Moulding the future: Mrittika, 2019

Moulding the future: Mrittika, 2019

Umme Salma Girish Vaisyaraj | Apr 16, 2019

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The Indian Ceramic Society student Chapter in NITR conducted a two-day confluence, Mritika 2019 from 06 April 2019 to 07 April 2019. This conference is unique in itself as it involved various sessions starting from paper presentation to Quizzes and lectures on various domains of ceramics. The confluence witnessed some of the big shots like TRL Krosaki, Kerneos aluminate, Aditya Birla Insulators, Tata steel, NALCO, CGCRI and many more. It was a common platform for the students, scientists and the industrialists to contribute to the future of ceramics by leaps and bounds.

Pre-fest preps

After the opening of the students’ chapter of InCerS in the institute, the Ceramic department buckled up to prepare for the grand opening for the club, this happened to be what we later came to know as ‘Mrittika’. Students and Professors alike worked hard to get recognition for the fest and the club and they were successfully able to do so. The executive body for the students’ chapter of InCerS is as follows:

  • Chairperson and founder- Shivam Sharma
  • Vice chairperson- Prashant
  • Secretary and co-founder- Tanay Kumar
  • Treasurer- Abhinav
  • Joint secretary- Srija Mukhopadhyay

The executive body along with the core team of Mrittika was involved in the extensive publicity of the event. The team managed to get decent sponsorships for the fest, there were a number of sponsors in all the categories which includes Platinum, gold and silver sponsors. The major sponsors or the Platinum sponsors were Imerys, Sino-global, TRLK ROSAKI, Mahakoshal, ICON Analytical, and InCerS Jamshedpur chapter.

The Inaugural Ceremony

The inaugural ceremony started at 9:30 AM on 06 April after the registrations were over. The opening ceremony witnessed several distinguished guests and the convener of the conclave. The guests included Prof S K Pratihar (Convener), Sumit Kumar Pal (Co convenor), Prof S. Panigrahi (DEAN SW), Ritvic Sarkar (H.O.D), Segi Idicula, Managing Director of Imerys and Dr. Sukumar Adak, Chief Operating Officer(COO) of Mahakoshal Refractories, second HOD of Ceramics department of NITR). The Dean SW declared the fest open. The ceremony then witnessed the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries, marking the beginning of Mrittika, 2019. This was followed by a video message from Dr. K Muraleedharan, Director - CGCRI and President - Indian Ceramic Society.

The guests were then felicitated with flowers and were warmly welcomed by the enthusiastic audience. The conclave then cherished a video made by Akash Jena and Sachin Dehury, touring the Ceramics department, classes and workshops, all in one frame.

The confluence then progressed towards the lecture series by various eminent Scientists and Industrialists for different topics of Ceramics.

The Guest Lectures

Experts came from different fields of Ceramic Engineering and delivered insightful lectures. The schedule and description of lectures was as mentioned in the table:

1.Parag Bhargava, IIT Bombayfrom powders to shapes, components, and devices through powder synthesis, shape forming and assemblyDay 1
2.Segi Idicula, Imerys AluminatesImerys Calcium Aluminate speciality binders in IndiaDay 1
3.Birendra Prasad, OCLOpportunities and predictable changes in Refractory TechnologyDay 1
4.Atanu Ranjan Pal, TiscoBuilding an advanced ceramic business, opportunities and threatsDay 1
5.Saptarshi Sengupta, ElkemMicro silica- use and value in refractory CastablesDay 1
6.Goutam Bhattacharya, Imerys Aluminatesrecent development of monolithic refractoriesDay 1
7.Himanshu Shekhar Tripathi, CGCRIRefractory Research activities at CSIR-CGCRIDay 1
8.Sitendu Mandal, CGCRIManufacturing speciality glasses at CSIR-CGCRI for strategic applicationDay 1
9.Ranabrata Mazumder, NIT RourkelaDevelopment of lithium Silicates based ceramics for test blanket module of nuclear fusion reactor: addressing some critical issues from powder synthesis to pebble fabricationDay 1
10.Manish Kumar Singh, SinoGlobal Sourcing & Supply Ltd  
11.Sukumar Adak, Mahakoshal RefractoriesRecent development of refractories for Ferrous and non-ferrous industriesDay 2
12.Ritwic Sarkar, NIT RourkelaCorrosion of Refractory: A relook into the basics and few remediesDay 2
13.Sampad Mishra, RSPFunctioning of different steel ladles in RSPDay 2
14.Piyush Pandey, HindalcoProperties and different applications of Hindalco made AluminaDay 2
15.Shantanu Kumar Behera, NIT RourkelaPreceramic polymer derived cellular structuresDay 2
16.Dhiman Banerjee, TISCORefractory Scenario: Present and future and its challengeDay 2
17.Atanu Suvrajit Pal, TRL Krosakinew generation tap hole clay for blast furnaceDay 2
18.Subal Mandal, TRL KrosakiABF top block: Design of suitable Refractory materialDay 2


