The Skill Development Initiative: MoU with DTET, Odisha

The Skill Development Initiative: MoU with DTET, Odisha

Tanya Gupta | Mar 11, 2019

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An open-ended memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between NIT Rourkela and the Skill Development and Technical Education Department of the Directorate of Technical Education and Training (DTET), Government of Odisha, earlier this month. The Directors of both the stakeholders, Professor Animesh Biswas and Shri Balwant Singh respectively, were present at the event. The memorandum has the objective of bridging the gap between the industrial sector and the youth in the technological field, resulting in increased productivity that contributes to the well-being of the society.

The project primarily focuses on promoting skill development, with NIT Rourkela acting as the Mentor and Knowledge Partner, looking over all related fields to reskill and upskill trainers and trainees of Government ITIs— Hirakud and Rourkela. NIT Rourkela will also be responsible for providing design and services for upgrading ITI campuses and training infrastructures. Implementation of the memorandum requires futuristic facilities to be made available for hands-on practices enabling both the trainers and the trainees to be at par with the best in the world. The agreement aims to create a better learning and innovation atmosphere suitable for developing intellectual leadership and fulfill the criteria to measure up to the industrial standards.

The scope of the MoU includes the application of advanced technology for skilling with the purpose of improving quality and cost-effectiveness equipped with the knowledge of sustainability, development of methodology, encouraging and propelling the ITI trainees in the direction of self-employment, and augmentation in the infrastructure as well as the products.

The Directorate of Technical Education and Training (DTET) will be responsible for investing in state of the art infrastructure required for the project. It will also exercise its authority for the training of trainers, visiting of trainers and trainees, exchange of workshop faculties and guest lectures from visiting faculties. NIT Rourkela will be responsible for establishing a program which grants access to the trainers and the trainees to the campus, hostels, laboratories, and workshops, serving as an intellectual and infrastructural base. Therefore it will furnish the stipulated activities for the effective implementation of the MoU, with a substantial structure.

A Single Point of Contact (SPoC) will be nominated in order to facilitate smooth coordination for effective and unconstrained implementation and monitoring of the activities defined and organized in accordance with the provisions of the MoU.

Sources stated that NIT Rourkela is keen to collaborate with Government ITIs of Odisha in a view to utilize their intellectual leadership resources and expertise for improving and upgrading institutes and organizations involved in skilling Indian youth and DTET is keen for skill development of youth in high-end technological areas.

Skill development involves cultivating the skillset relevant to the industry. A higher level of industrial excellence and efficiency can be thus achieved with the upgradations in the methods and procedures. This collaboration is an important venture towards making the trainees industry-ready, a venture appreciated by the academia and Monday Morning alike.

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