A Tale Of Glitches and Improvement: VS Hall Review

A Tale Of Glitches and Improvement: VS Hall Review

Maneesh Rout Sohan Mishra | Mar 11, 2019

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Situated adjacent to the Naga pond, The Vikram Sarabhai Hall of Residence is one of the largest and most-sought halls of residence. Ranging over eight blocks, it houses over 1000 boarders. Monday Morning conducted a comprehensive study of the present status of the hall and reviewed the common problems and queries of the boarders with the aim of highlighting them before the authorities.





The budget allocated solely depends on the count of the boarders. Currently, the hall accommodates nearly 1090 boarders. The PhD scholars keep shifting hostels, so the budget varies as such. The hall expenses depend on numerous factors that include paper bills, gardener’s pay, security’s pay, cycle stand guards and many others that account for a sum of 12lacs per annum. Sports, maintenance, gym, mess maintenance, water filters and for celebrations like garden feast or hall day, everything is allocated as per the necessity within the allotted amount. 


The hall consists of 8 blocks with each having 128 rooms. The sophomores are provided with double-seater rooms, while students from third year onwards are allotted single rooms. The rooms have three power ports, but a single LAN port. Each room has a mesh fitted on the windows to keep the insects out.

The Hall has a well-maintained garden in the vast open space at the front, which has benches and pathways for boarders. The stationary shop on the ground floor provides with necessary study equipment to the boarders. The regular day and night canteen satisfies the appetite of boarders.

The Hall has a well-decorated reading room. It also has a fully functional gym with adequate equipment. The gym is equipped with clay flooring. The only problem is with the treadmills and they would be serviced shortly. Equipment worth one to two lacs is yet to be delivered.

There have been plans to renovate the gym. There are orders placed on some deliverables and the savings procured from the hall budget shall be put into good use for remodelling the gym.

said Prof. DS Nimaje, warden of VS Hall.


The VS hall enjoys better mess food compared to other halls of NITR. While the quality of the food is well maintained, there has been a few complaints about the late start of morning tea and breakfast. On this the mess secretary said,

The problem is not frequent. We have complained to the caterers about this, and they are trying not to repeat.

There have been problems of students taking away the spoons from the mess. This had lead to a shortage of spoons in the mess.

There have been initiatives to renovate smart kitchens in the mess. The general secretary Prashanta Naik quoted:

A tender was about to be presented for initiating the coupon system in the mess. But the whole idea was scrapped off due to unknown reasons. Further petitions and applications were declined deliberately.

Upon enquiring with the warden, he replied,

The mess authority has started to make suitable changes to the mess, but it’ll still take time. The specifications still rely on the tender the Chief Warden passes. There are plans to initiate it, but it would take some time.


There has been various complains about cleanliness reported to MM. Unlike other halls of residence, there is no weekly door-to-door cleaning of rooms. Boarders have to approach the sweepers for cleaning of rooms.

The cleaning person doesn’t come for weekly cleaning of the room by themselves; we need to call the particular person to clean our room. However, the rule says, the person will themselves knock the room and ask for cleaning.

said Abhishek Pramanik, a VS Hall boarder.

Enquiring with the maintenance secretary, he replied,

We have asked to maintain a register for cleaning. We have not complained till now but will approach the warden soon.

The dog continues to be a headache for cleaning staffs. Upturned dustbins and littered corridors have been a common sight due to dogs. Numerous steps had been taken by the warden and secretaries, but the students lure the dogs themselves by providing food which leads to dogs returning to hostels.

We had tried to remove dogs from the hall. We had closed the gates and instructed the security guard against dogs entering the halls. But the students themselves lured the dogs by giving them bread and biscuit bits

,said Prashanta Naik,the general secretary

On asking the warden about this issue, he replied,

Various notices have been issued against the boarders feeding the dogs. But some of the students continue to lure the dogs by feeding.


Many boarders have complained about the cycle stand’s distant location from boarders' rooms.

The cycle stand is under C, D block and it is inconvenient for those staying at E, F, G, H blocks to move to their respective rooms. It takes about ten minutes to go to their rooms, and the situation is worse if it is situated in second or third floor

said Subham Sahoo, Chief Warden’s nominee of VS Hall.

On enquiring with the warden, he replied

There has been a discussion regarding this in the chief warden office quite recently. We have been working on constructing a cool cover on the road running from the back of the chief warden’s office, under proximity to the hall, is being worked upon. The parking has been undisciplined lately blocking important roads and entrances. The parking plot we are working upon can cater to the needs of around 500 boarders.


The road running between the naga pond and the hostel boundary is not equipped with a single headlight. The boarders are facing an issue when returning to the cycle stand during night time.

The issue has already discussed with the estate and the order to procure the requisites for the same is placed as well. The tender has been given to the contractor, and it will take around  one m0re month. It’s been years that there have been complaints regarding the same however there has been persistent negligence from the authorities undermining the issue.

said the Warden.


VS Hall’s reading room has been a striking feature of the hall. The walls have been beautifully painted and decorated with photo frames. While the boarders of VS Hall respect the beauty of the room, non-NITians who are provided with the room as accommodation during various fests, damage the objects.

The students from other colleges damage the room each time they are provided with the room. They either break the decorative frames or scribble on the walls. This leads to high maintenance costs.

said the General Secretary.


The Vikram Sarabhai hall of residence has been abode to many boarders’ significant stays at NITR. Fighting its issues, VS Hall has been rectifying its problems very competently, and every aspect is still being taken care of to provide the best of facilities to the students. Team MM wishes it continues to create memories to its boarders and provide an enjoyable stay for the students far from their homes.


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