Innovation Meets Intelligence- ICIPDIMS'19

Innovation Meets Intelligence- ICIPDIMS'19

Shrestha Mohapatra | Jun 10, 2019

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The first international conference on ‘Innovative product design and intelligent manufacturing system’(ICIPDIMS-19) ,jointly organised by the Department of Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering, was a two-day event held on 17th and 18th May with the two esteemed faculties, Prof B.B.V.L Deepak ,H.O.D of ID department and Prof D.R.K Parhi, H.O.D of Mechanical department,  as the coordinators of the event.

The inaugural ceremony was held in Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium on the first day and commenced with the lighting of Lamps by Professor Animesh Biswas (director of NITR), Professor B.B. Biswal (director of NIT Meghalaya and program general chair for the conference), Professor S.K Patel (Registrar-in-charge of NITR), Professor B.B.V.L Deepak(Chairman of the conference) and Professor D.R.K Parhi(Program convenor) . This was followed immediately by a keynote lecture by Prof. Kaushik Kumar from BITS Mesra on ‘Virtual manufacturing’. It talked about how the customer customises and manufactures a product virtually using technology. There were nine technical sessions on the first day of the event with three going on in B.B.A, Senate Hall and the Mechanical Seminar Hall in parallel. The sessions were hosted by Student coordinator, Amruta Rout.

The second day embarked on a high note with a keynote lecture on ‘Models that surround us’ by D.S Bisht, Assistant Professor of ID Department. There were two technical sessions in B.B.A and the Senate Hall held in parallel. After that, the Valedictory was held in the afternoon with a delay of half an hour because of some technical issues faced with the microphone in the auditorium. The Valedictory session began with a speech by Prof. Deepak who talked about the great turn out for the event and thanked everyone for making it a success. He commented that there were 110 research papers presented including one international paper presented from Nigeria. He ended his speech by opening the floor for any suggestions on how the event could improve and took necessary feedback. Subsequently, the student coordinators were handed out certificates by Prof. D.R.K Parhi( Program convenor). Following that, Professors were called upon to collect conference gifts for attending as a technical chair during the conference by B.B  Biswal. Prof. D.S Bisht and Prof Kaushik Kumar were awarded for acting as technical chair and for being the keynote speakers. Finally, 11 best research papers were selected among 8 research tracks and prizes were given to the best research paper in every session by Prof. D.R.K Parhi. The session ended with a speech by Prof. B.B Biswal who thanked all the delegates for turning up and the Professors involved as they didn’t leave any stone unturned to make it a success.

The Valedictory session was followed by a local bus tour around Rourkela for all the delegates and the event was drawn to a successful conclusion.

Amruta Rout had the following to say about the event:

Since we were organising it for the first time, it was very difficult as very few people are there in the ID department but we successfully arranged the first-ever international conference for the Industrial Design department due to the relentless hard work of M.Tech, PhD students and the professors

The conference saw a great turn out, receiving 138 research articles (including international papers from China and Nigeria) for a presentation that are to be published in Springer books series.

Prof. Kaushik Kumar, who was also the second author of a research paper presented, had the following views about the conference:

Different conferences have different venues. So, people usually attend conferences for the venue’s historical importance and not necessarily for the conference. There were many presenters who turned up from all around the country despite the summer heat and in spite of Rourkela not being a tourist spot, thus making the conference a tremendous success. Recently, I got design patents for two of my projects. This conference was very relevant to the Mechanical department and my field of work, i.e. product development.

ICIPDIMS was primarily on innovative product development and processing and also how it plays an important role in the current scenario. This forms a very important part of Industry 4.0 as the customer needs a customised and unique product. It recognises that the need of the hour is a product that is modified to match the needs of a customer as a product that doesn't owe any distinctive significance to them is not satisfactory. The summer of 2019 in Rourkela had a lot more to offer than just unbearable heat and overpowering humidity. 

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