A Poke-t Guide to NIT Rourkela

A Poke-t Guide to NIT Rourkela

Team MM | Jun 10, 2019

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Hello there! Welcome to the world of NIT Rourkela. My name is Monday Morning, your very own Pokédex with an archive of information and protocols about this place. As freshmen embarking on a new expedition to earn your badge of success, you must be overwhelmed with a deluge of excitement and a tinge of confusion. Aspiring to become premier engineers can be no less than a battle where one has to master a league of odds. This official Pokédex with its decade-long association with the bivouac of NIT Rourkela will be your succour in exploring the feats of this outstanding place and help you muster each experience as your new found Pokémon. Well, to catch them is your real test, and to train yourself is your cause.

So trainers! Welcome to the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. Featuring among top-tier rankings of renowned institutions in India, your stay in NIT Rourkela will be one of the extraordinary. To hone your battle skills and make your quest a convenient one, I have stacked several strategic information regarding life at the institute. Gear up for a Pokémon challenge to traverse this land bountiful of experiences. All you need is a Pokéball of a heart!

The Abode of NIT Rourkela

Rourkela- Where it all begins!

Unlike Pallet town, Rourkela, often known as Ispat Nagar or the Steel City is an industrial city in the north-western part of Odisha. This Pokécity and its trainers bask in the blistering yet idyllic summers, reaching the maximum temperature of 49°C as well relish the cosy freezing winters that come down till 4°C. It is well-connected by railways, thanks to the Howrah-Mumbai line passing through it. The 'Smart City' is the 3rd largest city in Odisha and boasts of being at the confluence of Koel and Sankha rivers which snake their way through the city to join the mighty Brahmani river. The planned city, which was established way back in 1954, consists of 18 sectors and a few more neighbourhoods connected by the 16-kilometre long Ring Road which runs around the whole city.

National Institute of Technology Rourkela or NIT Rourkela in short, is located in Sector-1 of Rourkela. Nestled in the south-eastern corner of the city, it is flanked by hills on the southern side. The 1024- acre campus houses the hostels, restaurants, faculty residences and sports facilities with the academic area in the middle of the campus. The institute has 3 gates namely the Main Gate (West side), the CWS gate (North side) and the Kantajhar or East Gate. Sector-2, Ispat Market, Ambagan and the Kachery Road serve as the prime shopping areas for all kinds of needs. So trainers buckle yourselves up to explore the Pokécity and find as many Pokémons and badges as possible.

Manoeuvring Through Battlefields-Locating NIT Rourkela

To reach Pallet Town, a trainer has many ways. And Rourkela is not an exception. Rourkela is well connected to the world by all the three means - railways, roadways and airways. An AC bus leaves every night from the campus for Bhubaneswar and vice-versa. With a minimal fair of 425/-, the seats can be booked both online and offline. The nearest bus stop is in Sector-2, just a kilometre away from the campus. Convenient intercity and interstate buses run from there to other different cities as well. The railway station is situated 6 km away from the campus, and the autorickshaw fare is a minimum of 120/-. There are also OLA cabs and other rental cabs running through the city for travel convenience. The nearest airports are Jharsuguda, Ranchi, Raipur, and Kolkata (in the increasing order of distance). The newly constructed Jharsuguda airport connects to Kolkata, New Delhi, and Hyderabad and is just two hours away from Rourkela.

Temporary Accommodation

The home to trainers as long as they stay in the campus are the Halls of Residence, but before being allotted a hall, you can stay in hotels, inns, and lodges which are available almost everywhere in the city. There is also a Guest House in the campus which requires prior booking and can be booked from the NIT Rourkela site. Staying in the campus guest house provides you easier commute and accessibility to the institute.

Handy Utilities and Pokéstops

All our newly transformed Pokémon trainers need some basic supplies to tackle problems and NIT Rourkela does an excellent job catering to the needs of our Pokémon trainers. There are numerous on-campus stores stacked with a wide array of quality products. A complex named ‘Needs' located in the proximity of K.M.S Hall of Residence offers grocery, stationary, vegetables along with salon services. Another notable store titled ‘Rangoli' is located amid Scholar's Avenue in front of the GDB Hall of Residence. Apart from these stores, J.D. Enterprises and Trainer bookstore, positioned in the academic region supplies for the educational support to power pack the Pokémons in their quest of survival. Sector 2 Marketplace, VIP marketplace, Ispat market are some of the local bazaars displaying the authenticity of Rourkela. Apart from local shopping areas, there is a humongous hub of supermarkets, branded showrooms of jewellery, fabrics, and handicrafts.

