Is The Talent Pool Getting Enough? A review of the Games And Sports Society

Is The Talent Pool Getting Enough? A review of the Games And Sports Society

Deepak Marandi Girish Vaisyaraj | Apr 01, 2019

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Forming one of the four pillars of SAC, Games and Sports Society is the overarching body which manages all the sports teams which go on to represent the Institute on national level tournaments. How have the Games and Sports Society been this year? Let’s find out.

This year has been good for the sports teams because they have participated in and won multiple prizes in national level tournaments. The details can be found by visiting the team managers’ webmails. This year the All India Inter NIT for Kabaddi, Kho-kho and football were held in our Institute with much enthusiasm. Annual sports fest Vriddhi was also conducted with a few hiccups and better turnouts.


Vice PresidentProf NK Vissa 
Prof Samit Ari
SAS officerDr T R Patnaik
Student SecretariesSupreet Mohanty
Boda Ramu
Dharmasoth Rajgopal
Manichandra Kunche
Dean’s Nominated SecretaryG V Nikhil
Fest Conveners (Vriddhi)Subhakanta Sahoo
Sasidhar Reddy
  K Vishnu Vardhan


Team MM contacted the captains of all the sports teams in the institute at present and gathered all the responses about the problems that they are facing which are enlisted below.

  • Lack of SAS officers

As per the present scenario, there is only one SAS officer for nearly 6000 students of the institute. He has to handle everything starting from the purchase of sports equipment to taking care of P.E. Schedule to getting bills reimbursed. 

  • Lack of Permanent Coaches

The majority of the teams have raised the problem of lack of permanent coaches. It has served as a major obstacle to quality practice. Team MM contacted the SAS officer regarding the issue who stated

The file for permanent coaches has already been approved by the Director but the advertisment for same is yet to be circulated by the Registrar.

  • Various sports being played in the DTS ground at the same time.

The majority of the teams have complained about the lack of space for different sports being played at the same time in DTS. Though there is an STSC ground and some part of it has been used for other games too, some sports activities like athletics and hockey have to share the same ground as per the present scenario. The SAS officer responded by saying that

There is a lack of space to build other grounds now but I dont think that there should be any problem for various teams to play different sports at same place and same time.

  • Lack of Groundsmen

There is a serious dearth of groundsmen to maintain the field and it has adversely affected the Ground. This too has been taken up by the authorities but there isn't any visible solution so far.

Team MM contacted the SAS officer regarding the issue who responded

The file for Groundsmen too has already been approved by the Director but the advertisment for same is yet to be done by the Registrar.

  • Lack of Opportunity to participate

This year, the teams have not been able to participate in most of the Inter NITs, because they were within a few weeks before or after mid-sems, and hence they were not allowed to participate. In addition to that, they are still not allowed to participate in tournaments from other private colleges where they might get better competition and exposure.

  • Fire in purchase and work department

The teams complained that they aren't provided with the sports equipment to which the secretaries responded that they had made a list of all the sports requirements but due to the fire all their files got burnt. So, they had to adjust it in the purchase order for Vriddhi and Inter-NIT. There has been effectively no solution provided by the SAC at times of critical mishaps like these. So, all the teams can do for the next academic year is to pray that there isn't another fire in the department.

  •   Lack of a proper set of rules for the secretaries

There is no proper set of rules mentioned in SAC defining the responsibility of the secretaries, with an extemely outdated SAC constitution still in effect. They have been observed taking attendance of P.E. students as well. This has been a major concern for the secretaries too.

  • ​​​Constant delay in bill reimbursement

The teams complained that their bills’ reimbursements get delayed by months ranging from 1 to 5 and even more. This has been agreed upon by the secretaries too. Now we leave it upon the reader to understand how complex is the process given that it takes 5 months and beyond to reimburse a bill.


Team MM contacted the secretaries for the budget details who redirected towards the Vice Presidents. Upon reaching the VPs they redirected us to SAS officer saying that he keeps a record of all the expenditure. When Team MM contacted The SAS officer he responded by saying that he doesn't keep a track of the expenditure and redirected us towards SAC officials. Finally, when the team contacted the SAC officials they didn't have any proper compiled data. The Accounts committee stated that the annual budget was 12 Lakh rupees but the expenditure has been 13 lakh rupees.


The teams of various sports are doing good and have shown potential. But this potential needs the right environment and facilities in order to shine. The Student Activity Centre has been moderately successful in bringing out these talents, but there’s still room for more growth, and Team MM only wishes that such a holistic environment is set up sooner rather than later.

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