Calling all Motor heads: BMR Orientaton

Calling all Motor heads: BMR Orientaton

Animesh Pradhan | Feb 18, 2019

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15 Feb 2019, 6:30 PM: LA 117 was transformed into a makeshift hub for automobile enthusiasts, novices and veterans alike as the Team Black Mamba Racing of SAE, NIT Rourkela conducted their annual orientations on Friday. Famed for manufacturing the all-terrain vehicle, the team interacted with those in attendance about the working and functioning of BMR and the manufactured vehicle. The gathering witnessed a footfall of about 50 participants comprising of both freshmen and sophomores. Although the event was scheduled at 5:30 PM, it got delayed by an hour because of the clashing Physical Education schedule of the first year students.

The hosts of the evening Ravi Prakash and Vaibhav Bamnot introduced the club and its major happenings to the audience. Team Black Mamba Racing specializes in manufacturing the vehicle resistant to all kinds of terrains and participate in the prestigious BAJA SAE every year. The team created history by winning 20th position overally and 9th in Endurance Test at BAJA SAE 2019 held at Indore from 23-27 January 2019. The orientation was preceded by the ‘car-show’ where the team presented their victorious ‘BMR 10’ to the general populace.

The team presented the video that covered the BAJA SAE 2019 and made the audience grasp about the competition in general. The automobile enthusiasts explained the technicalities of the competition including the different phases/rounds of the contest.

As the orientation proceeded, the team talked about the functioning of the club and its components. They explained the working of various sub-systems’ teams including breaks, suspension, chassis, sponsorships, and management. The audience was made aware of the tasks one has to undergo once he gets inducted into the team along with the future prospects of Team Black Mamba Racing.

The team also showcased a video highlighting the dedicated efforts that went into for manufacturing of the various editions of their vehicles: BMR 8, BMR 9 and the recent BMR 10. Later on, the team captains of BMR 10, Ravi Narayan Sah and Akshat Sambhodhi along with senior members including Ripunjay Das, Dharma Ojha, Bibek Rauniyar shared their experience about the general feeling and hardships one has to go through to taste the victory. The event was wrapped up by 8:30 PM where the current captains, Dhiraj Hasija and Nitesh Gupta elaborated their upcoming targets and visions.

While talking about his experience, the Ex-Captain Ravi Narayan Sah expresses:

Being a part of BMR was just incredible it was not a work that I had to do, it was an emotion that I feel each day working for my dreams. I joined BMR when I was in the first year and in fact in the same year I got the chance to go for virtuals (we became 4th out of 383 teams all over India) at Christ University, Bangalore. Along with the technical knowledge and sharpening my engineering skills, I got the chance to visit various cities in India. Also, I developed my ability to persuade people and comforting them at work, enhanced my presentation skills and verbal abilities. Success isn't just what you accomplish in your life it’s about what you inspire others to do. This is all that I learned from my journey of BMR.

He expresses his confidence in the newly formed team:

A new body with more enthusiasm has been formed by the BMR. I strongly believe that they will continue the legacy of this automotive club and take it to the new height of success. New innovations and the robust vehicle is in the recent plan of the team. As we have always pushed our limits, the recent body of BMR shall pursue us to the higher position in the BAJA competitions.

The current captain Dhiraj Hasija talked about his next plans:

As the newly elected leader, I and Nitesh Gupta will primarily focus for the next year to achieve the position in the top 5 teams amongst all participating teams. We also look forward to achieving laurels in static events of design, sales and cost. Our target includes a lighter vehicle and having a better reach out to Alumni and industries.

Sufyan Khan, a sophomore from Electricalrcal Engineering department attended the orientation and says:

It was a very interactive workshop with a few videos to get a better insight of what the club actually does, how it prepares for the competition, what all difficulties the team faces in the event and how these difficulties are overcome. I was able to have a mental image of the events that were explained.The members of the club were very friendly and shared their experience in brief.

Along with congratulating Team BMR for achieving glorious positions at the prestigious contest, Team MM wishes them good luck for their future endeavors.



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