A healthy mind stays in a healthy body, and though multifarious and nutritious, the mess food might sometimes become tedious. To all the foodies out there, NIT Rourkela offers us with the many food joints like Joz Kitchen and Hexagon in the Scholars Avenue, Moksha and Dosa Plaza in Technology Avenue, Rengcol and Srinivas lunch Room in the academic block. They accept cashless payments and have a trainer-friendly timetable. Ash along with Misty and Brock come to the Nescafe, Amul Parlour, and the Departmental store near the main gate for the perfect hangouts and refreshments after long hours of study.

NIT Rourkela provides a mesmerising abode to thousands of trainers incoming every year. A walk through the lush green pathway brings the souls to a state of tranquillity. Using a cycle, the campus could be explored by the Pokémons. NIT Rourkela aims at maintaining a healthy lifestyle for its trainers. Thus, the Dilip Tirkey Stadium (DTS) and Sachin Tendulkar Sports Complex (STSC) provide exemplary areas for recreation in the territories of sports and athletics.

NIT Rourkela wants to establish a regiment of mentally as well as physically fit Pokémons. To accomplish that, extra-academic activities such as NSS, NCC and Physical Education are introduced in the curriculum of trainers.

The campus is well equipped with the banking facilities, having one SBI ATMs in front of GDB hall, one SBI ATM near KMS and an Axis bank ATM in the academic area near the Banyan tree. The campus also has three temples inside it. Hold down your Pokéballs and carry them for the journey.

As a rookie Pokemon trainer, you should always be ready to learn new skills and fight in practice battles. Here are a few tutors of equipment you should possess to lead your training period smooth and hassle-free.


● A bicycle to move around on the campus.

● An emergency light so that you don’t blame power cuts for bad grades.

● Personal Utilities:- You will need a personal mattress and pillow set for your room and also a bathroom set including a bucket and mug

● An umbrella and a raincoat as the weather of Rourkela are quite uncertain.


● Scientific Calculator

● Notebook and geometry box

● Lab coat:- Some of the laboratories and workshops require the students to wear a lab coat or apron for their safety.

Stationery for B.Arch students:-

Apart from the things mentioned above, you will need:-

● Architect’s Scale:- As the name suggests, yours has to be different from others.

● Drawing storage tube:- You can carry your drawing plans in this tube.

● Adjustable Triangle:- Another architect’s tool required in drawing plans and stuff.

Technology and Software:-

● A standard laptop with decent RAM and GPU for all kinds of technical work like designing and coding.

● An ethernet cable to connect your laptop to the institutes’ LAN access wherever available through which you can access the internet, NITRIS portal, and webmail.

These are the things which you will require day in and day out. Other than these, you should carry a pouch of medicines for common illnesses. You can also bring some packet food like chips or biscuits to satisfy your appetite in an odd time of the day (though the night canteens are plenty to cater to your late appetite). 

Reconnoitring the Halls of Residence

Attention Pokémon trainers! We can’t just let you sleep in sleeping bags and cook food for yourselves. Being the second largest engineering institute in India, NIT Rourkela boasts of encompassing 11 Halls of Residence spread across the campus, 7 for boys (GDB, MV, MSS, DBA, VS, SD, and HB), 2 for girls (KMS and CVR) and 2 for married scholars (SSB and VK). You will be exclusively allocated among GDB, MV (for boys) and KMS (for girls) for your first year. The Halls of Residence are administered by the Hall Executive Council (HEC) comprising of a hierarchy of trainer representatives in the form of secretaries and professors with the role of Warden and Assistant Warden. The Hall Management Council (HMC) is the umbrella organization headed by the Chief Warden that every HEC is answerable to.

Every hall is divided into numerous blocks constituting of spacious,well-ventilated rooms, properly furnished with modern furniture including bed frames, study tables, chairs, cupboards, tube lights, and ceiling fans. In order to enhance the trainer’s exploration capabilities, LAN ports are also installed in every room. There are sufficient washrooms and toilets in each block installed with geysers and exhaust fans whose cleanliness and sanitation are ensured with utmost priority on a daily basis. Every hall of residence harbours a well-ventilated, state-of-the-art mess which serves four healthy and savoury meals a day: breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner whose menu is updated every semester according to the desires of its trainers. Day & night canteens play an integral role for a trainer. These are the places where the trainers gather for a rendezvous and enjoy lip-smacking refreshments and satiate their untimely cravings, i.e. fighting the gym battles. Appraising the gravity of the situation a steady supply of electricity is ensured and water coolers attached to Aqua-guards(purifiers) are also placed in every block and corridor owing to the provision of clean and cold water.

