An Untimely Goodbye- Ansuman Behera

An Untimely Goodbye- Ansuman Behera

Team MM | May 15, 2019

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With the summers up and underway, NIT Rourkela is hit with some deeply dreadful and unfortunate news as one of its first-year students, Ansuman Behera, passed away on the 11th of May 2019 at Kapila, Dhenkanal. A Chemical Engineering freshman, he had gone to pick his mother up from Kapileshwar Temple where he decided to take a bath at a nearby pond and he lost his life as a result of drowning.

Ansuman was from Bhubaneswar where he lived in a joint family along with his parents and an elder brother.

Ansuman had a passion for maths which drove him to be a part of Axiom and he was known to be an ardent cricket lover.

His last rights were held on the evening of 11th May 2019 in Puri. 

Team Monday Morning deeply mourns the loss of a life that was lost at a very tender age.


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