An Expedition to the Electrical Department

An Expedition to the Electrical Department

Electrical engineering, a technical discipline with an ever-growing demand in the industry, is divided into many subfields that include electronics, digital computers, electricity, and electromagnetism. The electrical engineering department at NIT Rourkela is one of the best across the nation and naturally has specialised faculties in all critical areas of electrical engineering such as power system, power electronics & drives, control & automation, and signal processing.

The academic and research activities in the department focus on the frontier areas of electrical engineering and combine many disciplines from different branches.


On choosing electrical engineering, a person has the invaluable advantage of specialising in any one of the numerous available, making the field a very flexible and appealing one. With a promise to impart the relevant technical knowledge, the research and innovation here at NIT Rourkela has nationally-acclaimed standards and aims at making its mark on the global level as well.



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The Department has got laboratories with controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurements can be performed at a high level. The labs can be categorized into sponsored project labs, research labs and teaching labs. The highlights among them are electrical measurement lab, basic electrical engineering lab, electrical machines lab, power electronics lab, control system engineering, signal processing, and communication lab, embedded systems lab, and high voltage labs.


The department has a total of 22 nationally-renowned faculty leading it, who believe that enriching activities are essential. The faculty-student ratio is a healthy 19:1.


The department continues to take strides in projects and research, tackling real-world problems and coming up with efficient, implementable solutions. Some of the projects are:

" Development of new control schemes with optimal trajectory planning for a group of autonomous underwater robots in unknown environments "

PI: Prof. Bidyadhar Subudhi

" Hierarchical control of hybrid power system "

PI: Prof. Somnath Maity

" Design and development of registration & Super Resolution(CRR) techniques for remotely sensed images "

PI: Prof.(Ms.) Dipti Patra

" Design and development of a low cost and efficient standalone photovoltaic system with three port converter "

PI: Prof. Susovan Samanta

Co-PI: Prof. Gopalakrishnan Srungavarapu

" Reconfigurable hardware to detect drowsy operator from eye image under spectacles "

PI: Dr Supratim Gupta

Co-PI: Prof. Ramesh Kumar Mohapatra

" Fist programme "

PI: Prof. Anup Kumar Panda


Creating an engaged and successful alumni network is important to abreast them with the institute's success and have double sided benefits. The alumni have a special connection to the department. Some of the notable alumni are:

  • Aakash Khurana
  • B. Chitti Babu


  • ·  Prafulla Chandra Panda
  • ·  Sanjib Ganguly
  • ·  Sandip Ghosh


The department has one of the highest placement ratios in NIT Rourkela, with top companies like TATA steel, Schneider electric, Tejas networks and more coming to the campus for the placements.

With an illuminated higher education scope, one can pursue , M.S., and research after graduation.

The head of the department, Mrs Susmita Das, says that she wants to bring maximum exposure to the students with a well-updated curriculum and equipped labs as per national and international standards, and also mobilise the faculties on an excellent research grant.


Electrical engineering can make the time at uni a challenging, enriching and rewarding experience. And the students of Electrical engineering love exactly that. Excellent graduate prospects and global opportunities available in the department push its students to the forefront of future technologies.

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