Celebrating The One Last Time: JASHN 2019

Celebrating The One Last Time: JASHN 2019

Umme Salma Soumitra Mandal | Apr 01, 2019

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Every journey has an ending, an ending that marks the beginning of a new phase of life. For an engineer, the significance increases manifold. It is a nostalgic experience, remembering all the fun they had during those four/five years and celebrating it One Last Time before they depart the college. Jashn 2019 is not just a tribute to the final year students; it is an ode to all those beautiful memories weaved during the golden years at college. One of the unique features of Jashn is that it is solely organized by final year students. Jashn 2019 was held on 29th and 30th of March as a single day would not suffice such a celebration.  

Pre Jashn Preparations

Something as humongous as Jashn does not happen in a day. A lot of groundwork to ensure smooth conduction of the event is a necessity. Let us have a look at the funds and the decorations that gave life to the evenings. The total allotted budget was 70k against the tentative budget of 1 lakh rupees as funded by SAC. Out of the allotted budget, 65k was used for decoration, lights and sound system and the remaining 10k was used for printing of flexes and posters.

The two convenors: Pratyush Das and Shradhanshu Padhiary with a proficient team comprising of only the final year students pulled off the event indubitably.

The eye-catching posters and the well-styled headlines and content made the crowd already intrigued for the event. The publicity of the event was maticulously done, posters were put up in every hall and flexes were fixed all around the campus, owing to which a huge crowd graced the events of this final year gala.

The enthusiastic pre-festival days:

One could see small groups of students practising dance around the campus: Usually a Samaritan from The Mavericks or Synergy choreographing few other fellow amateurs. The dedication these practice sessions displayed was something to behold, all so as to withhold as many memories as the final years could of these bittersweet days of life at NITR.

Some glimpses of pre-jashn preparations



The day 1 performance was held in LA lawns, the open venue and the soothing air made the lawns the perfect choice for the requisite ambience. The performances started at 8.20 PM with a delay of about one hour, 20 minutes. However, as the performances started, crowds of students surged in and thus started the feels of #one last time. Though the crowd was divided between the Jashn performance and the Hall day celebrations going on in the VS hostel.


The celebration kicked off with the stupendous dance performance by The Mavericks, an amazing song selection and energetic moves got everyone in the mood. It was followed by the musical concert by Euphony and Live art by Chitraang. Euphony came up with a bunch of popular latest songs and vibrant old songs. The heartbeats vocalists were invited to collaborate for a few songs. This was one of the times one could witness two great bands of NITR collaborate together to give quality music to the audience. The audience was almost dancing to the throbbing beats of the all-time popular ‘koi kahe kehta rahe’ and the sturdy ‘apna time aega’.

The dance performance by MavericksEuphony performing in the musical concert

Meanwhile, on the side, the brilliant artists from Chitraang were busy on the live art creating memories with a splash of vivid colours while humming to the dynamic music. They came up with a masterpiece depicting memories within one and a half hours.

Live graffitti by Chitraang

This musical performance was followed by the much-awaited performance of Heartbeats which left the crowd mesmerized. The vocalists, as well as the musicians, created magic with their tunes. The excellently picked old retro songs left the crowd nostalgic and dreamy.

Sachin Nambiar from heartbeats performing in the music concert

This show was followed by stand up comedy by Siddharth Rout, who cracked up the audience with his satirical comments on the JOSAA and DASA students as well as the Jashn events. The audience was guffawing to the remarks.

The end of the day was marked by the zealous dance performance by Synergy.

Award ceremony

  1. Hall of fame

After having spent four years at college, one is bound to have some attributes and nicknames associated with them. The Hall of Fame makes sure those attributes receive the fame they deserve. A poll is released around a week before, so that the students may vote for their favourites in each category. The poll which is in the form of a google form was open to all and released on the Facebook page of Jashn and also shared on WhatsApp and Instagram stories. Some of the categories were in the form of speculations like “who is most likely to end up a millionaire?” and “who is most likely to remain single for life?”. All of the categories were hilarious and choosing one option among others seemed a tough task. The winners were felicitated on the evening of Jashn for being more of what people expected from them.

