Summoning The Batch Of 2018-19: NITRAA Homecoming

Summoning The Batch Of 2018-19: NITRAA Homecoming

Raksha Karkera Umme Salma | Apr 15, 2019

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NITRAA (National Institute of Technology Rourkela Alumni Association) organized its homecoming ceremony for the outgoing batch of 2018-2019. The ceremony was held at Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium (BBA) from 7 p.m onwards.

The event was primarily aimed at officially welcoming the outgoing batch of 4th years into the NITRAA family.

The host for the evening was Dr Archana Mallik. There were a total of 300 people had gathered for the event. The count would have been way higher however, due to the ongoing farewell season many final years weren’t able to attend the event.

The function commenced with the symbolic lighting of the lamps.This was followed by the address of the current General Secretary of NITRAA - Dr.Shantanu K Behera. In his speech he said

 I am an alumnus of NIT Rourkela myself and there have been many instances and incidents in life whereby at the mention of me being a part of NIT Rourkela many people have readily helped me. So there is no questioning the bond that develops when you are part of this institute.

 Soon after the President, Sri PR Padhee addresses the gathering and he said,

I was born right here in Rourkela and I always wanted to go to a college situated in my place of birth. And that’s how REC happened to me and it has made me what I am today. Always remember to keep the NITRAAN spirit high.

This was followed by the awards distribution by the General Secretary who distributed awards to the following awardees:

Asim Chaudhary Memorial AwardAnkita Mohanty
Debasis Memorial AwardAnkita Behera
Shailalata Memorial AwardSurendra Kumar Biswal
Research Excellence Awards

Prof. Subhudhi

Prof. Mohapatra

Prof. Paria

Prof. Vishwakarma



Alongside these, the volunteer certificates were distributed as well.
The chief guest Sri A.K Rath And Prof. Animesh Biswas were felicitated and each of them addressed the audience.

The chief guest, Sri A.K Rath said,

We shouldn't forget about the Seed! It is always important to remember and acknowledge the seed of any success. Just like the huge Banyan tree is standing till today growing, even more, stronger with time, it's all because of its seed.

Similarly, this huge campus has a seed, where it all started. When the government said, there won't be any REC in Odisha, there stood one gentleman who took this as his desire to come up with one. He stood against the prediction and started the REC in a small garage. That is the seed of NITR, which is now one of the best NIT. It was all about his will power to change things and achieve something based on his dedication. That's what made him different from others.NITR is the result of that strong will power and life-changing initiative.

The anchor then invited a limited set of students and alumni to come and share their views. Which was closely followed by the vote of thanks by the treasurer Sri Dilip Panda.

This marked the end of the function and everyone dispersed for dinner that followed.

Statement of the outgoing student head Himanshu Shekhar: 

It was really a grand Homecoming Ceremony. Well organized and very well executed. Would have loved to see a number of final years enjoying the orientation as well as the Welcome dinner. For every graduating fellow, it's really very important to have an idea about what NITRAA is and how amazing it is to be a part of such a huge and connected family. After graduation, we all will be migrating to different cities, with a tag of 'NITRAAN'. Wherever we go we take this with us as a matter of proud, the connection with our Alma mater! It's a completely different feeling when you get a chance to meet folks from your Alma mater, in any part of the world.

My journey with NITRAA summed up in a few lines:

Working with different Chapters of NITRAA, helping them bringing the alumni from different parts of the world under one roof for a couple of days. Make them relive their memories. Make them believe what the current students of NITR are capable of. Build up their lost connections with their alma mater and mates. Make them fall for NITR, once again. Make them join their hands and work together for our Institute development and then move to the next set of people. This has been my Way, working with 3 different chapters along with 3 different teams during my tenure.

I would like to thank NITRAA for giving me the opportunity to work for the change.


Team MM congratulates the entire team of NITRAA for pulling off a succcessful homecoming and wishes the outgoing batch of 2018-19 best of luck for their future endeavours!

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