The Lustre To The Metal: STEELLUN And Department Of Metallurgical And Materials Engineering

The Lustre To The Metal: STEELLUN And Department Of Metallurgical And Materials Engineering

Soumya Ranjan Swain | Mar 04, 2019

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International Technical Societies play a pivotal role in keeping up with the rapid development in science and technology. To cater to the needs of material science enthusiasts and provide them with an international platform; STEELLUN- The official Material Advantage Student Chapter is in the process of being established in NIT Rourkela. NIT Rourkela is the first NIT to have been officially affiliated with Material Advantage Student Program, is a premier international membership option for students who have the zeal and commitment to work in material science and engineering.

The initiative of opening the student chapter dedicated to Material Science was pitched in by Raj Manik, Soumya Ranjan Swain; sophomores of Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and Prajna Prayas; sophomore of Department of Chemical Engineering and was aptly supported by Prof. (Dr.) Archana Mallik, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering who validated the idea and also consented to serve as the Faculty Advisor for the student chapter.

There have been sessions with the faculty members of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department regarding the setting up and functioning of the chapter. The freshers of the department were invited for an informal orientation of STEELLUN on Wednesday in Under-Graduate classroom, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in which the objectives and plan of action for the current semester was discussed thoroughly. With the upcoming Nitrutsav and AURUM, STEELLUN aims to cruise through their plan. A fun event on 3rd February, Snake n’ Ladder, in RM Hall Lawns followed by, a Presentation Session in AURUM are the first milestones to be achieved by this new chapter. Both the freshers and sophomores showed unprecedented excitement and the enthusiasm to join the chapter. With the hard work, determination, and dedication of founding members, STEELLUN is all set to be registered under the SAC Technical society as the official student chapter of Material Advantage at the start of the upcoming Autumn Semester.

Raj Manik, Chair of STEELLUN was elated with this turnover,

This is just the beginning. We have an immensely dedicated team with much experience. Every subteam of the chapter is very disciplined with their tasks, with an aim to make a mark. I hope we succeed in this august idea.


Prajna Prayas, Treasurer of STEELLUN expresses his joy,

We have started this club with a vision of successful endeavors.  Probably, this chapter is already a success with a team of dedicated members, active faculty and, interested alumni. Moreover, I hope to see the NITR junta, STEELLUN is going to conduct a fun event, Snake n’ Ladder on 3rd February, in Nitrutsav.

Khirod Naik, a fresher who attended STEELUN’s orientation says,

It is a good initiative which was yet to be taken by any batch of our branch. We were here not by choice, but a chapter dedicated to the department will be very helpful in finding out career prospects and, following them under guidance of seniors, faculty and alumni. This chapter can also bridge the gap between faculties and freshers from the beginning. I am waiting for their inductions.

Team Monday Morning wishes STEELLUN very good luck in their noble cause and would like to witness their goals fulfilled.


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