A Forlorn Departure - Sayed Munib Ahamad

A Forlorn Departure - Sayed Munib Ahamad

Team MM | May 23, 2019

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Tragedy has struck twice this time at NITR and how quickly. For the second time this month we bring you most unfortunate news as Sayed Munib Ahamad, a sophomore from the Integrated MSc department passed away.

The news of the premature departure came early on the morning of 20th May. Found unconscious on the verandah of MS Swaminathan, Sayed was rushed to the hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead. The post mortem reports the cause of death as “left brain haemorrhage due to a blood clot in the left side of the brain”.

Sayed Munib Ahamad was a personality that was intriguing, unapologetic, confident, enthusiastic and more. A man of vivid ideas and uncompromising ideals, conversations with him promised never to be dull and always stayed with people long after they were concluded. Moving about the campus with his tall frame and larger-than-life presence, Sayed struck a familiar figure with the NITR populace and was one of the most recognised persons on the campus. As such, his doleful departure came as a shock to not just those who knew him intimately but shook the entirety of NITR junta as well.

A multi-talented psyche, Sayed was deeply interested in Physics, Psychology, Quizzing and was a part of Hourglass, Inquzzitive, Monday Morning, and Team Tiburon. With awesome literary prowess and a seemingly inexhaustible vocabulary, he was an excellent writer and regularly penned poems which were subject to awe from their audience.

In his memory, one of his close friends Sejal Singh said,

Everyone who knows anything about Sayed would know he was frighteningly smart and a free-spirited individual. I am yet to make peace with the fact that he isn't around any more. However, the memories he left behind remain in our hearts and I'm eternally grateful that I could be his best friend and a part of his saga that shall live on, even if he's gone.

Sayed is survived by both his parents. His funeral was held at Khurdha, his hometown on the morning of 22nd May 2019.

Team Monday Morning deeply mourns his untimely departure and hopes for peace and strength to his bereaving family during these trying times.



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