The Halls of Residence also facilitate common rooms, readings rooms, reasonably attractive gymnasium, games room and TV room as a source of entertainment to eliminate the monotony among the trainers. To encourage them to come out with their remarkable talents, the HMC and HEC also give opportunities to the enthusiasts by organising several inter/intra hall tournaments and competitions that include badminton, cricket, debate, essay writing, etc. Hall days and Garden fests are also organized with provision for flavoursome dishes, disc-jockeys, etc. Many great cultural functions and festivals are also celebrated within the hall premises with great spirit and avidity. Hence at NIT Rourkela, we leave no Pokémon trainer unprepared for gym battles, we provide them with enough facilities and help them to be entirely prepared for their future battles.

Academic Eduventures

Gotta train them all!

Enough of the other stuff trainers! Now comes the part which you all need to pay heed to in depth. If you all wish to bring out the dormant Ash Ketchum inside you, training oneself in different subjects is inevitable. Nothing to be aggrieved for as we are here to further your aspirations by helping you bag your credits.

After toiling hard and fighting out all the odds, when you end up here at NIT Rourkela, you aim to strive for academic excellence. The coherent academic structure of NIT Rourkela provides you with an edge over others in terms of knowledge and the technical acumen. The academic curriculum in the first year for all branches and disciplines remain the same, mainly comprising theory courses along with some lab sessions and each with a certain number of credits. The theory courses will mostly be lecture sessions with tutorial classes (for some specific subjects). There are two examinations in each semester, one is the mid-semester (30%), and the other is the end semester (50%) analogous to the Indigo league, held within a gap of two months, with 20% weightage to teacher’s assessment (TA). The timetable for the classes is quite flexible, classes run from 8 am – 5:15 pm, with a lunch break from (12 noon to 1:15 pm)."All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”- taking into account the gravity of this thing the academic calendar provides the trainers with two long drawn holidays namely winter (4 weeks), summer (11 weeks) post the end semester exams, a week-long of Navaratri holidays after the first mid-semester exams and many other occasional leaves for the trainers to relax and rejuvenate. The academic timetable is available on the institute website and decoding the timetable is a skill an NIT Rourkela trainer must possess.

NIT Rourkela stands atop all other NITs with the largest number of courses offered to specialise in. With a whopping 22 branches of engineering, MSc and Architecture departments, NIT Rourkela boasts off its rich, ingenious prowess. Up for some training already? The monumental Lecture Annexure (LA) is where you begin and burgeon on. All the theory classes, some lab courses, orientations and induction programmes of the various clubs, branch freshers’ will be held there. Being a credible trainer demands you to inculcate the lessons learnt from all sorts of training regimes for which attendance is indispensable (a minimum of 85%). Failing to maintain the numbers can result in grade back or debar from a course. The gigantic Biju Pattnaik Central Library (BPCL) catalyzes the learning process. From attendance to results, hostel management, academic calendars, exam routines and sitting arrangements, minor degree and branch change rules; your one-stop solution for all such queries is the NITRIS. Zimbra webmail is an open source server which circulates all official emails of NIT Rourkela akin to the Pokémails. To ameliorate the process of learning, there is ANKCTEL, our very own e-learning forum. Not to forget sites like NPTEL, Moodle, Coursera, Neso Academy which act as saviour during adverse situations. All of this can be accessed by trainers any time using the Institute LAN equipped in each hostel room.

CGPA and SGPA- A tab on your scores

Semester Grade Point Average or SGPA is your GPA for only one particular semester, and Cumulative Grade Point Average or CGPA is for all the semesters till now. The process to calculate SGPA is quite simple. Each subject in a particular semester has some credits. The total number of credits will be the sum of credits of all the subjects.

SGPA= sum of (grade point * credit of subject) for each subject/(10 * (sum of credits of all subjects))

To calculate your CGPA, divide the sum of all your SGPA by sum of credits of all the semesters.