The complete list is given below-

1. Most Likely To Become Millionaire- Nikhil Vobbilisetty(31%)

2.Most Likely To Feature on the Forbes List- Partha Pritish Dhal(21.4%)

3. Most Likely To end up as a Baba/Maata-Pratik Jain(22.7%)

4.Most Likely To Have a Swayamvar- Ankita Singh (26.7%)

5. Most Likely To Become A Don-Kushal Yadav(25.7%)

6.Most likely to become a Neta-C S Sambit (28.8%)

7. Most likely to get direct entry in Bigg Boss- Ashish Dimri(31.2%)

8. Most like to end up sleeping- Akshita Singh (36%)

9. The " Single hi marega saala" award- Aman Francis Lakra(40.6%)

10. Most likely to be late for everything-Sudekhsha Singh(34.5%)


  1. Gangbang and before and After challenge

Gangbang challenge is just the ideal one for those people who have had the perfect bonding as a group. The people who went through thick and thin together. The Gang that stayed immortal. The rule is to post a picture of the gang on the official FB page of Jashn. The one with the maximum likes is decided as the winner. They were felicitated on the same day.

Every student at a college is susceptible to change. Someone picks a new hairstyle, someone loses weight and maybe someone transforms into a totally new person altogether. The Before and After challenge basically deals with posting their latest picture along with an old picture, when they first came to NIT Rourkela. The person who has had the most significant change wins the challenge.

  1. Felicitation of CRs

CR, the short form for Class Representative, is not only a position but a responsibility. They carry this responsibility throughout four years, without breaking a sweat. All the final year CRs were felicitated for their infallible hard work for their batches and making sure things run smoothly.


Day 2’s venue was BBA which was brimmed up by students by the time performances started, so much that many of them had to stand or even sit on the floor wherever space was available. It was to ideally begin at 2 PM but due to some unavoidable delays, it began around 30 mins later.  

The evening began with a play. Pantomime, the official drama club of NIT Rourkela took it upon themselves to give a tribute to the final year students in the form of a play. The theme of the play was based on the journey of a student at NITR as he goes through all the phases of college life, be it dealing with seniors or having trouble during exams. The whole time the audience was engaged in roars of laughter as the phrase ‘quite relatable’ was on everyone’s lips.

Stage play performance by Pantomime on ‘College life in NITR’

Dance performances

The dance performances by the final year students were something out of the ordinary. With a few weeks of practice, one cannot expect non-dancers(mostly) to pull off such a synchronized and well-choreographed performances. Whenever someone seemed to lose a step, two more made up for it with their enthusiasm. The order of performances was as follows- first came the Humanities department, they were followed by the M.Sc. students. Then came the final year M.Tech students followed by the dual degree students who have spent the most time in college. Then entered the B.tech Students and carried on with the entertainment. By this time the crowd had already gotten into the mood of the evening and it was either clapping or cheering that was echoing BBA. The best part of the performances was when they just did not care about steps and went as much as freestyle as possible, the likes of which we generally see at wedding dances.  

In the words of a final year student, Aman Francis Lakra:

My experience in jashn was amazing. I was only involved in the final year dance. It's not everyday that you get a chance to perform in front of such a huge crowd, it felt as if almost the whole institute was present there. The whole atmosphere was amazing as the dance routines weren't being judged and everyone was happy seeing their seniors enjoying while dancing. Now that jashn is over it's finally beginning to hit that our time in the institute is coming to an end. Jashn gave us a lot of memories and I'm really thankful to the whole jashn team for organizing such an amazing fest.



Fashion show

Every student undergoes a plethora of fashion choices, some like to sport a formal attire and some ethnic. It is imperative of the final years to showcase some of their “Fashionista DNA”  and set the stage on fire. There was no fixed theme to the show. Just to showcase the attire one was comfortable in and still manage to look fashionable.


The end of the one last time:

The whole event was pulled off really well by the proficient Jashn team. The crowd was humongous, that of the magnitude of a fest. Every final year seemed to be in high spirits for the Jashn, and the realization of few countable college days left made them dewy-eyed. Jashn was a celebration by the final years for the final years, it came with certain shortcomings as happens in every event. However, the glitches did not spoil the zest of the students for the event.

One of the convenors of the event, Pratyush Das told MM:

I feel like it was a very overwhelming experience to have had to the opportunity to organize this fest for the final years. We are all leaving the institute in one month's time and there were a few moments which brought tears to my eyes. The participation and the "Josh" of all the final year participants and non-participants made it a very special few days of our lives. These four years have been the most glorious time in my life which I shall ever cherish. I would also like to highlight the hard work put in by the Jashn team. Shradhanshu Padhiary was an extremely helpful and hardworking co-convenor. CS Sambit worked along with us as a pseudo convenor and managed the fest really well. Ankita Singh and Nishant Singh were responsible for the final year dance to be held so efficiently and at such tempo. Ayush Maharana, Sambit Behura, Rajyashree Lenka and Sachin Nambiar had a priceless contribution with their expertise and experience. Gyan Prakash, Rohit Chaturvedi and Anushka Chattopadhy wrote beautiful content ( online and offline).

Team MM congratulates the Jashn team on the successful conduction of the event and wishes all the final years for a wonderful future ahead.

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