Building New Avenues: Workshop On Bamboo

Building New Avenues: Workshop On Bamboo

Shubhra Pujari Umme Salma | Mar 11, 2019

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The Department of Planning and Architecture of NIT Rourkela conducted a Bamboo Workshop from 1st March to 5th March, which was organised by a team of three people from the BEE Studios, Assam - Architect Netramohan Changmai, Architect Mahesh Jangid, and Bamboo craftsman Rituraj Borah.

This workshop was conducted with an aim to understand the value of the material - bamboo, in terms of its property, sustainability, durability and method of construction. It also focused on how bamboo can be a great option for substitution in today’s industrialised world, which is full of pollution, where man-made disasters are prevalent, and where radiations from composite construction materials harm the society. Bamboo as a material is environment-friendly, vernacular and has got immense economic value.

Approximately 60 to 70 students from all the batches of the department attended the workshop. On the first day, there were three lectures held. They were regarding the climate, culture and importance of bamboo. Students were told about the use of bamboo in vernacular and contemporary architecture. They were made familiar with the various kinds of cutting tools and drilling tools.

On the second day, there was a workshop which taught students the various bamboo weaving techniques and basic bamboo joints in construction and furniture. This workshop continued till the third day too. Students worked with utter dedication and they had a great time learning these stuffs.

On the fourth day, a lecture was delivered regarding fibonacci series, golden ratio and its use in art and architecture. A workshop was also held which focussed on Architecture Sketching. This workshop lasted till the last day too, that is, till 5th March.

The mentors then helped them make two prototypes using bamboo - a chair, and a house of 4x4 feet.

The lectures were held in the Seminar Hall of the TIIR building and the workshops were held in Studio TI218.

One of the students of the Department of Planning and Architecture, Abhishek Das says,

“It was an absolutely fantastic workshop. I had never thought that bamboo would prove to be such a versatile material in terms of construction and product designing. The prototypes that we made during the workshop with sincere hard work and diligence filled us with great contentment. It was a nice break after the hectic schedules of project submissions and mid semester examinations. I really hope to attend similar workshops in future so that we gain some more knowledge that is not limited only to books.”

The Professor-in-charge of the Bamboo Workshop, Nabanita Saha said

“We often talk about using sustainable materials for construction and other purposes. So this workshop was conducted with an aim to provide hands-on experience to the students as to how bamboo can be of great use when it comes to product design and construction. We would definitely like to have similar workshops in the future, where people get to expand their horizons and learn about more such stuff.”

Head of the Department, Professor Basudatta Sarkar had invited all the Deans and the Director to witness the works of the students.

Team MM hopes that the students keep getting to avail such fruitful opportunities in the future as well.

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