The Guiding Lights Towards A Brighter Future: Internships

The Guiding Lights Towards A Brighter Future: Internships

Smruti Sudha Biswal | Apr 15, 2019

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Internships are an integral part of the building of a good resume. They are the lodestars in the academic career which guide us as to what we desire to pursue further in our career. There is no definite outline or division regarding the choice of internships taken up by the Engineering or Pure Science students; the option is generally flexible. According to the recent survey conducted by Monday Morning, the internship interests of NITR populace came into a more precise picture.

As a part of the institute curriculum, BTech students are to undertake internships under the Summer Internship and Research Experience (SIRE) program at the end of the sixth semester of their course. The SIRE requires a minimum of an 8-week internship which will be evaluated by a panel to amount for two credits for the pre-final years’ Semester Grade Points. The process is aided by the Training & Placement Cell of NITR to ensure that every student secures an internship. However, MTech students are not encouraged for internships.

In the recent survey conducted by Monday Morning, we found that 33.6% of the students involved in the survey opted for internships in the R&D Sector, while 17.2% chose for pure research. On a similar note, 28.6% of them chose to go for corporate internships. 17.5% of them opted for foreign internships. A whopping 61.2% of them have applied for on-campus internships while the rest chose to go for off-campus internships. While 59.3% of the pre-final year students completed a job oriented internship under SIRE, 33.1% went for a research-oriented internship
Apart from the SIRE, students also opt for off-campus internships. Usually, these internship opportunities include –

•        Corporate/Industrial internships bagged through personal contact or online forums.
•        Summer Research Internships at esteemed institutes like SURGE program at IIT Kanpur, Eklavya Program at IIT Bombay, VSRP at TIFR Mumbai, etc.
•        Reputed Foreign Internship programs such as MITACS Globalink, DAAD, NTU Singapore-India Connect, CalTech SURF, SN Bose Scholars’ program, Khorana program, etc

An integral part of bagging an internship or applying for a graduate position at reputed universities of the world is writing a good Statement of Purpose (SOP).

A good SOP speaks volumes of what you want to convey to the recruiter or the professor. A good SOP generally encompasses one’s interests, one’s USP (Unique selling point), one’s strengths and weaknesses, one’s command over technical and theoretical skills and one’s capacity to prove oneself an asset to the organization.

While SOPs form an integral part in bagging research internships, they are not the only one available in the arena. They are corporate and industrial internships as well. Students who are interested in pursuing higher studies opt for industrial internships which shed some light on what corporate jobs have in their store. Basically, industrial internships come with online tests, group discussions and personal interviews. Smart thinking and creative ideas can give you an upper hand in fetching corporate internships. There are many on-campus internships that come to our campus to take students as an intern. On satisfactory performance, many of them are even offered Pre Placement Offers.

Internships give you an insight into what you wish to carry out in your future. In a few cases, it has been an eye opener where students actually got to know in which field they would be interested to work and where they would prosper. Monday Morning hosts a database of students who have interned at reputed universities in India as well as abroad, which can be found under the “Share your intern" subsection under "Career section.”


For more details on such programs, refer the Monday Morning: Home > Career > Internship Programs.

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