Stretching The Limits: NITR's Jubilant Experience At ICORT

Stretching The Limits: NITR's Jubilant Experience At ICORT

Maneesh Rout | Mar 18, 2019

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The International Conference on Range Technology (ICORT) is an event that offers a conducive platform for the brightest minds to interact and exchange innovations, best practices, and emerging trends in range technology. This year, the sessional conference on Range technologies kicked off on 15th February with an inaugural ceremony followed by poster sessions and tutorials on the following days. It was a three-day event from 15th-17th February that was organized by ITR, DRDO, Chandipur.

A team of third-year students, belonging to Electronics and Communication branch and supervised by Prof. SK Behera, participated in the programme of “Quest for next Kalam” (named after the former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who inaugurated the first ever ICORT back in 2006). The team received lots of appreciation and praises by scientists and guests of honour for their projects. Apart from team NIT Rourkela, the other teams who took part in the Quest for next Kalam were Team VSSUT Burla, Jadavpur University, KIIT BBSR and ITER BBSR. The team from NIT Rourkela presented four projects in the Quest for next Kalam programme, namely- smart workplace system, RFID based attendance system, smart gardening system and a Dual axis solar tracker.

The team comprised of seventeen members namely- Asish Sahoo, Subhranshu Sahoo, Sachin Sahu (student representative), Shibashish Prusty, B. Rudra Kaushik Reddy, Bhuyan Kaibalya Prasad, Mohammad Ibrahim Dayani, Anamullah Safi, Venkata Vishnu Vardhan Ghanta, Hemsagar Mishra, Chillarge Ajay Kumar, Shaik Fardin Hussain, TVS Sarath Chandra, Dhanush D Pai, Mohammad Shafiq Rahimi, Guguloth Pavan Kalyan Nayak and Ranjan Patel. Professor SK Behera from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at NITR acted as the guide to the team which was mentored by Mr. Tanmaya Kumar Das, a Ph.D. scholar under Professor SK Behera.

In a recent interview with Monday Morning, the student committee representing NIT Rourkela at Quest for Next Kalam spoke out about their journey that paved their path to victory.

MM: Looking back at the outstanding performance by team NIT Rourkela at ICORT, whom would you all like to give the credibility?

Sachin Sahu: We would like to thank our guide Prof SK behera who has been quite instrumental in overseeing the progress of our projects as well as suggesting possible remedies at any point of time when we thought we were technically stuck. We also stand grateful to Mr. Tanmaya Kumar Das who mentored us. Had it not been for the constant guidance and support from these people, we would’ve never made it up to such height.

MM: Was there any screening test for projects from institute teams for ICORT?

Subhranshu Sahoo: We sent a one-page abstract report regarding our projects to the ITR DRDO Director who approved our projects and invited our team to present the projects at the ICORT. This was in a way the only screening test our team went through to get shortlisted as participants in “Quest for next Kalam” programme.

MM: Sources also state that team NIT Rourkela was offered funding from some of the sponsors back there at ICORT in Chandipur. Can you please elucidate the aforesaid statement?

Sachin Sahu: Apart from appreciations by scientists wanting our projects to be incorporated in certain DRDO undertakings, WEIBEL Doppler Radars also promised us to sponsor for the further development of our products. Therefore, in my opinion, it is one of the biggest milestones that our team has able to bag in the conference.

MM: Can you briefly state about the products that you had presented at ICORT?

Subranshu Sahoo: We prepared a dual axis solar tracker that can orient itself according to the movement of the sun leading to maximum efficiency in its functioning.

Sachin Sahu: Our second project was based on a smart garden in which temperature, humidity and light were controlled to optimize the photosynthesis of a plant and make the maximum yield out of it.

Shaik Fardin Hussain: We also presented a smart workplace system in which we used the concept of IOT to implement automation of all the electrical appliances using voice recognition system to keep a check of the security at a workplace.

We also presented a movie recommendation system at the conference in which we designed product to recommended movies based on user’s past searches as well as preferences regarding the various genres of movies.

We also designed an RFID attendance system where the student carrying an ID card can get attendance by just swiping it across the machine. This procedure is neither obsolete nor time-consuming unlike the system we follow here at NITR.  

     Prof SK Behera in his message to the research aspirants at NITR quoted that

It is not necessary that a student at an Undergraduate level can undertake projects only in their final year of BTech curriculum. They can go for research work during their previous semesters as well. But then they can only come up with a mini project based on the application of whatever they have been taught till that point of time. But this in a way can be very effective as during their final year project, which will be an extensive one, students will be ready with the right kind of approach needed to carry out the experiments. Also, early involvement in projects also help students bag opportunities to present models at prestigious conferences like ICORT by DRDO, ITR.

Monday Morning congratulates the team for their commendable performance at the conference and wishes them all the best for their future endeavors.

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