Your sanctum niche: NITR's Hostel Life

Your sanctum niche: NITR's Hostel Life

They say, ‘Home is not a place, it’s a feeling’. While you are all teary-eyed, bidding goodbye to your families, we at NITR gear up to ensure that you experience that cozy homely feeling in our finest of hostels. This will be a year filled with as much of adjustments, understanding and sharing as that of fun and frolic. Here is an insight into your home away from home.

NITR flaunts 10 splendid Halls of Residence extensively spread over the swathe:

  • 7 for boys (GDB, MV, DBA, MSS, SD, VS, and HB)
  • 2 for girls (CVR and KMS)
  • 1 for married scholars (SSB)

Also, a new hostel is currently under construction to accommodate the ever-growing student body. The new admissions are offered accommodation in the GDB, MV, CVR and KMS halls for their freshmen year.

Following is a compilation of key features about the aesthetic accommodation provided at NITR to the new admissions. Later, there is a detailed overview of individual hostels.

  •  Location of the hostels:
    • The halls of G.D. Birla and M.Visvesvaraya Halls are located on the Scholar’s Avenue, while C.V. Raman Hall is located on the Academic Avenue. The three of these get an advantage of their proximity to the Dilip Tirkey Stadium, SBI ATM, Rangoli (the variety store), local eateries like Jo’z, Moksha, and Hexagon; and Lecture’s Assembly where most of the freshmen classes are scheduled.
    • Away from the hustle and bustle of the Scholar’s Avenue, KMS Hall is located in the vicinity of the campus Dispensary, the NEEDS market complex and the main gate of the campus.


  • The Rooms are quite spacious, well-ventilated and furnished with modern furniture including bed frames, study tables, chairs and cupboards along with the basic necessities of tube lights, ceiling fans, curtains and LAN ports as per the occupancy and requirement of each room.


  • Occupancy: GDB, MV, and CVR offer twin-seater rooms to the freshmen. Because of the relatively spacious rooms, KMS has three or four tiered rooms.


  • Mess Facilities: Nostalgia plays its part here as you will be reminded of the family meals you had together. NITR provides the complete four meals - Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner according to a fixed menu and scheduled mess timings. The boarders take an active part in deciding the menu. Aspects such as food quality, mess hygiene and overall functioning of the mess are closely monitored by competent authorities. The R.N. Patel Cafeteria functions as the common mess to both GDB and MV, while each of KMS and CVR has a mess of its own.


  • Something missing, right? Yes, there are night canteens to satiate your midnight cravings, so you need not worry about food during your overnight exam preparations. There are canteens to serve during the day also which are well stocked and have fixed rate menu charts displayed.


  • Washroom facilities: Each floor is provided with adequate washroom complexes comprising bathrooms, toilets, geysers, exhaust fans, wash basins and mirrors; with all fittings in working condition. The washrooms are sanitised every day by the cleaners and proper hygiene is maintained.


  • Cleanliness and Sanitation: NITR firmly believes in the concept of ‘Cleanliness next to godliness’ and signs a no-compromise pact against contamination. In every hall, the management ensures that proper care is taken of the hall’s cleanliness and maintenance. Corridors are swept every day by dedicated cleaners and adequate wall mounted-garbage bins are provided to minimize littering in the hallway.


  • A steady supply of electricity and water is ensured in every hall. Sufficient aqua-guards fitted with water coolers provide cool and safe drinking water to the boarders.


  • Recreational facilities: ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Each hall includes a spacious Common Room with adequate sitting area and television set along with equipment for indoor games like Table Tennis. The various sports courts like Badminton court, Volleyball court, and Basketball court are a boon for the sports enthusiasts. Well-equipped Gyms are also housed in each hostel. Furnished with contemporary furniture, the Reading Room allows a tranquil environment for ceaseless study hours.


  • Additional facilities:

    • Laundry services are available for boarders of each hostel.
    • GDB and MV have a common stationery shop within their common hostel grounds which deals with notebooks, lab manuals, and second-hand books. It also includes a Xerox machine.
    • The halls of CVR and KMS include a departmental store and a beauty parlour within their respective premises.
    • The halls display important contact numbers in case of emergencies in the reception area.


