Piled With Achievements - Team BMR at BAJA SAE

Piled With Achievements - Team BMR at BAJA SAE

Harsh Mohan | Feb 18, 2019

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To say that automobiles are their true love would not be erroneous since they spent countless tiring nights at the workshop facing the never-ending battle of improvising their designs and creating a marvel out of scratch. Going by the motto of "Think, Design and Create" Society of Automotive Engineers, NIT Rourkela chapter provides a forum of tranquillity to all the automobile geeks at the institute. Racing through accolades Team Black Mamba Racing secured the 20th position in BAJA SAE INDIA 2019.

BAJA SAE India is a national level competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers, India in collaboration with Mahindra in which over 450 teams participate. They create an All-Terrain Vehicle, an automotive which can cut through all types of terrains. Team Black Mamba racing is a dedicated group of students from NIT Rourkela who constitute the official BAJA-SAE team. The team presently in its 10th year, participated in this event held at Indore during the 21st to 30th of January. After the initial virtual round, in which the team finished amongst the top 25 among 450 participating colleges, they qualified for this event. The happenings at Indore are as follows:

DAY 0: Vehicle registration followed by setting of the vehicle on the pit.

DAY 1: Technical Inspection and Safety Checks to verify that the vehicle is safe to participate in the event.

DAY 2: Design Evaluation followed by a presentation of Technical Design. Team BMR was amongst the top 15 teams.

DAY 3: Dynamic Events involving Acceleration test, Suspension, and traction test, Manoeuvrability test and a sledge pull test to test the all-terrain operability of the vehicle. The team finished at 35th position with a time of 5.92sec in the acceleration test which involves covering distance of 150feet in the least possible time.

DAY 4: Endurance Test, the event of highest significance involves a 4-hour race with a total distance of 80 km. The team surpassed its previous performance of 30th rank to secure the 9th position in the endurance test. They were also the 1st amongst all IITs and NITs. Apart from this, the team was the 5th vehicle to cross the endurance race finish line.

In overall performance, the team was ranked 20 amongst the 103 participating team which is a significant improvement from 65th position last year. It finished 3rd amongst all IITs and NITs and was also the 1st amongst all the colleges in the eastern circuit.

When asked about the overall performance of the team, Team BMR member, Manish Kumar Singh said,

The event was pretty successful especially the endurance race. After 2-3 years we did manage to finish amongst the top 10 teams. We were also the first amongst the IITs and NITs. Last year we had problems with the analysis part due to which the manufacturing could not come up to the mark. This year we did proper analysis which resulted in things going well and on schedule. As a result, we did not face any breakdown problem with the vehicle during the entire event while vehicles around us were breaking down.

Talking of the future plans he said

We are planning to participate in two events annually. We usually manufacture our vehicle for one year but we are trying to participate in two, the other being Enduro Student India which is held in February.

Talking of the problems faced he sighted these issues

The budget was a major problem. Out of the allotted money, we were only able to clear 22000. Students had to put money from their pocket. We go for sponsorship too but the team failed to generate much out of it. Nevertheless, the alumni were of  great help.

Despite all speed breakers and glitches in the path, team BMR has continued with its legacy of bringing accolades to the institute. We congratulate Team BMR on their recent accomplishment and wish the team all luck in future endeavors.

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