Engineering Diplomatic Peace: NITR IMUN 2019

Engineering Diplomatic Peace: NITR IMUN 2019

Shubhra Pujari Raksha Karkera | Mar 18, 2019

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Cognizen club of NIT Rourkela organized the second edition of NITR IMUN. With this edition attracting over 200 plus delegates, participants got a very good platform to sharpen their debating skills and broaden their knowledge on current affairs. The three-day event did not just comprise of committee sessions but also entertainment events to ensure that the delegates had a touch of diplomacy and fun.

DAY 1: 15th March 2019

The registration was supposed to begin at 1 PM as per the schedule and the arrangements were in place, but there was a delay of approximately 30 minutes because of the delay of the turn up by participants, however this part of the day was completed well in time to make way for all other events to begin.

Inauguration Ceremony

The inauguration ceremony was hosted by Saumyaa Suneja and Saheel Thali. The second edition of NITR IMUN commenced with the lighting of the lamp. The inaugural ceremony acknowledged the presence of Mr Gurdas Meher, the General Manager of BSNL who was also the Guest of Honour for the evening, and Professor Rohan Dheeman, Vice President of Literary Society, Student Activity Centre. There was also an inaugural speech by Manohar, Secretary General of NITR IMUN 2019.

The total number of registrations this year was 220. The first session began at 5:30 PM. Out of the four committees which were: UNGA-DISEC (United Nations General Assembly- Disarmament and Security), UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council), UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), Lok Sabha, the session of UNGA-DISEC was held at BBA, whereas rest of the three committees held their sessions in the classrooms of the Lecture Annexure.

The committees along with the executive board and the agendas were as follows:

CommitteeExecutive BoardAgenda
UNGA DISECSarit Talukder“Role of science and technology in the context of international security and disarmament.”
 Asyukta Panda 
UNHRCAbhigyan Saha “Refugee crisis in the African Union” and “Protecting the rights of human rights defenders in conflict zones”
Lok SabhaAditya Kumar“Review of 5 years of Modi Government.”
 Ashish Sahoo 
UNODCSanat Puri“Effective measures to prevent counter human trafficking and the involvement of drugs.”
 Iftekhar Ahmed 
International Press and PhotographyNipunya PandaNot Applicable
 Mohammed Ayaz 

Since it was the first day of committee proceedings, the executive board for each respective committee explained to the delegates the rules of the parliamentary procedure due to the fact that there were many first timers participating in the event.  

This was followed by the ‘High Tea’, where the delegates indulged themselves in conversations over tea and refreshments. According to the attendees, the management of the entire event was quite planned and they seemed to be astounded by the series of events.

Social Evening

Before calling off the day, the participants were served with the extraordinary talent of NITR. This evening began with the fabulous stand-up comedy acts by our very own Rupesh Mahore and Sidharth Rout. This was greatly enjoyed and appreciated by the audience. Then came the official EDM club of NITR, Drill N Bass, who cashed in on their energy mixes and vibrant raps, fused with the audience over the top energy.


DAY 2: 16th March 2019

Day two started with breakfast being provided at LA for all the delegates.

Soon after this, every delegate dispersed into the various committees. UNA -USA procedure of MUN was being followed across all the committees. In this particular format, the committee starts off with the roll call of each delegation after which there is a speakers list decided by the chair and each country puts forth their points. This particular procedure is known as moderated caucus which spans for a limited amount of time which is pre-decided by the chair. This procedure is followed whenever the committee is going on. 

The sessions lasted till around 1 PM, after which lunch was provided and committee sessions resumed. 

After the sessions were concluded for the day ‘Chai pe charcha’ was meant to take place however the event was cancelled and the delegates proceeded to BBA for watching the cultural performances.


The evening at BBA started around 6:30 PM and was hosted by Smruti Biswal and Achint S Bishnoi. The function started off with a presentation from Oxfam India which is a social collaboration of NITR IMUN. The presentation was given by Dr Pravas Mishra who is the program coordinator for Oxfam India. The presentation was on gender equality and ways of eliminating disparity and inequality.

