NITR Rewind 2018-19

NITR Rewind 2018-19

Team MM | Apr 15, 2019

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The academic year 2018-19 has had its crests and troughs. So did we, and so did you, our beloved reader. But as this academic year ends, it is important to look back and look anew from a fresh perspective all the highs and all the lows that you and we have faced together. Today your team Monday Morning brings you the NITR rewind 2018-19, so that we may relive and cherish our memories over this year, even if for a little bit, one last time.  

CS Fire 12th May 2018

In an eyebrow-raising development, a fire broke out at the Department of computer science and engineering’s Advanced Software Engineering lab which lasted for about a 1 hour 15 minutes before it was finally put out by firefighters. The fire encompassed much of the lab enveloping the immediate vicinity in plumes of smoke causing damage to the computers. Initially, fire extinguishers were bought from the electrical sciences building, as there were none whatsoever in the department; before the fire brigade came and extinguished the fire. The hero of the unfortunate incident was Naresh Chandra Biswal, a first responder, who is said to have gone in the midst of the flames in absence of proper safety equipment.

The Bhubaneshwar Behera Theatre 27th August 2018

The Student Activity Centre proposed to screen movies, interceding on behalf of student’s entertainment. The initiative showed up as a boon to curb the scopes of a boring weekend and hence spicing it up, and changing Saturdays and Sundays forever at NITR.

A fresh proposal involving a contract with a private company to screen movies was placed before SAC a year ago and the proposal materialised in June 2018 in the form of an MOU between the institute and the private beneficiary.

As per the MOU reached between SAC, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela and ‘SUN Movies’ based in Cuttack, ‘SUN Movies’ will be screening the latest movies in BBA for an MOU period of one year.

THE LATE ENTRY RULE 8th October 2018:


This year, the events related to the late entry rules have created quite a stir in the campus throughout. One of the first waves of this phenomena started when authorities of hostel management started taking stringent actions taken against the defaulters of the late entry rules. This brought about a turmoil among the students which resulted in an Open House Discussion regarding the pertaining rules and their need. Chaired by Prof. K.K.Mohapatra (Dean Academics), Prof. Simanchala Panigrahi (Dean Student Welfare) and Mr Suman Dutta, there was a two-hour long discussion between the student representatives and the aforementioned authorities about the problems at the bay of such rules. While the rules were made less stringent and allowed measured movement in curfew hour, no considerable follow-up action has been in news regarding the concluding notes of the OHD.

Innovision 2nd - 4th November 2018

The Sci-Fi odyssey themed edition of Innovision definitely saw destiny arriving. With having a linear increase in the footfall every consecutive year since its inception, Inno 2018 had a record footfall of 1506. The event ran from 2nd to 4th November 2018 and no stones were left unturned to create a euphoric scene on campus.

From workshops, guest lectures, exhibitions, business and entrepreneurship events, the participants were spoiled for choice.

This edition was a class apart from the rest due to one of the most exuberant pro shows with DJ FunkD and DJ Kalpanik playing mixes that people couldn’t resist dancing.

Although the fest only spans for three days, there is work worth quite a few months that goes into it. Like any other event, there were many shortcomings in it. Hopefully, the next organizing team works upon these flaws and Innovision can attain greater benchmarks in the future.

Innovation Carnival (10th And 11th November)


During the jam-packed fest season of NIT Rourkela, a new initiative in the name of Innovation Carnival made its place in the list of events of NITR. As the name suggests, the two-day event was aimed at promoting Innovation. The event was Jointly organized by Foundation for Technology and Business Incubation (FTBI) and Department of Science and Technology, Government of Odisha. There were various exhibitions organized in the school, industrial, food and sociocultural levels.

Panel discussions were held on food innovation and startup scenario in India.

The last day saw 19 teams clashing off against each other in the Startup Challenge, which involves the teams discussing their ideas on startups. The top 10 of the 19 teams were awarded a total of 1.5 lakh rupees each from FTBI.

Being the first of its kind it was definitely a very good initiative to provide a platform for the innovative minds to showcase their ideas and hopefully the carnival will see many other editions in the upcoming years.

