the readers,

Learning from mistakes, and trying not to repeat them is the first and, the foremost step towards a successful life. Being positive in the pessimistic surroundings can push you to a better version of yourself and, the reformed version of yourself will be proud of that transformation.

The crowd then headed towards Brahmani Club, Panposh for an inaugural dinner and, surprise fun shows. The theme of the evening was ETHNICITY. With the exchange of waves of laughter, smiles, and memories, the alumni interacted with the students over a banquet of delicacies. Retro songs and a scintillating Magic Show added gloss to a fun-filled evening for those present. The cutting of cake together by Mr Deba Mohapatra, Prof. (Dr.) Archana Mallik and, Nitin, a freshman to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Department. Good food and, an excellent atmosphere perfectly ornamented the hour where the experience of the alumnus met with the energy and, knowledge of the students.



The most exciting and, the enthralling day was here. With a tasty breakfast, AURUM was inaugurated with the lighting of the sacred diyas. The dais ornamented with a rich collection of respectable guests. Everyone shared their moment of NIT Rourkela then, REC, which was well-cheered and, enjoyed by the gathered crowd. BBA had turned into an arena of reflected memories, hidden college days and, a long-gone energetic aura.

The much-awaited Sand Art Animation attracted a lot of crowd across all branches. A synopsis of the history of mankind and, its interaction with metals followed by the history of NIT Rourkela was beautifully described by the mesmerizing sand artists.

This great successful show was followed by an hour of appreciation to the Professors of the Department by felicitating them for their praiseworthy service and, dedication towards Metallurgy and, Materials Engineering. There was a small dance performance by both the official dance clubs, Synergy and Mavericks.

The post-lunch session started with a very knowledgable experienced panel discussion by the Metallurgy alumni tycoons under the title “Movers and Shakers”. The requirements of current industries were discussed and, scrutinized in this session. The crowd got a basic idea of the needs of the industries in the recent future in sync with governmental policies. This was followed by a brief Photography session in the SAC for the memory album. The last bulletin, the Campus Visit was checked with the volunteers describing the innovated campus to the alumni, who were mesmerized by the grandeur of their REC.

The AURUM family met for the evening engagements at the Indo-German Club, Sector-2, Rourkela.

The evening started with the recently created presentation of STEELLUN-ASM NITR Chapter and, Website launching of STEELLUN. The alumni were impressed by this initiative taken by the Sophomore years of the Department and showed great interest in being a part of this venture. The business and, intellectual talks were followed by a feast. Everyone moved to the tunes reliving their young days with an air of fun, enjoyment and, happiness.


The Ultimate chapter of this trilogy arrived with the AURUM family buses gearing from the South Block Guest House to the Farmhouse, Kalunga for an outdoor picnic. The bus ride was full of songs, and pretty college life discussions with some students discussing business with the alumni taking the opportunity to make contacts. The luxurious Farmhouse and, its marvellous perimeter welcomed the family.

Pictionary, Snake and Ladder, Musical Chairs and, Spoon Race, were being played and, enjoyed while, some danced to the music and, made as many memories with a feeling of familiarity, togetherness and, love.

Good food, good music and, the good company marked the day on the list of good times of one and all present there. The great ceremony came to an end with a brief photographic session and, a vote of thanks by the team heads to the volunteers.

On a brief talk with Himanshu Shekhar, the Manager of AURUM, he expressed his happiness as

The idea of celebrating the completion of 50 graduating batches was the brainchild of Mr Deba Mohapatra. From that moment to this day, it's like a goal achieved. I am grateful to Prof. Archana Mallik for her guidance and, complete involvement. It is a success because of the dedication and, commitment shown by her and, the entire team who didn’t hesitate their work and, were always on their heels to push to an extra mile. I am lucky to have such an amazing team. Last, but not the least, I would like to thank Prof. Smarajit Sarkar, Head Of Department, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, for his immense support and relentless allowance to carry on AURUM.

Prof.(Dr.) Archana Mallik, the Iron lady of the branch, the Convenor of AURUM took some moments of her so busy schedule to vent her satisfaction by,

It was a grand success. The response was beyond our expectations. All the alumni went happily with exciting memories and, queried about the scheduling of ED new event. The success is dedicated to my lovely team led by Himanshu.

Team Monday Morning wishes the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering their 50 graduating years and, congratulates it on the success of AURUM, which was one of a kind, once again setting benchmarks for other departments to follow. So, the most active Department of the Institute puts yet another feather on its cap, with the Wall of Fame reflecting stories.


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