The Diary Entry: SD Cycle Stand

The Diary Entry: SD Cycle Stand

Rudransh Sharma | Mar 04, 2019

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Yes. I know I've been told to express myself time and time again. That's why today's entry would be different. Today I'll pen everything down as if you and I were finally talking to each other. 

So it's another Monday Morning now, isn't it?. Well, your demeanor gave it away. You do look like a person who can use a long rest. A very long one indeed! Anyways, since I can clearly see you making your way towards me, I know it must be around 8 AM and you are once again late for your class. How can I tell?. It's pretty simple actually. Most of my peers have already left. Their human counterparts are more competent than mine. Anyways, the look on your face isn't a good one. This can't be good. I'm halfway into the pool of rainwater myself. Yes, it's been raining ever since you slept. And yes, I'm just as frustrated as you are. Do you think just wading through this pool of water, with me by your side is tough?. I've been standing here ever since you left me here. These constant drops on me have been like water torture of the worst kind. But I can see you now. I feel a wave of content if not happiness to see you. You'll get me out of here. You'll finally set me free. Do you know that I can feel your aggression, your anger just reverberating into the atmosphere, all just by the way you unlocked me today. By this time I'm no longer guessing. I know that you just had an amazing start to the day. I also know that for the entire time, at least until it stops raining nothing can cheer you up.

So, we begin the long haul. You've successfully unlocked me, you are holding me in your signature style. I feel better already. I just wish I could just wipe that frown off your face, but I know better. I know that you are still groggy from your sleep, and how much you hate to interact when you're like this. So we walk in silence, just like you would prefer. Towards the only entrance/exit. Since we are on our way. I just couldn't help but think about the old days. In the glance which I stole, I saw your eyes. All that I wanted to know was right in front of me. I could see the anger building up inside of you. I mean who'll like their shoes all wet. Ah! I get it now. You wore your shoes today. Oh! You really thought it wouldn't rain?. Haven't you been here long enough to figure it out yourself? Apparently not!.

Can you at least pretend that you're not feeling everything, that's soo evident to anyone who'll have just one look at that face. The door is like a red flag to your already raging bull. The closer we get, the more vibrant, that red color in your eyes become. I totally understand you. I mean, of course!, yes I do understand you. Anyone would be pissed. When you're wading in ankle deep water. With me by your side. With your head pounding like someone has shoved cotton, right through your nose and directly into your head. No, it wasn't that hard to deduce. I've been sleeping with mosquitoes, the entire night myself.

I can feel you, you know?. All those emotions, everything you're going through. Just by the way you hold me. I can sense us closing in on the door, you really need some anger management. Yeah, it ain't easy for you, well guess what? I don't love this routine either. Just drag me upwards, because we both know that the angle is way too steep, for you to be riding. Stop grunting and be done with it. We both have a long day ahead of us.

It was 4.15 PM when it stopped raining. It was an easy tell actually for I could see people making their way Towards LA. That one hour, I had one long nostalgic trip. The moment I saw you, I wanted to tell you that it's okay. That I'm with you. That you'll get through today. But you know it very well, how expressive I can be at times. I wanted to tell you, I remember. I remember the time you used to chain me right in your block. I remember all those occasions, you thanked your lucky stars for it used to be very different. I distinctly remember that one time, we got to your department in under 5 minutes. Guessing it was already 8.10 AM, it was one good achievement and one great day.

Everything is different now. For now, it'll take an additional 15 minutes, just to get me rolling. For the amount of time we used to save, I completely understand why you prefer walking these days. Why I'm waiting here, all wet. This all just makes perfect sense now. Yes, I know you never meant for it to happen. But not seeing you, is much better than meeting you, filled with such pure rage.

So, for now, I'll pretend everything is fine. That we are still good. That it's only temporary, this arrangement you know. For now, I'll ignore all the plotting we have had against one another. Because in this transient world, I know you're my only constant.

Your's Truly,
Your Loving and Faithful Cycle. 


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