Spark to Interning : Internship At IIT Roorkee

Spark to Interning : Internship At IIT Roorkee

Sohan Mishra | Mar 04, 2019

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SPARK by the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee has emerged as a highly coveted and competitive research internship for students who have finished their 4th Semester minimum. 3 highly meritorious students of the current prefinal year share their experiences of Interning at IIT Roorkee in the summer of 2018.


Period of Internship: Post Semester 4th

Department: Chemical Engineering   

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee

Application procedure:   

The online portal for registration opens around Mid-February. Follow the facebook page of SPARK IITR to stay updated. A CV along with a 500 words Statement of Purpose is required to be submitted on the basis of which candidates are shortlisted. The portal allows students to select projects of their choice (5 preferences, select them wisely). Results are announced by Mid-March.   

Project experience:

I was working on a DST-sponsored project titled, "Catalytic oxidation of cyclohexane in the vapor phase using mixed-metal supported catalysts". The institute had some really good research infrastructure which helped conduct experiments smoothly.

By the end of internship tenure, all the interns were asked to present their internship work in a poster.

Overall, the SPARK IIT Roorkee program helps you explore the research capabilities within you and definitely helps you boost your confidence to undertake research projects at the undergrad level. Moreover, your professional network expands as you get to meet fellow interns from institutes like IITs/NITs/IISERs. No issues were faced regarding accommodation and food. Everything was properly arranged by the organizing team of SPARK.


Period of internship: Post semester 2nd    

Department: Civil Engineering   

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee   

Application Procedure and selection tips:

The portal SPARK IIT ROORKEE opens around mid-January. Keep checking the FB page of Spark IITR to stay updated. A CV and a well-written statement of purpose are required. A CGPA of 8.5+ is the minimum criterion for being eligible to apply. A great CGPA boosts your chances of getting through the selection. Along with that, a crisp, to-the-point Statement Of Purpose is essential.

Project Experience:

I worked on "Service Life Estimation of Nano Concrete". The work primarily included modelling and testing of virtual concrete. The excellent research environment and the professional work culture help make the internship even more enjoyable.By the end of the internship, all the interns are required to present their work in a poster and actively take part in an interactive poster presentation session.

Working on a research project helps you identify your interests and goals at an early stage. Moreover, the experience that you gain and the technical skills you learn will be an asset for the third year internship.

The accommodation was adequately taken care of by the concerned authorities, and no problems were faced.


Period of internship: Post semester 4th

Department : Int. M.Sc Chemistry

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee

Application procedure and selection tips:

I went through the internet and IIT Roorkee website ( ) and found out about the internship. I opened the account after giving specified details. It has some columns for your CV, transcript, research experience (if any you have till now) and statement of purpose.

Then you need to select a maximum of 5 projects from the options given and fill in a list on the basis of your interests and priorities. Once the choices are locked, it can not be altered.

Deadline is usually 28th of February but they extended the deadline by a week last year.

It’s advisory to finish the registration process before mid semesters because the website has server issues due to huge traffic at the end.

Project experience:

First you need to get a room at any of their hostels which they would allot and deposit the fees your hostel room and mess dues included. Generally it is about 10000INR.

I didn't really get enough time for any extra work because I used to intern for about 14 to 15 hours in a day. I used to come to my room at 3 am in the morning. They served only vegetarian food. In case you opt for anything non-vegetarian, you need to pay likewise. We were given our single rooms as well. The people there are very enthusiastic and dedicated for their work.

My project was "The Electrochemical and Photophysical Study of Carbazole based Blue Organic Light Emitting Diodes". I synthesized three molecules based on carbazole which gave blue fluorescence emission. And I was also assured by my professor that the paper will be published next year, accrediting me. We basically synthesised organic conjugated molecules which we amalgamate with semiconductors.

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