Conquering dreams the 'Numero Uno' way: Swayambodha Mohapatra

Conquering dreams the 'Numero Uno' way: Swayambodha Mohapatra

Animesh Pradhan Soumitra Mandal | Mar 11, 2019

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The real world can be classified into three kinds of individuals: the first kind comprises of ‘jack of all trades’, secondly, ‘master of some’ and finally, the rest of the individuals. Probably, it’s once in a blue moon when you encounter an individual who has achieved everything that he has wished for and makes himself the ‘master of all’. Swayambodha Mohapatra, an undergraduate from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is one among such rare personalities. Swayambodha’s identity resonates in various forms, be it as a highly successful quizzer, ardent SAC Convenor, passionate sports enthusiast, a determined Placement Committee Secretary or a prudent individual. Team Monday Morning presents you the iconic story of Swayambodha Mohapatra, who has shaped a unique identity among every one of us with his fair share of successes and setbacks.


Swayambodha was born in Cuttack but the majority of his childhood was spent in the serene district of Dhenkanal in Odisha. He completed his nursery and kindergarten from a local school called LPS Public School which mostly comprised of the people working with IPCL, a venture by Reliance Industries in Dhenkanal, among which his father was one. After that, he shifted to Montfort School, Dhenkanal where he studied till fifth grade. Then he moved on to Talcher and spent two years studying in D.A.V. Public School, TTPS. He finally moved to Bhubaneswar and completed his matriculation and higher secondary education from Mother’s Public school, Bhubaneswar. He surely changed many schools but Mothers’ Public School became his favourite among all. He says, when his father got transferred while he was in Class 5, his mother has been the best support he could ask for and he feels immensely proud for the qualities she had instilled in him.

Sharing some of his fondest memories in Mothers Public School and academic life in general, he says:

No one really ever forced me into academics. In my school life, I was too much into sports, especially football. Football and Physics were the only two things I loved the most. We literally convinced our teacher to take us to the field whenever we could find a chance and I had even bunked many classes for the same.

But eventually, due to the myopic condition of his eyes, he was advised by the doctors to refrain from physical contact sports. He further added:

I was a good student till 10th and probably after that too. Mother’s Public School was one of the most chilled schools I ever felt there was. Even when I came to Rourkela, I could find at least 15 or so from my school itself. Since we had fun going to school, it felt quite good to be together.


We bet there cannot be any start to college life as iconic as Swayambodha had. While he was heading towards Rourkela for hostel registration along with the typical heavy luggage in Tapaswini Express, they had to go through some strange experience. For some reason, the route of Tapaswini Express, which runs from Puri to Hatia was changed and all the stopping stations from Cuttack to Hatia were declared to be cancelled. Influenced by a stranger’s idea, they had planned to stop by Sini Station (Odisha-Jharkhand border) where the train was about to halt for a few minutes. Interestingly, the train passed by the Sini station and hence, someone pulled the chain of the train and stopped it. Unfortunately, the police officers assembled and made everyone (about 25 people) to stand on tracks and called it as a criminal offence. After deliberate discussions and requests, they were allowed to leave and finally, they reached NIT Rourkela by TATA-Itwari Express.



On asked about the story behind his association with engineering, he tells us:

I had never planned that I would be an engineer. My JEE main rank was around 5000 and my father, who is the Chief of IT Operations in Reliance, Malaysia right now, wanted me to carry on his legacy of studying engineering. He asked me about my career plans and preferences, and at that time I actually did not have any specific goals. Hence I had put CSE in NIT Rourkela as my first preference followed by 100 other options just because we were allowed to do so and eventually I landed up here.

Had not been it engineering, he feels he would have pursued a career in  B.Com or had a degree in Statistics. He admits to having no inclination to his branch initially even though he had Computer Science in his Intermediate.

We were actually forced to take Computer Science to be in the special section which I was a part of during my high school days, and interestingly, the class teacher himself taught us the subject. We had classmates from ICSE backgrounds who used to code in Java and it might have felt a bit intimidating but I lived by a hope that I would learn to code one day. I barely passed in Computer Science till the Pre-Boards, but owing to the special attention by our class teacher who liked me very much, I ended up scoring 98 in the Boards.

Remembering his time as a fresher, he feels that the initial days were very tough. Although the credits have been massively reduced now, he felt the 30 credits based semesters in the freshmen year were tiring and pathetic. But, he never seized himself from trying anything in the first year, joined a few clubs like Clarion and Inquizzitive and played numerous sports and actively contributed to the fests.