Cosmopolitan Nov 12 2018


The Cosmopolitan fest 2018 was reborn from the ashes of the ‘Multi-Ethnic Fest’ that last took place two years ago and celebrated the unity among the diversity of the NITR junta. The darkness of the winter night seemed to fade in the glow of the beautifully decorated stage at the NCC grounds. The fest may have been divided into various categories of region, culture and language; the primal aim was always a united stand. It was to celebrate and embrace the differences we have.

The “Multi Ethnic-Fest” had been scraped off due to a huge budget and the increasing total number of fests in the Institute. It was renewed on 18th of September through a proposal put forward by the Arts and Cultural Society in front of the Director to reintroduce the multi-ethnic festival which was then agreed upon by Director, Dean and President SAC but with a new name, the Cosmopolitan Festival.

Purchase Works Fire 5th December 2018


Once again, NITR woke to the news of a cataclysmic fire burning down the property of the Purchase and Works department on a Wednesday morning, 5th December 2018. While it was dubbed no short of alarming that it was the second instance of fire in the campus within 6 months, questions are being raised over the fire and general safety of the campus.

One could see that the department was blackened with soot from the floor until the ceiling and the property like computers and official documents have been reduced to ashes. The matter is currently being investigated by the officials of the Odisha Government and the area was guarded and put off-limits to the general public.

The official statement released by the public relations office had the following to say over the incident.

A fire broke at the purchase and works department of National Institute of Technology, Rourkela around 2.30 am on Wednesday. Immediately after the incident, we called the fire department. The flames were brought under control and fire was doused in a couple of minutes. Nobody was injured in the blaze, however, some files, computers have been damaged. Now the situation is completely under control. We have taken adequate steps to maintain fire safety. An FIR has been lodged in the sector-3 police station. Police are investigating into the matter. The reasons for the fire are unknown. We have constituted an investigating committee that will submit a report soon.


7 January 2019: Amidst the excitement of winter holidays, the autumn academic semester ended on a celebratory note for NIT Rourkela as it broke its own record of the highest package offered to any graduate student. Asmita Chihnara, a final year Computer Science student had bagged the record-breaking placement offer of 40.68 lakhs per annum from Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd, the highest in the history of NIT Rourkela. Her current job profile will be under the domain of Cloud Computing. The performance of the Training and Placements Committee was also highlighted during this period, soliciting about a 53% rise since the past years.

Vridhi 11th , 12th and 13th January 2019

The sportsmen of NITR marked their calendars as the institute hosted its annual sports fest, Vriddhi 2019. This sports extravaganza was held from 11th January 2019 to 13th January 2019. The event had few shortcomings but still proved to be better than its previous versions.

The sports played were volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, kabaddi and Cricket. Team A of NITR bagged prizes in all the sports.

Besides the sports, a music concert was held in SAC where budding artists from around Odisha showcased some lucid exceptional melodies.The fest’s ending was marked by the brilliant illuminance of firecrackers in the closing ceremony giving hope of a better Vriddhi in the coming years.

All India Inter NIT 2019  25th -27th January 2019

During the month of January, our campus saw a swarm of sporting jerseys walking the roads. Teams from 26 different NITs across India participated in Football ( Men), Kabaddi ( Men and Women ) and Kho Kho ( Men and Women).

Lasting over three days there were many group stage matches held for each of the three games.

With our home team participating in all three sports, it attracted enough spectators to build on the energy of the sportsmen.

NIT Rourkela emerged the winner in the Kho- Kho And Kabaddi Men’s section.

Football was one spectacle to watch as the team manoeuvred through the group stages to the finals. And at last the finals were held on the third and last day of the sporting gala and NIT Rourkela emerged victorious.

Organic Farming Jan 28 2019

NITR kick-started many novel initiatives this year and one among them was the Organic Farming project behind the VS and SD Halls of Residence. The large scale implementation of fertilizers for increasing productivity and early ripening of fruits and vegetables has harshly compromised with the health standards of people around the country. Foreseeing the threat of an impending dangerous situation, NITR has decided to promote organic farming anticipating a better future for the farmers in the region.

The idea of doing Organic farming was first put forth by Prof. Debayan Sarkar of Chemistry department who approached Organic Farming expert Uday Chandra Patra of ‘Uday Jaivic Research’, who has been awarded by the governor for his work in the field of Organic Farming. They were joined by Prof. Nihar Ranjan Mishra of Humanities Department and Prof. Ram Chandra Pradhan of Food Processing Department. They along with the support of Director, Prof. Animesh Biswas and Registrar, Mr S. K. Upadhyay were instrumental in setting up the Organic farm in the campus.

