Get, Set, Win! - Athletics Team at Inter NIT

Get, Set, Win! - Athletics Team at Inter NIT

Deepak Marandi Raksha Karkera | Apr 08, 2019

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Inter NIT is the ultimate proving ground for any of the NIT sports teams. Same goes for the athletics team of our Institute. As the Inter NIT approaches every year, these athletes strap on their shoes and pull their socks up and practice, for months in advance, to perform better and bring glory to their team and NIT Rourkela. And this past month the Inter NIT Athletics Championship at NIT Warangal was their calling. The All India Inter NIT Athletics Championship was held at NIT Warangal, from 22 March to 24 March. A total of 18 of our athletes participated in the Championship, which comprised of 11 boys and 7 girls.

The contingent participated in multiple single and team events throughout the 3-day tournament. The events ranged from 400m-dash, long jump and triple jump to shot put, javelin throw and hammer throw.

Here is a list of achievements and prizes the NITR athletics team has bagged in the tournament.


There were a total of 3 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals that were bagged by our Institute. The break down of the winners is as follows.

200 M GoldVadthya Shashivardan Naik
Hammer throwGoldAshish Chaudhary
Javelin throwBronzeAshish Chaudhary
1500 MGoldChamantha Vijay
400 MSilverTerakani Dileep
400 MBronzeDisha
800 MBronzeDisha
4x400 M Relay MenGoldGroup
4x100 M Relay Men GoldGroup
4x400 M Relay WomenBronzeGroup

In addition to that, the men’s team from NIT Rourkela got the award for the best team in the championship.

Team MM caught up with the athletics team captain, Ashish Chaudhury and this is what he had to say;

In the past, our college used to emerge winners at the Inter NIT athletics meet. It is indeed very satisfying to know that after a very long time we got the Men’s championship and I am positive we will be getting the championship title next year as well. It wasn't an easy journey, our athletes really worked hard for it. From sand workout to track and field workout, we did them all. However, we didn't get proper spikes and tracks in DTS during our whole practice session in spite of this we managed to bag medals. No hurdles could stop us from achieving our goal. I am proud of my team for that.

The success of the Institute Athletics Team at Inter NIT has been impressive. Team MM congratulates the athletics team for their achievements and wishes them more glory in the future.

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