It’s inevitable to accept that mere words cannot do proper justice to the humongous accolades Swayambodha has received in the Quizzing circuits. As a keen and curious individual, his interest in quizzing roots down to his childhood in the form of regularly reading the newspaper. He was deeply influenced by his grandfather with whom he had made a pact of going through the newspaper daily together since the age of six, which he says, laid the foundation for his quizzing journey. He recalls his early days and says:

The Internet was not quite wide-spread during my childhood days and hence, the newspaper remained my prime source of gaining information. We had the typical ‘curfew’ time during the evening where while my sister diligently studied, I used to go through the Britannica Encyclopedias.

Swayambodha had the first quizzing experience in Class 5 where he had participated in a competition called ‘Medha Pratiyogita’ organized by National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC). Eventually, he finished as a Runners-Up while the winning team emerged victorious with a very clear margin. This thought of failure fuelled him to never look back and go on putting the flag of victory at numerous national and international tournaments.

He joined Inquizzitive, the official quizzing club of NITR which has been crucial for making him reach the pinnacle of success. He earnestly thanks the then seniors of the club, Nishant Nihar, Wasim Sajjad, Sampad Mishra and Ashwin Menon who had been his mentors as well as competitors in revealing the best in him. Swayambodh made it to the podium for the first time in the college teaming up with Arindum Roy for ‘Jnanagni’. Winning a cash prize of Rs. 2,000, Swayambodha recollects the words of Wasim Sajeed who had told him that winning the first competition was analogous to tasting the blood for the first time and he must not stop thereafter. And Swayambodh continued the journey of glories and victories.

He went on to win many coveted tournaments including the Tata Crucible Quiz, SBI Yono Quiz, Odisha Mettle Meet, NTPC Electron Quiz. When asked about the quiz tournament most special to him, he tells:

It has to be Tata Crucible held in Ranchi. In my first year, we could not make it to the stage but NITR had a clean sweep and we were overwhelmed. Although in my second year, I was too enthusiastic to go to the same tournament and put on appreciable efforts, fortune was not in my favour and I suffered from food poisoning. Obviously, it’s very upsetting but I went to the lab that day and was continuously going through the updates on Twitter (laughs). But it was in my third year I along with my teammate Abhishek Patra, emerged as the winner and the feeling was surreal. Although it was not an easy win where we were quite behind, we ultimately took over everyone and almost my every victory has been the same.

Swayambodha narrates that although Business Quizzing has been his forte, he never liked it. The reason he cites is that it requires immense preparation and memorizing factual data. On the other hand, he finds comfort in the genre involving current affairs; along with it, one of his special qualities involve remembering all the questions and if any question gets repeated in any other tournament, no one could buzz faster than him.

He has been an ardent believer with an ideology that Wasim Sajjad has influenced him with: the secret to successful quizzing also lies on keeping track on the return on investments, as he explains, the quizzes they went through in the initial days where they had their fair share of defeat, were actually investments. Had they not been to various tournaments and gained experience, they would not have received the kind of returns they have been getting.

Swayambodha on asked about his regret in life shares:

I can’t forget about the NTPC National Finals where we turned out to be the Second Runners Up; but we had defeated IIM Indore, the Winners in the Semis by a humongous 80 points but could not do the same in the finals. This particular incident of not defeating that team in the final round will be a supreme regret of my life.



While Swayambodha tells that he has never served as any postholder in the quizzing club, the peer quizzers believe and acknowledge his immense contribution not only in bringing glory but guiding the juniors for achieving laurels. During his freshmen year, Swayambodha along with his clubmates used to arrange weekly quizzing sessions which were well organized and pretty regular and he is quite proud that the trend has been continuing so far.

Swayambodha also deserves credit in successfully organizing Qurios since 2016 with already three successful editions and heading for the fourth one. The first edition witnessed an immense success which had a footfall of 110 teams and the prize money stood at a whopping sum of Rs. 60,000. In his second year, the club faced issues with SAC where they could not get the prize money out of their club budget and had to settle down with prize money of Rs.30,000. But this edition also hosted a national level Quiz Master Mr. Aryapriya Ganguly and various qualitative teams across the nation. The third edition was clubbed up with NITRUtsav and hence they could not really make it an All Open tournament and had to restrict it to college students but was overall satisfactory.

