A Love Affair With Life: Vivid 2019

A Love Affair With Life: Vivid 2019

Girish Vaisyaraj | Mar 25, 2019

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You don’t take a photograph, you make it                                                -Ansel Adams                      

 It was once again the time of the year when the above-mentioned quote couldn't have been anymore relatable than ever when a person walked through the portraits adorned beautifully in the 6th edition of Vivid. Vivid 2019, The annual photographic exhibition of the club Third eye was held from 7th March to 11th March at the Rajendra Mishra exhibition hall.

The exhibition was inaugurated by our honourable Director Prof. Animesh Biswas and his wife.

As one walked through all the pictures that have been captured by the talented lensmen, one could observe the different perspectives that a portrait can leave in different minds. The visitors were visibly cherishing each of the masterpieces and discussing as to what the photographs actually meant. Every emotion, every phase and every shade of life was well depicted in these pictures.

Venkatesh Nelaparthi, one of the visitor responded,

I loved the creativty that these photographers have shown.It is indeed beautiful to see the way this exhibition has potrayed different colours of life.I hope to see more of this kind sooner in the campus

The team contacted various photography clubs across the country and exhibited numerous photographs from the city and beyond. The team also introduced a feedback system where the visitors were given a form to rate each of the portraits on a scale of five. Since the third edition of Roots was in the same weekend, the Guest speakers of various workshops attended the exhibition too.

Mr. Subrata Bal, member of Frames Rourkela was the Chief critique of the exhibition.

The main attraction of the exhibition was the centre of the hall which had the battlefield cross dedicated to the martyrs of the Pulwama attack.

The president of the Third eye club commented,

It is one of the most beautiful thing that we have created. Years of efforts and teamwork has made this happen. This exhibition is the reflection of passion, dedication and hardwork shown by all the members of  Third Eye.

Overall The 6th edition of the Vivid was a modest success and team MM awaits for the next more interesting, alluring and even larger edition of the exhibition.

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