The Province of Mathematical Jargon: Department of Mathematics

The Province of Mathematical Jargon: Department of Mathematics

Magna Mishra | Jun 10, 2019

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“Mathematics is the science of definiteness, the vocabulary of those who know.” — W. J. White

Establishment and first days

It’s one of the oldest departments amongst all branches of underlying sciences and was set up with an understanding of providing the necessary impetus for research and building a support centre for all engineering branches. It presently houses 16 faculty members and is officered by Prof Kishor Chandra Pati. The academic programs provided under the department consist of a five-year Integrated M. Sc. two year M. Sc., M. Tech (Research) and a PhD program. The total number of seats for the five years integrated MSc program is 20.

The opening and closing ranks for admission into the  program in 2018 are as follows:



Opening Rank *


Closing Rank **


Opening Rank


Closing Rank




























*as per the 1st round of counselling.

**as per the 7th round of counselling.

Faculty and infrastructure

Although it possesses a considerable faculty strength, the faculty member to pupil ratio remains poor. All faculties hail from reputed institutes across India such as IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, and Delhi University and have gained competence in their various fields of research. Interestingly, the framework needed for the department is primitive. The labs are computer labs that deal with soft computing and numerical methods using languages such as C++.

The support granted by the institute stands at 5 lakhs for the academic year 2017-18. The funds are used for managing the labs and for various academic purposes linked to the period-to-period expense of the department.

Research, prospects, and possibilities

Research activity is greatly promoted in the department. Some fields of research are artificial intelligence, functional analysis, Algebraic topology, fluid dynamics, number theory, and numerical analysis. All faculty members have undertaken research projects, all of which are funded. The average support for a research project lies at around 18 lacs.

 Exchange programs and research fellowships also remain popular within the department. Internships are mandatory in the 4th year of the program and scholars prefer research internships in institutes such as IIMs, IITs and IIsc.

Placements are a critical part of any branch. In every academic term, about 55-60 companies visit the campus as a part of the placement drive. The courses provided by the department well caters to the demands of IT giants and analytics firms hence many students opt for job offers from corporations such as Deloitte and Mu Sigma. Major coaching institutes such as FIITJEE, iBooks and Aakash also visit the campus. 

Plans in pipeline

Speaking about the latest developments in the department, Prof KC Pati, HOD, Department of Mathematics says

We have planned to improve the infrastructure by increasing the number of classrooms and adding another computer lab. This will help us in providing adequate facilities for our upcoming batch. As for the freshers, they are always welcome to NITR. They will find a lot of encouragement and inspiration from all our faculty members and their seniors.

Thus, in a small time span, the department of mathematics has established itself as the fastest growing and the busiest department. Equipped with its experienced faculty, great infrastructure, and endless research possibilities; it serves as the perfect career choice for every student who has a knack for mathematics.                                    

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