He describes the growth of the club in terms of the active and regular quizzing sessions and presently conducting three Quiz events namely Qurios, Jounce and Jnanagni. He also recounts the fact that the quality of quizzing has improved and explaining this he says, he is afraid to lose to the Sophomore Batch in a tournament (chuckles) but also proud of the way the freshers and sophomores are taking quizzing quite seriously.

Describing the general atmosphere of  quizzing in the campus, Swayambodha iterates:

Presently, you would hardly find 10 serious quizzers in the campus. We might organize quizzes based on TV Series and Pop culture just to pull the crowd which ultimately will fade away. We are not really a crowd-pleasing club but involve in serious preparation. I earnestly want Qurios to continue and even after I graduate, I could come as a Corporate official to participate in the tournament.

Apart from Inquizzitive, Swayambodha was also a part of Clarion, the official debating club of the institute in his first year but later on left the club due to some ideological differences. Although, he cherishes being a part of NU Journalist, an event organized by Clarion during NITRUtsav. He further adds:

I and Ansh Balde even went to attend a couple of workshops by Design Tab to learn photoshop solely for the reason of making posters for Inquizzite (laughs).


While organizing Qurios in 2017, when Swayambodha faced stiff non-cooperation from SAC, he had made his mind to contest for the election with the motive of increasing transparency in SAC. As he says, it’s very unfortunate that people are ignorant about proceedings of SAC, its budget allocation and these factors drove him to be a part of SAC. Although Swayambodha somewhere regrets not “contesting” an election, being selected as Dean’s Nominee for Convenor, Literary Society in the year 2017-18 definitely compensates the same.

Narrating about the ordeals he faced in SAC, he expresses:

When I was selected as the Dean’s Nominee, the same year the SAC went through a major restructuring where Literary and Cultural Society transformed into Literary Society and  Film and Music Society got changed into Arts & Cultural Society. But the clubs never got organized under their proper societies; for example, clubs like Pantomime and Chitrang stayed in Literary Society which seemed quite peculiar to me. Although we decided to swap quite a few clubs, it was not feasible to do so because the budget allocations for each society were already done.

Swayambodha, with a bit of nostalgia and pride, considers NITRUtsav 2018 as one of the fondest memories which was organized under his tenure of Convenor, Literary Society. According to him, one of the obstacles they faced included the lack of demarcation of responsibilities among various postholders of SAC. NU 18 was the edition of NITRUtsav with the congregation of celebrities like Papon performing in the Celebrity Night; along with it, they successfully organized a workshop by ‘Scribbled Stories’, collaborated with Hip Hop International and had Christina Biju, Miss India Odisha as the Chief Guest for Fashionista. He continues to talk about the ups and downs during the fest and admits that although they managed to get a participation of around 380, they had expected a turnout of 700. The major drawback lay in the fact that the posters of Celebrity Night with Papon were released very late which apparently could not mobilise the outside audience. But again, he feels such nuances could have been prevented with better organization and coordination by SAC officials. The tenders for Celebrity Night got piled up weeks before the fest because SAC officials went on for a weekly leave which was an add-on to the existing problems. He further regrets not getting the NU 2018 App Live on time, mostly because of administrative constraints.

While commenting on NU 19, he iterates:

This year the fest could not be as successful as it should have been mainly because of Zonism. Although such fiasco existed during my tenure, eventually we could gel up with the representatives from the selected zone. We had friends from different zones which somehow made the communication easier where we might not have bonded well, but made it sure that the fest should not get hindered.

He gives major credits to Samyak Das, the Dean’s nominated Convenor for NITRUtsav 2018 who, according to Swayambodha, has the finest leadership skills in the campus. They had envisioned the fest from the very beginning and had a pretty strong team leading the functionalities. He adds:

We made ourselves very clear about the division of our responsibilities from the very beginning and along with Samyak we had planned the things early right before Innovision. Although it’s pathetic that many contests for fests for their personal interests, we ensured that none of the members could gain any undue advantage from the Institute’s money and I am certainly proud of that. Nuisances like fake tenders which happened this year could have happened during our time too, but we prevented such blunders earnestly.

Swayambodha admits the fact that NITRUtsav has not been able to gain the momentum it deserves because of various reasons. Firstly he says, NITRUtsav has been scheduled at a very wrong time in our academic calendar; it usually gets clashed with the GATE Exams and gets conducted right after IIT KGP’s Spring Fest which affects our participation massively. Secondly, collaborating the Celebrity Night along with NU is a great idea but we must ensure that the trend must continue in the following years as well. And, thirdly, the enquiries for tenders for various events for the fest should be sent across the nation that ultimately augments the quality of the fest in general.