*Grade points for each grade is given below in the table.


















Consulting with teachers for the hardships that trainers face, if any, at any point of time is advisable for the trainers. Furthermore, trainers can reach out to the Student Counselling Program (SCP) team for any help they need. We wish all the freshmen a merry and healthy learning experience.

Minor Degree-Taking on an additional challenge

Well, more Pokemon is always exciting, and so is your training. On completion of 2nd semester, you can opt for a Minor degree, but the catch is, you've got to earn badges to be able to choose one. In other words, you need to fulfil the following conditions:

● The Minor degree will be allocated based on CGPA acquired by the trainer at the end of the first year. The minimum CGPA of 7.50 will be considered eligible for registration for the minor degree.

● A trainer won’t be eligible to opt for a minor degree unless he/she clears the extra-academic courses (PE/NSS) in the first year itself.

● He/she needs to take at least six additional courses offered by the minor branch department constituting of minimum 18 credits between 3rd and 8th semester.

● The branch opted for a minor degree is a one-time choice and cannot be altered under any circumstance.

● Anyone who wishes to leave the Minor degree in between, he/she may be allowed to do so with the permission of Dean (Ac.). His/her grade-sheet will only reflect the cleared courses.

● If a trainer fails to complete a Minor degree course within his/her normal duration, he/she has the option to either drop the minor degree or he/she may stay an extra semester or year as applicable to complete the same for the award of Minor degree.

Branch change policies

Meritorious students who secure a minimum CGPA of 8.5 at the end of the first year may be given an option for branch change subject to availability of vacant seats and subject to the condition that the following vacancy created in the parent department due to branch change should not be more than 5% of the actual strength.

Minimum CGPA requirements- Survival against all odds:

It's not too severe for a pokemon trainer to survive if he/she is dedicated and willing to learn. A minimum CGPA of 6 is mandatory for a student at all times. If his CGPA drops below 6, then the following procedure is followed for taking the necessary action:

● A Modified Grade Point Average will be calculated by replacing all the X and F grades by P grade. If the MGPA exceeds six, then the student may be permitted to register for a full suite of higher semester courses at the discretion of the Faculty Advisor. If it doesn't, he is required to enter the 'slow pace' program.

● If a student's CGPA is less than 6 in 3 consecutive semesters, then he must leave the institute.

● In case of a first-year student, if the CGPA is between 5 and 5.69, he will re-register in the first semester and start the program anew. The CGPA in the repeat year must exceed 6 for the person to stay in the institute.

● If CGPA is less than five, the student must leave the institute.

A student is not permitted to re-register a course when he has scored a P grade or a better grade in it. However, students below 6 CGPA can do so to improve their scores.

A student who has been debarred from an examination and awarded an 'X' grade for any reason may register for the subjects as backlog papers in the following semester.

Those who have been awarded unregistered 'UR' because of poor attendance or any reason need to register for the course and attend the classes as per rules.

Extracurricular Activities- Sharpening your Psyche!

Apart from having a globally recognised academia, NIT Rourkela has ample opportunities for trainers with different passions. The institute aims for your holistic development, with particular emphasis on critical attributes like leadership skills and ability to work in a team. To realise this noble idea, NIT Rourkela provides a wide range of opportunities for its beloved trainers to excel as Poké masters. These facilities include sports, literature, music, dance, acting, debating and many more, a significant part of which comes under the club culture of NIT Rourkela.

Infrastructure wise, NIT Rourkela is equipped with facilities for all kind of sports: Dilip Tirkey Stadium (DTS) is the centre for sports like Football and Hockey; Sachin Tendulkar Sports Complex (STSC) is the hub for Cricket, Kho- Kho and Handball; P.T. Usha Sports Complex has facilities for sports like Kabaddi, Volleyball, Basketball, and Lawn Tennis. Apart from these, there is a Swimming Pool and a Gymnasium with separate timings for boys and girls. The institute teams of all these sports take part in prestigious national level events including Inter-NIT and IIT fests. Apart from this, the institute also organises inter-hall and intra-hall sporting events throughout the year to nurture your talent.

The institute organises five major fests every year: Innovision (technical), NITRutsav (Literary), Cosmopolitan (Cultural), Vriddhi (Sports) and Roots which brings trainers from different colleges of the country to NIT Rourkela. These fests boast of exhilarating DJ shows, EDM nights, Musical pro shows, fun events and much more. Such fests drain monotonicity out of the life of a trainer at NIT Rourkela.