Nitrutsav 1st, 2nd and 3rd February 2019

Fests give respite from the wretched schedule of 8 to 5. NITR Junta solicitously looks forward to amusing themselves with a bunch of friends, rolling with sartorial costumes, grooving to the beats of music, capturing moments among others. Such dreams of a common NITR Student’s come to realize only when the fests are organized in a rightful manner respecting dignity and transparency. NU ’19 lacked the above-mentioned aspects on a large scale. There was utter mismanagement on the part of the organizers, to an extent that even flexes had not been fixed where they were supposed to have been. Zone culture has been rampant since the past years and this time it plagued the very essence of NITRutsav. Celebrity night, the showstopper of NU was scrapped off because of reasons which were found quite unsatisfactory and inadequate. Publicity was very poor. As a result, the turnout was a meagre 150. False claims were also made during the post-fest analysis interview. Why this article remains one of my favourites is I could actually work on the loopholes existing in the election system. It was an eye-opener as it depicted the actual flaws which mostly remain hidden from the eyes of the NITR populace. The main motive behind penning this article was to let know that the event can be organized on a grand scale is given we keep such negative things aside. But NU hosted impressive events including Maktub, Fashionista, FBB Campus Princess and informative workshops.

Harassment Article Feb 4 2019

Harassment in the campus of NITR is something that had not been talked about much, but it existed just like any other problem, only more deep-rooted than it seemed. Team Monday Morning felt that such an issue if brought to limelight can bring some amount of impact and generate awareness. People also needed to know about the ICC(Internal Complaints Committee) that looked after harassment cases at the workplace and took strict action. Team Monday Morning did the case study of three victims who had been harassed on the campus under different circumstances. Only one thing had been common, ineffective steps taken by both the victims and the authority. The need to raise a voice was realised. The article got the popular attraction, so much that, another victim has the courage to write about her experience of getting harassed. Only that she was not going to give up and she had gained the courage that was expected from her.


11 February 2019: Team Monday Morning understands the importance of academics for the varied populace of the campus at a multitude of levels. Living, thriving or surviving here, it depends a great deal on the academic graph. It could be the primary purpose of one’s admit or a background concern weighted against more engrossing activities. It could provide one with a constantly challenging environment or a brush with a crisis of sorts and a search for true interest. Whatever it may, academics touches the entire populace at NIT-R. Keeping in mind the various reformations brought about by NIT-R in the curriculum structure in effect for admission batches from 2017, Team MM summed up the minutes of the revamp and presented in a trilogy series of the following:

  1. A First Year’s Read: This part of the series concentrated on the changes that have reformed the course structure for the freshers. It addressed issues of the high failure rate among the freshers, their struggle with MA1001 and EE1001, the plight of foreign students and the relevancy of teaching methodology. It also raised a question of relevancy of NSS/NCC/PE classes in the eligibility of taking up Minor Degrees.

  2. The Major ‘Minor’ Fiasco: This article mainly addressed the issues faced by the sophomores in the newly introduced Minor Degree of six theory and two lab courses. It discussed the implications of existing guidelines of the degree and its induced effect.

  3. Redefining NIT-R’s Pedagogy: Academic Curriculum Review: With the curriculum in effect for two batches of undergraduates, it was time to take feedback from industrial and teaching professionals. The article gives a brief overview of all the reformations and notes the minutes of the meeting.

Solar Panel 4th March 2019

The Solar Panels on the roofs of NIT’s buildings are a recent observation. The thousands of solar panels over the NIT buildings mark the progress the Institute is undertaking. But, the real powerhouse behind this scientific wonder is Estinno Energy Co., based in TIIR building NIT Rourkela, founded and, owned by Anurag Mishra and, Mrityunjay Sharma, graduates from our Institute.

The aim of the Solar Panel project was to start with the installations in Odisha because this region has been backward in progress. Solar Panel Installation can change the view of people towards the usage of more efficient and, pollution-free energy. We want to bring the installations to par with the scenario of other places that I have visited, such as that in the states of Gujarat and Chhattisgarh.