Leading the troop: PC Secretary

Among the numerous credentials that Swayambodha has earned, serving as the Secretary, Placement Committee is probably one of the supreme highlights in his four-year college journey. Right from his initial days at college, he was fond of keeping a track on the placement news. He would search about the companies and firms coming for recruiting the students and these exercises also helped him in refining his skills on Business Quizzing.

He considers Training and Placement Cell as the most transparent and student-friendly body of NITR and feels immensely satisfied and happy to be a part of it. He never feels going to TnP and carrying out his responsibilities as a task or job, rather he enjoys doing it and perhaps that has been a major reason for him to serve as the Placement Committee Secretary diligently.

Talking about the rigorous process he went through before becoming PC Secretary, he narrates:

In January, around nine students from my branch had applied for Placement Coordinator out of which only five turned out for the first task and eventually the rest of them had withdrawn. But as a PC Intern, we went through a tough and rigorous process where we had to complete ten tasks before the final interview with Prof. SK Patel. Although I did my job well but considering my initial tasks, I would rate myself very low as a PC Intern because I was entirely busy with NITRUtsav during that time and could not contribute much to my initial tasks.

He further added:

Carrying out multiple responsibilities was definitely very tiring and tough and I even had thought of leaving the PC Interns process but what kept me going was the fact that I had an inclination towards Placements and the related areas since my first year and again, I would have been left with nothing else to do in my final year (laughs).


Among the many admirable traits of Swayambodha, his grit determination and dedication to accomplish a job he is interested in is his special quality. Although he doesn’t consider the selection procedure of Placement Committee Secretary really as a race, it’s well-known about the best efforts he has put into the assigned tasks, that eventually made him the PC Secretary. He recalls that the toughest time in the entire process involves handling companies while you are interning or preparing yourself for the placements. While interning at Amdocs, along with carrying out his job as an intern, he had to keep a track of various companies, call the HRs of numerous firms and obviously following up on them.

Narrating one of the peculiar incidents during his tenure as PC Secretary:

I got placed on 02 August and after partying till late night, I was there at TnP at 7 in the morning to handle Goldman Sachs, ServiceNow and Code Nation on the following day. We had seven panellists for Goldman Sachs, ten for ServiceNow and had simultaneous interview rounds ongoing for Code Nation. Unfortunately, we only have six Panellist rooms in TnP and handling all these three companies simultaneously was one hell of a task. Adding to our problems, we faced a power cut as well, following which all the panellists from Goldman Sachs gathered in a single room having some discussion which we apprehended as their disappointment. But fortunately, they hired six students for internship and on the same day, ServiceNow also recruited 05-06 students. This was probably my most satisfying moment as PC Secretary.

Swayambodha considers the current year’s placement statistics quite decent where he feels that this year might not be statistically better than the previous one where the numbers passed the 1000 mark of offers made, but there has been a qualitative upgradation in the overall placements. Unfortunately, they lost on few jobs offers from TCS which had its own Campus recruitment drive owing to which TCS didn’t recruit as many students it does; IBM which is also a mass recruiter also provided placements to a limited number of applicants.

Being a part of Placement Committee Secretary, he opines we are missing on a lot of companies due to the remote location of Rourkela and poor connectivity. The operation of the newly set up airport at Jharsuguda will reap better results but there’s always a scope for improvement. In addition to this, he adds that the Institute could really improve its placement scenario if it brings some changes in the academic structure wherein the final semester could be made optional and students could opt for a six-month internship which is demanded by many companies. The courses of the last semester could be clubbed up with other semesters as providing avenues for a six-month-long internship would do wonders. Again, he feels efficient Alumni Relations and networking is highly important for better statistics. He cites a few examples like Myntra, ServiceNow, DELL and many others which came to the institution because of appreciable alumni relations and eventually these companies have recruited a good number of applicants.


Initially, Swayambodha had no strong affiliation for his branch subjects and he never really developed any kind of interest for them. But when put under pressure, for example in laboratories, when they have to code, he would manage to accomplish the given task. He shares:

I consider myself capable to write a book on ‘Art of Survival’ because my department academics have definitely taught me to survive through the exams. I did not develop any specific interests in the branch but somehow survived the ordeals.(laughs)

He feels that during every exam he fights and survives but most importantly, he doesn't believe in giving up. Even though the road has been a rocky one, he has passed through it. Talking about his favourite subjects, he considers Digital Electronics and Networking to top the list.