Lecture by Prof. Parag Bhargava on Motivation

The lecture started with a perceptible question if there is a need for innovation? The crowd was puzzled as to answer the most obvious. However, Prof. Parag Bhargava said that till the time there are problems there is a need for innovation. He talked about a number of social parasites lurking in our society and hindering our country’s economic development. The talk focussed on the topics

  • Malnutrition in India: a serious emergency

  • Manual Scavenging

  • Teaching as the unpopular profession amongst the youth

  • Research status in the country

  • Need for innovation in the country

He focussed on the need for us as engineers to help solve the problem irrespective of the fact that it concerns people from other disciplines. He talked about the stagnant research status of the country and how our failures at getting patents for our work leads to a stagnation in the economy. He talked about how to motivate oneself to pursue the purpose one has found. 
It was one of the most successful lectures of the event. Students surged in a huge crowd to attend this very lecture which started from 6.30 and lasted till 8.30 PM.

Panel Discussion

With all the industrialists and scientists gathering in a two-day confluence it wouldn't be any better opportunity than this to know about the job perspectives in the ceramic industry. So, the conclave now headed towards a Panel discussion about the Jobs in the ceramic society catering to all that the young minds need to know about. The moderator of the panel was Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya from the Ceramic Department.

The panelists saw several intellectual industrialists and experts among whom were :

  1. Piyush Pandey, alumnus, HINDALCO

  2. Amitabh Ray, Aditya Birla insulator

  3. Sukumar Adak, ex-faculty of Ceramic Department, COO of Mahakaushal Industries

  4. Dhiman Banerjee, Tisco

  5. Atanu Bal, TRL krosaki

The audience was enthusiastic for the session and was curious to explore the limits of the Ceramic Industry. Student had doubts regarding the placements, higher studies, jobs in the core field which were addressed by the experts satisfactorily.

The E-Exhibition

The E-Exhibition had four exhibits:

Future of superconductors, white graphene, running out of fossil fuels and the solutions, heat barriers in space shuttle.

These topics were so chosen so as to display the advancements happened in Ceramics in the particular fields or where Ceramics holds better prospects in future.

Besides this, the logo of ICS was glass etched by the students of the Ceramics Department.

The FESEM Workshop

The Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) workshop was held in the Ceramics department. Rahul Sarkar, Service Engineer from the ICON Group came to teach students on how to use the microscope, how to capture images and such technical details about the microscope. 

Fun events

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
This saying goes well with Mrittika as well. Apart from all the exciting and insightful lectures, the Mrittika organising team went ahead with organising a fun event Teka teki in collaboration with Chitrang. 
In the game, the participants were supposed to arrange tiles in a pattern. The student who did it the fastest got earphones as the prize. 
Besides this, a cultural night which was scheduled to happen on the night of 6th April was canceled owing to the rough weather. 

Hospitality and Management

Mrittika witnessed an excellent showcase of talents and brought forward some adept managers, coordinators and speakers. The entire organising team was efficient and skilled. The various teams involved were:

  • Core team,
  • Design team,
  • Content team,
  • Delegate affairs team,
  • Photography team, and,
  • The Faculty Procurement team

The registrations desks were set up for the delegates. All the delegates were given Dignitaries ID cards, and complimentary gifts. The accomodation for the guests was arranged in the guest house. The guests received an amazing hospitality. Vehicles with NITR stickers were used to escort the guests from guest house to lecture halls and vice versa.

The attendees were provided with breakfast, evening tea, lunch and dinner. The lunch and dinner was arranged in the Technology club and the tea was served in the department itself.

The motivation behind the onset of the event

Mrittika is the first event organised by the students' chapter of Indian Ceramic Society (InCerS). The magnitude of the fest and the huge turn up of the participants surprised the organising team as well. 
Shivam Sharma, the founder of the students' chapter of InCerS, told MM about the motivation behind opening the students’ chapter:

In our second year, we were trying to find out why core companies of the ceramic industry don't visit our institute. So, I and the co-founder, Tanay Kumar under the guidance of our professors decided to start a students’ chapter of InCerS in our institute. For the same, forty-nine students of the department took up the membership. Next year, we visited the International Conference in Jamshedpur and we came to know about the wide scopes of the Ceramics industry and we decided to initiate the club work with something big, like a fest. This amazing and hardworking core team helped us in doing the same. We were able to generate a decent amount in the form of sponsorships. It seemed like that almost the whole department was helping in pulling off the event somehow. That is how we all feel that Mrittika 2019 proved to be a success.

The endowment

NITR witnessed the best Mrittika possible in the first go itself, this is the result of the hard work of the team and the efforts of the whole department to aim for a better recognition.

Monday Morning congratulates the Mrittika team on the success of the event.

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