Of An Aureate Evening: Lumiere By Cinematics

Of An Aureate Evening: Lumiere By Cinematics

Umme Salma Tanya Gupta | Mar 25, 2019

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The evening of 8th of March saw the inauguration of Roots 3.0. Roots was taken to another level this year, and in the molding of it was the highlighting event by Cinematics, Lumiere. While the literal interpretation of the word is light, which was in harmony with the aura put together for the evening, the name itself was chosen as a dedication to the Lumiere brothers, the pioneers of filmmaking.

BBA was the tentative venue, however, to bring out the most of the event, the Cinematics’ crew decided to keep the venue outdoors (the BM/BT parking lot) so as to resemble the shade of the NITR folks’ favourite- The Banyan Tree. The place where people gather to share their stories over a cup of tea and where you could always find tales waiting to be told.
As stated by the vice president of cinematics, Rohit Dash:

“BBA was indoors and we wanted the vibes of the Banyan tree which would be open aerated and people who would walk by, could see something happening and join in. BBA would have made it exclusive, outdoors made it more inclusive.”

The decoration was quintessentially coherent with the theme of Lumiere, centered around light and the whole ambiance of the place matched that of a dazzling and ostentatious wedding, as cinematics folk wanted it to be. The amazing hospitality was an additional adornment to the event.
The event started at around 7:00 PM, delayed by half an hour, slowly the empty chairs were occupied by spectators and eventually the locale was brimming up with onlookers as people kept swarming in till the last, that was at 10.00 PM. A coffee break was given at around 8.30 PM in which the organisers served coffee to the spectators themselves as one would do in one’s sister’s wedding (Waheeb Rasheed, president of Cinematics club, told MM).

The screening of the movies was as follows:
1. The Last Cigarette (Abhishek Kuthum and team)
2. Sugar N Spice (Kiran Dev and team)
3. Kalakaar (Haritha Bharat and team)
4. Joy (Waheeb Rasheed)
5. One Valentine's day
6. The Cig
7. Vodka Nights (Yuvaraj and team)
8. Woe is Me (Rohit Dash, Abhishek Philip)
9. Tara (Waheeb, Rohit, Abhishek Philip, Luv Krishna)
10. The NU Project (Cinematics and the beautiful people of NITR)

The event proved to be a huge success. The audience assembled were ensnared and enraptured with the stories that were projected on the screen and just as much as the stories that were behind it. The behind the screen segments was a discourse on how each of the short films came to be and how the makers came across the ideas and the people involved. With Lumiere, Cinematics took a run at showcasing the art of cinematography for the NITR junta, wanting it to see as the Maktub of Roots in the coming years. 
Waheeb Rasheed told MM:

“We had been planning for Lumiére for months and I imagined many possible ways of how it would turn out but the original setup is actually prettier from whatever I could have imagined. This Lumiére was amazing, I would want this ritual to go on, I would want to see Lumiére happen every year.

Monday Morning wishes heartiest congratulations to the event coordinators and participants on the success of the event.

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