Swayambodha, at the end of his second year, interned at Sportsvilla, a start-up based in Malaysia that dealt with providing sports equipment and apparels to colleges and universities and catered to a large group of interested sportspersons. He came to know about the internship through webmail that was circulated in April that year, where he was selected for the same after an interview.

I had a pretty good and working CV back then. I always loved making CVs from the beginning. I had been really inspired by Elon Musk’s resume which he comprised within a single page. If he could fit everything on one page, we must too, and that is a good practice too because recruiters dig for it.

The entire job was done from home where he was initially made to involve in Graphic Designing. He along with his partner Sibasish Subhadarshee, turned the dummy website into much interactive one using Web2py, a Python-based framework. He admits he learned a lot, but also realised that it was not something that really interested him.

I started writing small codes in python and improving on web development using Web2py. I along with major contributions of Shivasish, over a period of five weeks, transformed that dummy website into a fully working one, both backend and front-end. Shivashis was very diligent hence we used to complete the tasks much before the deadline and used to chill afterwards.

In an eventful third year of engineering, Swayambodha interned at the prestigious company, Amdocs in Pune. Owing to the fact that he secured an internship a bit late during the placement season, he was quite frustrated. The major reason behind this involved in finding difficulties to clear the online rounds. He didn't code much initially, so at a later stage even though he could, his peers were somewhat better, so he couldn't get a good score in those tests. But being consumed in NU propelled him forward and kept him going. This was the time Amdocs came for providing internships. They had organised something known as “Innovation Lab” which was in its second edition. The first edition comprised of a competition in which the top five teams in India were offered internships. During his time, anyone who was selected for the innovation lab was offered an internship, which appeared to be easier but was equally exhausting, nonetheless. Twelve of them were selected for the same on the basis of the following- The previous batch of people who had been selected, gave the current batch the problem statements. They had to present a solution within a deadline of a few days. Initially, no one really knew they would be offering people internships, it was somewhat a confusion. Back then, Late Mr Leo Paulose had come in January and guided them through the entire design thinking process to launch a product. That was a turning point, when he felt the need to focus more on internships. The judgement was periodically done. The 12 of them who had participated from the institute, were divided into 4 groups with one topic for each group.

We worked on the topic of ‘Digital Call Centre’ and we built our ideas every two weeks or so and we would convey the same to the Amdocs team. We had developed and implemented quite a few ideas but again, many of them were far-fetched.

Over the eight weeks at Amdocs, they worked on the above-mentioned topic. It looked very good as a concept, but it's execution was another issue. They collected information about social media users and grabbed certain features from their images, be it their holiday destinations, brands they used, places they hung out at, the kind of apparels they used to put on; having done that, they matched all these information with already made array of tags which further helped to analyse the preferences of the users. This way, they could implement a strong recommendation system that would recommend places/holiday sites or such entities to particular users.

He recalls Amdocs to be one of the best places to work at, where he cherishes playing billiards in between his working sessions. Speaking about his teammates,

When the deadline started coming near, my partners Sibasish and Divyanshu started coding very diligently and we finished our work. Surprisingly, we finished among the top five teams. No one had really expected us to be there. When the name of the fifth group was announced, the group 'Weekend Warriors’, people were really surprised; it was quite unusual for a group name, but then again, we used to work on ‘weekends’ only and still emerged as warriors.

The day that followed was the presentation day which they really aced well. Swayambodha had major contributions in making cost and design reports of the project and ended the internship with a winning stroke. Along with gaining humongous experience, he also went through rigorous case-study analysis which was instrumental in him getting placed in one of the most coveted Analytics company: PWC Advisory.   

Getting placed at the PWC Advisory was an unforgettable experience for him as he considers the day ‘02 August 2018’ as the most special date for him. When his CV was shortlisted on July 28, he wasn't really expecting it. Seeing his name at the top of the shortlisted students, Swayambodha made up his mind to conquer the forthcoming challenges. They were provided with a guide under a program in PWC, termed as the ‘Buddy Program’, where trained employees were allocated to the shortlisted candidates to ensure that the newcomers get a basic idea about the work they are about to do and clear any doubts that they might have. He was allotted Mr Rishabh Manhoth, an IIT Kanpur Graduate to help him throughout his preparations. He guided him through the entire process and provided him with what he thinks were important study materials.