Soon after this, an initiative by the secretariat of NITR IMUN “She for Shakti” was unveiled, which is in support of the “He for She” campaign of the United Nations. This initiative again aims to promote gender equality.

This was followed by cultural events of Ritvic and Synergy. Ritvic performed a stage play called ‘SHAURYA’.The play was on the life of a family with two sons; one who is a martyr of war and the other an army aspirant, the drama portrayed the pain and suffering of a family whose member is a martyr. Synergy performed and hyped the energy in BBA with a collection of catchy songs that had the audience tapping their feet to the beats.

All the delegates later proceeded for dinner and assembled again at the  SAC gallery for the open mic. There were a few delegates who participated in the open mic as well. Drill n Bass inaugurated the session with a 21 pilots song accompanied by rapping and beatboxing. The performers were Ajinkya Bakshi, Chris James and Norbu Tshering. The last activity for the day was the Night sky watch which was organized by the Astro club. The delegates got to see various stellar objects through two telescopes.

DAY 3: 17th March 2019

Day three started with breakfast being provided at LA for all the delegates. Soon after this commenced the fourth session of the 3-day long event. The session ended before lunch at around 1:30 PM. Lunch was served in LA 114, LA 117, LA 217 and the provisions made were appreciated by people. The last session then commenced from 3 PM and lasted till 6:30 PM.

Closing Ceremony

The organising team and the participants gathered at BBA at around 7 PM to celebrate the success of NITR IMUN 2019. It was hosted by Mirza Baig Khalid and Satrupa Satapathy. The closing ceremony was graced by the presence of several dignitaries of the institute as well as the guests of the evening. Dean Student Welfare, Professor Simachala Panigrahi and President of Student Activity Centre, Professor Snehashish Chakraverty were invited on to the dais to share a few words on this occasion.

The prominent attraction of the evening was the guest lecture by Sharad Sagar, who is an Indian youth icon, a globally renowned entrepreneur and a 21st-century leader. His words regarding education and public service were truly inspirational. His lecture was nothing less than a spark of motivation.

The evening then witnessed the award distribution ceremony which started at around 8:30 PM.

The results were as follows:

UNHRCBest DelegateRepublic of Korea
 High CommendationUK
 Special MentionSwitzerland 
 Honourable MentionSouth Africa
 Verbal MentionRwanda
  The Democratic Republic of Congo
LOK SABHA High CommendationS. Tharoor
 Special MentionN.Hadi
  K.C Tyagi
 Promising parliamentarianRahul Gandhi
 Honourable MentionUma Bharti
DISECBest DelgateBelgium
 High CommendationSweden
 Special MentionEstonia
International PressBest reporterGitijnaa Archita
 High CommendationHarshita Routray
 Best PhotographerChiranjiv Sai Mohan

Next in line was the performance of remarkably talented stand-up comedians - Satyabrat Mohapatra and Pujan Patel.

The evening was finally addressed by Yash Shah, the Director General of NITR IMUN 2019. He acknowledged the fact that this year's MUN had a larger turn up than the previous version, for which he was thankful to the sponsors and all the other people who put in their efforts and made this event a grand success.

All the participants and the organising team members were then taken to the Community Centre for the Socials dinner.

Yash Shah told Team MM that:

The event saw a good participation, more than last year's edition. Everything what was planned had been executed. The event was successful due to the hard work and sleepless nights of first and second year team members as well as our senior year mentors and alumni. Best part of the event was the participation of School Students (around 77). Their happy faces made our day, plus at such a young age they were able to really talk like a diplomat of any nation. The event was a success also because of our sponsors, partners and the NITR Club Collaborations we had. Overall, the event was appreciated by the participants, thier critical feedback has been noted. This will help us improve next year.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the organising team of NITR IMUN 2019 for putting together a commendable event and hopes that such events are held on a larger canvas in future.

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