Doping the Right Ingredients: Department of Electronics

Doping the Right Ingredients: Department of Electronics

Aditya Tripathi | Jun 10, 2019

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The Electronics department, which started with just 30 seats in the year 1987, is one of the fastest growing departments of the institute. The department boasts of a faculty strength of 25 full time teaching staff. The department admits students for two B-Tech courses and five M-Tech courses. Admissions for the B-tech courses are in through JOSAA, and GATE for the M-Tech courses. The department comprising of both, Electronics and Communication (EC) and Electronics and Instrumentation (EI) Engineering admits around 90 first-year students every year for the B-tech courses

The department works with a vision to be globally recognised as a seat of learning and innovation in Electronics for application to Communication, Transportation, Defense, Industry, Health Care, Entertainment, and many other consumer products. The mission that the department has undertaken is to produce quality engineers in the field of electronics and related domains, to conduct research and develop products in the fields of chip design, Communication Systems, Electronic Instrumentation, Signal Processing and other related areas with a strong emphasis on the critical state of the art applications. The department wishes to grow in the field of Design and Manufacturing of chips, boards and systems.

As evident from the closing ranks in various categories for the branch, this branch remains one of the most sought after departments in the institute. For the admission process in the year 2018, the closing ranks for both the branches in different types are given below in the table:-


EC (Home State)

EI (Home state)

EC (Other state)

EI (Other state)

Open category





















With the recent revamp in the pattern of JEE main examinations with two separate exams and the introduction of the percentile system, the closing ranks are bound to change this year, but the trend is speculated to remain mostly in alignment with the previous trends. Apart from this, supernumerary seats for economically weaker sections of the society, introduced from this year may also result in a slight change in the patterns.

Many research projects are being pursued in the department by faculty members with funding from organisations like DRDO, SERB, DeitY, IMPRINT India, DST and IIT Kharagpur. Some of the notable running projects works in the department include “Development Of Ground Penetrating Radar For Detection Of Subsurface Objects” and “Intelligent Surveillance Data retriever (ISDR) For Smart City Application.”

Apart from the laboratories present in the department which cater to all the subjects of this stream, the department also makes use of The Centre for industrial electronics and robotics, Centre for renewable energy systems for research purposes.

The Electronics students manage to get placed in both core as well as non-core companies which include IOCL, Cap Gemini, Reliance Industries, Qualcomm, Ford, Oracle, L&T, Philips and many more. Interested students have always managed to get lucrative offers for internships from various parts of the country as well as abroad. Apart from placements and internships, students also manage to get admit offers for further studies from the most reputed institutes across the globe.

The current Head of the Department Prof. Tarun Kumar Dan had the following to say regarding the status quo of the department:

Our department is a versatile department, and I think all the present trends in technology are fulfilled in the curriculum of our department. I hope in the future our department will have the potential to be recognised not only in India but also throughout the world.

Team MM wishes each prospective student and the department, the best in all their endeavours.


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