For the upcoming rounds, he practised case studies from the book ‘Case in Point’ by Marc Cosentino which helped him a lot during that time. According to him, ‘Case Studies’ require a lot of practice and is not an affair of two to three days. Along with the book, he also used to watch YouTube videos of Victor Cheng which  were quite effective and overall helpful in mastering over the case studies. The first round of the interview, he recalls, comprised of the case study about a coffin maker, one of the very popular case studies of all.

The solution that is provided on the McKinsey website was completely opposite to what I provided in the interview. I had lost all hopes but surprisingly I was shortlisted for the next round and I was told that they were quite impressed with the originality of my idea.

The second round began with he being asked what his name meant. ‘Knowledge of self’ is what he answered. Thereafter the interviewers went through his CV after which, they asked him multiple questions based on number puzzles. He was given some of the most mind-boggling math puzzles that required fast thinking.

I was asked to find the prime factors of 2501. Basically he wanted to check how I  approached to the problem. I think since I could visualize the question in a different manner, it saved me. I used to play with numbers since my childhood and perhaps such inclinations turned out to be quite helpful on that day.

During the entire process, his close friend Kasturi Panda had been his greatest support. He also remains especially thankful to his sister who guided him to ace the interviews. The third round interview was a test to check his integrity and commitment. The message was clear, not be deviate from one's point, irrespective of how people try to prove him wrong. According to him, the person who held resolve until the last is the one who would emerge victorious. This round also involved solving two case studies, but as he says, he nearly ruined the last round.

He considers that everything fell into right place on that very same day owing to which he was placed at a company of the stature of PwC, within the early days of placement season. Swayambodha’s patience and perseverance reaped sweet fruits of success which he definitely deserved and probably, the chapter of being placed will be the happiest chapter of his biography.


Ask anyone who knows Swayambodha even in the slightest possible way, he could tell you how crazy a football fan Swayambodha actually is. Although he was a part of his football team in school, he had to discontinue playing it owing to his serious myopic conditions. But the love for football has never died, he plays football regularly among his friends primarily as a pleasure-seeking exercise. An ardent fan of ‘Fantasy Premiere League’ Swayambodha loves to play FIFA (on manager mode) as well. Swayambodha was also a successful athlete and Badminton player during his school days and a State Level Table Tennis player which he eventually had to discontinue because of health issues.

Talking about his friend circle, he tells us about his famous group, consisting of his close friends who have been with him through thick and thin. He feels all of them connect with each other quite well and sometimes the bond becomes almost telepathic,  this deep level of understanding has kept the bond strong. Look at his Instagram profile and one could easily discover that Swayambodha is a big-time foodie and an avid traveller. He takes a bit of pride in telling us about the successful planning and pulling off of trips to various destination sites like Hyderabad, Goa and Bhutan in his college life.

Swayambodha also feels grateful to the amazing mentors he had come across in his college days mainly Nishant Nihar and Wasim Sajjad who have been instrumental in making him such an admired quizzer. He admits that apart from some amazing friends, his seniors Bibhu Prasad Das and Kumar Shashwat has been the guiding force through his ups and downs. He considers his father as the role model of his life who has always bestowed immense faith on him and let him take the major decisions of his life by himself.

A natural born winner, Swayambodha doesn’t like to cling over his failures. He plans to work for PWC Advisory and then would prefer to pursue MBA in Finance in the future. Interestingly, he also plans to retire early at the age of 40 in order to travel the world. He also hints about exploring an entrepreneurship side of himself while he retires early!

A prodigy in true essence, Swayambodha is the ultimate champion of everything he has explored. And it’s a tough job finding out something that he hasn’t explored so far. On this note, Swayambodha presents his message to our readers:

I feel college days are the best in one’s life because college provides you with the avenue to explore multiple areas and until you explore everything, you can’t really know your strengths. In this journey, never get afraid of challenges and hurdles and be prepared to face them with patience and perseverance. I believe in the philosophy that: “Never limit your challenges, but challenge your limits.”, and I live by that.

Team Monday Morning congratulates Swayambodha for his exceptional journey so far and wish all luck and success in the forthcoming days.

Team Monday Morning thanks Kasturi Panda, Samyak Das, Aditya Mohanty, Rohit Meher and Chinmay Mohanty for the required inputs and details for the article.




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