Fueling The Curiosity: Qurios 2019

Fueling The Curiosity: Qurios 2019

Tanya Gupta | Apr 01, 2019

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Qurios, an initiative by Inquizzitive as the flagship quiz of NITR, saw its fourth edition taking place this weekend. When NITR swept Tata Crucibles clean at Ranchi, Mr. Giri Balasubramaniam, or Pickbrain as he is often called, announced NIT Rourkela's Quiz, Qurios on National Media and YouTube. They were impressed by Inquizzitive's tour de force with wins at SBI YONO Patna, DDM IT Bhubaneswar, TCCQ Ranchi and impressive performances at VSSUT Burla.

Qurios was conducted with Mr. Palak Kumar as the quizmaster, a former Tata Campus Crucibles Quiz National Champion and a member of Greycaps India limited. It started at 11 in the morning of a sunny Saturday after a significant amount of delay. The preliminary round of the quiz lasted for the next forty-five minutes.

There were a total of 20 questions and all the school and college teams registered participated alike. The questions were color-coded to emphasize the elements to be focused on and aimed to strike a balance between the experience level of the school and college participants. This was followed by the lunch break, after which the winners from among the school teams were announced. The prize was awarded to the trio of Siddharth Ray, Pratham Pattanayak and Abhijeet Aggarwal from St. Pauls School.

The best eight teams in the preliminary round from the college participants were selected and they went on to play further six rounds, the score tally at the end of which would decide the winner. The eventual winners were the team of Adarsh Kumar Mohapatra and Ranjan Anil Kumar from AIIMS, Bhubaneswar, with Aditya Sanket, Saurabh Kumar Singh, and Akash Kumar Singh from NIT, Jamshedpur as the first runner-up and Prateek Mishra and Ankit Singh from CET, Bhubaneswar as the second runner-up. Qurios was wrapped up around 3 p.m. soon after the felicitation ceremony where the winning college teams were awarded their prize money and given the certificates.

Inquizzitive has firmly established itself a premier quizzing club of India in all genres of quizzing. Swastik Mishra, the president of the club commented,

Overall we are very happy with the turnout of students and hope this quiz will help in promoting quizzing culture in NITR, as well as put NIT Rourkela in the quizzing circuit of eastern India. We wanted to conduct the quiz as a bigger event but because of issues with SAC, the prizes and certain arrangements were entirely sponsorship based. Nevertheless, our management has been efficient in pulling off the event in a matter of three weeks.

Mr. Palak Kumar was very enthusiastic about Qurios 2019 and said,

NIT Rourkela is a famous institute and we have had the opportunity to quiz with them before. It's a really great initiative that they have started with Qurios. I was honored enough to host it for its fourth edition. This particular edition saw a lot of school teams coming as well and they stayed till the end to watch and this speaks volumes about the students of Rourkela. And among the eight college teams that were there, seven of them were outstation teams, with only one from NITR. It serves the purpose of the quiz because it was for people to come from outside and take part, and that's exactly what we were able to see here. The biggest takeaway was that everyone here enjoyed and it was a great experience.

Quizzing as a passion is not only fulfilling in the purest sense of knowledge seeking but also helps students develop a holistic awareness. Team MM hopes Inquizzitive reaches new heights with each edition of Qurios.

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