Escorting You To The “Special Rounds

Escorting You To The “Special Rounds

Saumya Sinha | Jun 10, 2019

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You believe it is all over. Hold on! You still stand a chance. Amidst all the fret, dissatisfaction and restlessness CSAB comes as the saviour. It is highly plausible that you landed where you wanted to from the very beginning yet reassure yourself as Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB) conducts various allocations for students aspiring for seats in B.Tech/B. Arch programmes in various institutes together with two special rounds of counselling.

The special round counselling starts right after the JOSAA counselling but first, you have to settle on one thing whether you want to continue with what you already have in possession or you want to give it another shot. While making up your mind, the most important thing you must remember is CSAB does not guarantee you a seat. It may lead you to dangerous grounds because CSAB highly depends on the seats left after all the rounds of JOSAA counselling so it is always recommended to keep the seat allotted to you in the last round locked. Registering into Special Round demands a simple procedure. If you do not want to keep the seat allotted to you, you need not report at the centre, this would automatically cancel your registration and you can register yourself for the special rounds whereas, in order to have the seat booked and appear for further rounds, you need to report at the institute and there decide the rest.

If the last round leaves you with NIT Rourkela, you have to report at the Institute with all the required documents where you will be asked about your choice. You can either continue with the allotted seat or choose to register for the spot rounds for which you will be provided with a form. The payment for the special round is ₹36500 in which ₹1500 is the participation fees and rest will be settled with the institute admission fees at the time of admission. To keep the payment process smooth you need to submit an affidavit during the verification process so that the amount you are paying for participation in the special round will get adjusted to the fees you pay during the admission in the same institute or any other institute. Photocopy of all the required documents will be submitted to the institute to avoid any hustle if you leave the college. The next step is similar to JOSAA counselling, you need to fill your preferences once again which will have no relation with your earlier choices. Once you get a seat you need to follow the same process and confirm your admission.


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