Preparing To Welcome Diplomats: The Build Up to NITR IMUN

Preparing To Welcome Diplomats: The Build Up to NITR IMUN

Raksha Karkera Shivasish Sahu | Mar 11, 2019

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NITR will again play host to the NITR IMUN on 15th – 17th March 2019. The second edition is gearing up to ‘Engineer Peace’ under the new Secretary General, Manohar with a new Secretariat. The Model United Nations, popularly known as MUN, is the simulation of the United Nations (UN) and some other such committees, which makes the students cognizant about various international matters, diplomacy and the functioning of such institutions. Moving on from the first edition last year, the NITR IMUN promises to bring forth the highest level of diplomacy with new vigour and a rejuvenated team. Cognizen club, the chief organiser of the diplomatic congregation, has the major chunk of members in the Secretariat along with other enthusiastic members, inducted after a rigorous and transparent induction process.

Manohar, the Secretary-General, NITR IMUN 2019 said, 

The induction process was for every member of the Secretariat, including those of Cognizen and a high degree of transparency was maintained in the whole procedure.

Committees and Agendas:

  1. The Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) with an agenda of Role of Science and Technology in the Context of International Security and Disarmament”
  2. The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) with agendas of “Refugee Crisis in African Union” and Protecting the Rights of Human Rights ”
  3. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) with an agenda of “Effective Measures to Prevent Counter Human Trafficking and the Involvement of Drugs”
  4. The Lok Sabha with agendas of “Critical Analysis of the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 with respecting to Basic Traits of the Indian Constitution” and “Framing a Policy for Women Security and Empowerment includinProposed Structure for a Women REservation Bill”

All the committees will be housed in the Lecture Annexure for all the three days.


Around 200 participants have registered for the event till the latest count. The registration fees for single delegation is ₹1200 (for college students) and ₹800 (for NITR and school students), and for double delegation is ₹2000 (for college students) and ₹1500 (for NITR and school students). The payments are collected through Insta Mojo which is transferred directly to the SAC account.

Partners and Sponsorships:

This edition of NITR IMUN has an array of partners which include:

Company Type of Partner
Bhubaneswar BuzzMedia Partner
Ohcampus.comMedia Partner
DU UpdatesMedia Partner
DU ExpressMedia Partner
Ignite EngineersMedia Partner
Local WireMedia Partner
CreaticoDesign Partner
Rourkela TipsMedia Partner
LawctopusMedia Partner
SME WorldMedia Partner
NOticeBoard Educational OpportunitiesMedia Partner
ED Times Media Partner
Youth IncorporatedMedia Partner
Think IndiaEvent Partner
NsoftDigital Billing and Accounting Partner
Red FMRadio Partner
Zebronics Multimedia Partner
Drill N BassConcert Partner
Radio ChoklateRadio Partner
ASTRO NITRSky Watch Partner
SFUGift to partner
RitvicDramatics Partner
Aavaz Student Media Partner
Hideaway Socials Partner
Oxfam Social Collaboration
Monday Morning Media Partner
Fastech FashionsMerchandise Partner
Unitech Event Partner 


The major sponsors for the event are:

Suruchi Bakery
Green Trends 
Diya Dairy
Loius Philips

The total amount of money collected from sponsorship could not be disclosed by the core team as this is against the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)  conditions between the sponsors and the team.


The primary mode of publicity for the event has been word of mouth. This has been achieved through offline publicity in workshops whereby the workings of the United Nations is explained. Workshops have been conducted throughout in and around Rourkela and other neighbouring cities of Odisha.

Online publicity through social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp have been done comprehensively. In addition to this, there is a fully functioning site which consists of all the information regarding the event.

Guest Lectures

The Chief guest Sharad Sagar who is to deliver his speech in the closing ceremony of the event was invited by the former president of the United States, Barack Obama to the White House and he is listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list.
There was another guest lecture by D Prakash Rao who was to attend the event. However, he isn't going to be able to make it as he is receiving the Padma Shri award on the same weekend. However, there will be a video played with a short message from his side.


On 15th March, there is a DJ Night by Drill N Bass and Stand-Up Comedy by Rupesh Mahore, preceded by the Guest Lectures. 16th March has some events lined up such as a Drama Performance by RITVIC, a Dance Performance by Synergy and a Night Sky Watch by the Astro Club. A comedy performance by Bhubaneswar Komedians will be enacted on 17th March.


The participants who have opted for accommodation will be either be housed in the halls on campus or Hotels. KMS, CVR, SD and VS Halls of Residence will be utilised for girls and boys respectively.

When asked about some of the challenges being faced by the team; Mehul Anand, Secretary-General, NITR IMUN 2018 said,

Since MUN does not get a separate budget from SAC we rely on the budget allocated to Cognizen. This alongside sponsorships makes for our budget needs. But getting sponsorships in the form of cash isn't an easy task. Secondly, since there are board exams going on at the same time as the event, there has been a downturn on the number of registrations but we are positive to that the number of registrations this year will be more than that of last year.

The Secretariat of NITR IMUN 2019 looks forward to another successful edition of manifesting diplomacy and engineering peace within the NITR campus but with a vast outlook for the betterment of the society. 


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