-Jay Sharma

The tragedy of the coders 4th March 2019

The students of Computer Science and Engineering had a difficult time coping up with the Data Structure Analysis Professor.

Out of a class of around 110 students, 36 students got F grade and 67 students got P or D grade. This was due to very difficult exam papers and a zero in TA marks for almost all the students. The students believed that this was a repercussion of the mass bunk the students did on a lab class after midterms.

However, looking at the gravity of the situation, there was a meeting set up with the Senate representatives including prof S. Bhattacharyya, Prof S.S. Jena, prof Seemita Mohanty, Prof A K Turuk, and professor SK Behera. The representatives mentioned about their helplessness in getting it done right but promised that the coming batches will not suffer for the same.

Roots 8th, 9th and 10th March 2019

NITR hosted some of the most accomplished artists of different art forms and a plethora of exhibitions of curated artwork, by various clubs of NITR, under the banner of Roots 3.0, from March 8th - 10th, 2019.

Roots is a one of its kind creative confluence which debuted in 2017. This year the event came with another promise of insightful guest lectures and creative workshops. The confluence was allotted a total budget of 3.5 lakhs. This edition of Roots was characterised by amazing talk sessions and workshops.

Security Changes April 8 2019

The Central Government cut down on it's funding to the Institute for the fiscal year 2019-20 starting from the 1st of April 2019. As a result, the budget for safety and security has been reduced from around 6 Crores to 3 Crores. The security office, therefore, decided to reduce its expenditure by doing away with a third of its security personnel which resulted in eventual closing down of gates, crucial waypoints into the Academic complex. Some of the features of the new security system include:

  • The number of security personals has been reduced from 186 to 122.

  • The Security Office would be shifted from its position near the Electrical Sciences building to that at the entrance of the Main Building.

  • Out of the 7 gates to the academic section 2 gates ie. the BM/BT gate and the TIIR gate would be closed down permanently.

  • Mangla Mandir gate and LA 2 gate will be closed from 6:30 pm to 7:30 am.

  • Main Academic gate of the institute will be closed from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am.

  • FRA/FRB (Faculty Residence Area) Complex will have one guard in each shift.

  • LA will not have any security personnel and hence all activities beyond the working days and after 7:00 PM are not allowed.

Female reservation

One entire year of running from pillar to post, spending sleepless Sunday nights, multiple closing of tabs on Sundays, and expressing exasperation has now come to an end. There used to instances where we used to crave for enjoying freedom at a fest instead of covering it for an article. Now that freedom has been gained, it seems illusionary to us. In our tenure as a reporter, we have penned various articles out of which my personal favourite would be the female reservation article. Female reservation was one of the most debatable issues at NITR. There used to be serious discussions regarding this, boys ranting out their frustration for biasing them and much other related stuff. We conducted a survey about what different people from different factions of the NITR junta thought. Opinions varied from person to person. There were stances which a few of them vigorously tried to prove. Everything aside, it was a wonderful article to work with. How tactfully opinions were presented was something which actually intrigued us and increased our interest in writing the article. Alongside since the members allotted to this article were only girls, the explicit feminism in us popped out and we worked in a hand in glove cooperation to get the article narrated in a neutral manner, respecting the views of either section of the society. The most interesting part of this article was the groundwork which we conducted and the information which we gathered from different resources.

So, that's a wrap, folks. We cannot stress enough what an honour it has been to serve you every Monday, week in week out, this academic year. Your presence gave us constant motivation and your support gave us strength. Humility, Integrity and Righteousness. We have always strived to serve you with these three in mind, and hope that we did so this year as well. This message is however not an adieu to you, for as long as the NITR junta exists, Monday Morning will continue to serve it. With that in mind, until next time, (your) team Monday Morning batch of 2018-19 signs off.

DISCLAIMER: The content, opinions or views expressed on the Monday Morning's website and its social media platforms, including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, are strictly the property of Monday Morning and represent the extensive research and work of the working team of respective academic year of Monday Morning and not those of the institute. The reports and statements published are consolidated from the collected background research and interviews. The institute's official statements can be found in the press releases published by the institute or via an RTI application.

No article or any statements by Monday Morning is to be reproduced, presented or distributed in part or whole without prior permission of the Executive Body of Monday Morning for any purposes, including, but not limited to print and electronic form.


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