The Man You Know, The Journey You Don't: Rahul Invoker

The Man You Know, The Journey You Don't: Rahul Invoker

Girish Vaisyaraj | Mar 11, 2019

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From the streets of a bakery shop to the biggest and first ever Hip Hop project of the country, the story of Mr Rahul Singh aka Invoker is surely an inspiring one. May it be hip-hop popping, locking or waacking not only has he has excelled in all the form of dance styles but also has numerous feathers of victory added to his crown.  Team MM brings to you a lucid conversation with the legendary and the story of his journey of success.

MM- Could you please tell us about the very roots of dance that got infused within you?

RS- It all started with a Reality Show Boogie Woogie when I first dreamed of seeing myself on a stage on the larger screen facing the country with my moves. I started with the contemporary form of dance but then I started exploring myself by learning other forms such as popping which I continued for almost three years. In the year 2016, I learned about Hip-Hop freestyle which immediately went into my nerves. So, I started listening to the music on a loop, attended workshops and travelled to different places to fight battles and eventually win them.

MM- Which is your favourite dance style?

RS- I don't have any such personal favourites but I love dancing in the whole. I feel freestyle remained intact with me which kept me going with every other form that I would practice.

MM- In the era of Instagram generation how important is Social Media to aspiring dancers?

RS- It helps the users to some extent as you get to know different styles and creativity but for the new generation, it also has some negative consequences as they only get to see the success stories. No one posts about their failures but all of them have their tales of success to show. Another important fact is that people tend to lose their individuality by following other celebrity dancers and cloning them. It may help them up to some extent but it won't help them sustain in the long run. Individuality and originality are very important and this generation needs to understand that.

MM- Could you please elaborate us about the obstacles that you faced during your journey and how you could over them?

RS- I wanted to join the Delhi University since it had a vibrant dance society culture but couldn't join eventually because of the financial constraints that my family faced. I then started doing a job at a bakery shop to support my family but I wasn't happy. There were moments where I would find myself completely in tears. That wasn’t the real me. So, I decided to leave the job and assured my family that I would earn a decent amount by doing some dance classes. I went to a point when I didn't use any form of transportation at all. I would walk everywhere no matter how far it is. But I didn't give up. I kept on going, struggling and learning something new every day.

MM- Do you think that the students can balance their academic life and their passion for dance at the same time?

RS- Definitely, Yes. If they love something to their heart’s content they will never be to busy for it. They will pursue it anyhow. All they need to do is to have patience and determination and they are all set for it.

MM- Talking about the students, how did you like the workshop that you conducted?

RS- I was indeed surprised by the facts they knew and the amount of research that they had done. I think it was indeed hectic for them as I was trying to teach them some tough forms. I think it must be paining by now (giggles). But above all, I loved the enthusiasm and curiosity that they carried.

MM- What are your future plans?

RS-I have a dream of representing my country on International platforms. It’s not about winning or losing the championship but It’s about representing my family, my crew, my country and myself.

MM-Any message that you would like to give to our readers?

RS-Keep reading. Keep learning. Be patient and Never give up. That's the key to the journey of success.

Team MM wishes Mr. Rahul Singh all the very best for his future goals and wishes to see more of his workshops in the campus and beyond


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