  • Safety and Security: Fire extinguishers are installed in every hostel. To house your cycles, every hall is connected to a well-maintained and spacious cycle stand provided with air-pump. GDB and MV have a combined cycle-stand maintained by a worker. Workers are recruited to look after them. Guards are posted on the main entrances of each hall.


  • Hall Management: Each hall has an effective Hall Executive Council comprising a Hall Warden, an Assistant Hall Warden, and a few student elected secretaries. Whenever you face any technical issue, you only need to inform about that to anyone of these people and then it is only a matter of time to fix that. All the HECs work under the umbrella organisation of Hall Management Council headed by Chief Warden.


  • Aesthetics and Hall Events: Life at every hostel has its own pulses with various events throughout the year, including the inter-hall and intra-hall competitions, Garden Fests, and the Hall Foundation Day. The gardens and lawns of each hall are well-maintained by a group of gardeners and other workers.


G.D. Birla Hall Of Residence

GDB is undoubtedly one of the finest hostels in the campus of NITR, which presently accommodates almost 400 boarders that include undergraduates, postgraduates, and a few Ph.D. scholars as well.


The whole plan is divided into three blocks: namely A, B and C.The buildings of A and B blocks are three-storeyed while C block is four-storeyed. The blocks are interconnected on each floor.

The hall has a decorated garden where the Garden feast and the Hall Day arrangements are held. Some new benches have been installed near the badminton courts and in the garden as well, thus serving as a new hangout spot. 


MV Hall Of Residence

Rendering abode to the freshman boys, MV Hall of Residence is located on the Scholar’s Avenue, like its immediate neighbour, GDB Hall.

The plan of the hall divides the accommodation into three blocks: A, B, and C. Each block is three storied and the blocks are interconnected on each floor. According to the previous year stats, the first years were placed in the A and B blocks; the C block was mainly populated with postgraduates.


The hall houses a Juice Centre within the C block to encourage healthy diet among the boarders. Recently in March, a well-equipped Gym was inaugurated within the hall to promote fitness. If you’re wishing for a congenial atmosphere that brims with life and dynamism, then MV Hall of Residence is the place for you.


C.V. Raman Hall Of Residence         

Housing around 900 boarders in approximately 700 rooms, CV Raman Hall of Residence is easily the largest women’s accommodation at NITR. With buildings as high as the fourth storey, this hall of residence is shared by women of all years of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs. Positioned right beside the Central Gym and the Swimming Pool, CVR hall provides nifty infrastructure and quarters with scenic views, aesthetic walkaways and resplendent lawns to its dwellers.


The hall is comfortably situated at a very walkable distance from the department buildings of Biotechnology, Food Processing, Industrial Design and Chemical Engineering. Along with a Basketball court and a Badminton court located on the hostel grounds, CVR provides a millennial style living to its boarders.


K.M.S. Hall of Residence

Away from the hustle and bustle of  Scholar’s Avenue, KMS is located in the vicinity of the campus Dispensary, the NEEDS market complex and the main gate of the campus. The KMS Hall of Residence is acclaimed to be one of the most sought-after hostels for girls. KMS accommodates about 400 boarders in the four blocks, namely A, B, C and D. While the B-Block is specifically allotted to the freshmen, the other blocks have a diversity in its occupants including sophomores, pre-final year undergraduates, postgraduates and doctorate scholars.

Extracurricular activities like Zumba dancing and yoga are conducted in the Common Room regularly. Besides, the hall also gives ground to a badminton court in front of the B-block and a basketball court in the courtyard. KMS has an efficient and approachable management staff that looks into the matters, repairs the equipment and resolves disputes. All said and done, this hall has everything it takes to make for a secure and pleasurable stay for any boarder.


A very encouraging and cheerful student-environment prevails in the hostels which undoubtedly plays an important role in making the freshers' life more comfortable and soothing with a home-like feeling. Each of the hostels is like a city within itself where a healthy student-authority interaction make you feel as a part of a family of the boarders.

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