Extra-curricular activities at NIT Rourkela play a vital role in shaping the personality of trainers. Making the perfect use of these opportunities should be the primary goal of every trainer after entering the overwhelming Poké league of this institute.

SAC and Club Culture- The Paramount Arena!

The Student Activity Centre - where the Pokémon masters reside - of NIT Rourkela is like an assortment of clubs with different clusters of Pokémon trainers. It supervises the working of these clubs registered under the four societies; Technical society, Literary society, Arts and Cultural society and Games and sports society. These clubs, comprising Pokémon trainers, can broaden your area of interests, develop your personality, make your psychological traits more endurable so that you'll level up and advance as a master in your Pokémon battle.

There are about 60 clubs specialising in different aspects- Debating, Social, Music, Dance, Technical and many more. The skill and will power to break the status quo and think out of the box is the necessity of every club. All such activities will help the ever-talented person in you to bloom and evolve into a powerful trainer just like Ash! Your unbelievably zany college experience can be credited to the unfaltering enthusiasm and the blood, sweat, and tears of the Pokémon masters that the SAC confines.

Student Counselling Program-Hustling through the grind

Facing a setback with your Pokémon? Need a Pokémon centre to help you out?

Worry no more! NIT Rourkela has just the solution for you in its Student Counseling Program (abbreviated as SCP). Founded by the present Director, Prof Animesh Biswas, the program plans to ensure that the freshmen have a flawless transition into the new way of life that awaits them at NIT Rourkela. It further aids them in building up a confident attitude towards their present and subsequent problems, so they become Ultimate Pokémon trainers and later Pokémon champions.

It includes eight faculty members with Prof KC Pati as the Professor in Charge and 11 trainer coordinators. Are you wondering how the trainer coordinators are any different from you? Well, they are the experienced Pokémon trainers who have already earned their gym badge and are in their sophomore year or higher up. They assign each trainer coordinator a set of "mentors" within a week of admission who take care of the freshmen or the "mentees".

Experienced mentors interact with the freshmen to provide personal and professional support and help them conquer the initial obstacles. The teams also intend to resolve any ambiguities regarding extra-curricular activities as well as the monetary issues of the pupils. Since all pupils may not be acquainted with the learning pace and sequence, remedial classes are carried out by the SCP to traverse the gap. It also holds bridge courses for overseas trainers to familiarise them with the learning system of the institute.

Homesickness, discomfort, psychological anguish, and peer pressure add to the academic stress that the newbies face in NIT Rourkela. Thus SCP has appointed psychiatrists to confront the menace of mental stress. Professional counsellors are also present on the campus to handle different trainer issues.

With SCP on your side, you have all the support you need to become the Ultimate Pokémon trainer. So what's stopping you now? Run along to catch your next Pokémon.

Chansey at your Service

Ever wondered what at certain instances, if illness sets in? Simply hasten towards our winsome Nurse Joy’s Health Centre and get yourself treated by Doctor Proctor and Chansey (doctors). The prescribed medicines can be procured from the adjoining Apollo Pharmacy that runs 24*7 catering to medical needs of the institute, free of cost (on providing a doctor’s note of course). The Institute Dispensary provides facilities to the trainers, staffs, and their families as well. For specialised medication or hospitalisation, the patients are redirected to CWS or IGH. In case of recommendation to super speciality services, on submitting the essential documents, the Institute shall remunerate the expenses.

Officer Jenny to your Rescue

Unluckily, if you lose any Pokémon batches or if Team rocket steals any of your Pokémon (though the instances are extremely rare), reach the security office of NIT Rourkela without any delay. The security officers here have the same spirit as Officer Jenny and Growlithe. For any academic entanglement, get the problem responded at the Assistant Registrar’s office. Webmails, alike to Pokémails, to gym trainers, are an effective means for Pokémon trainers to get their queries clarified.

In case you seemed lost with a bunch of suspicions, your genial seniors are always there to assist you. Do approach them!

“Strong Pokémon, Weak Pokémon. That is only the prejudiced perception of people. Fairly proficient trainers should try to conquer with all their picks.”

The Battle Finale of Placements

 Meowth had realized," I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."

To reach the crescendo of your adventure to become an engineer, fighting battles and winning badges, you will have to sail through the climactic battle of Placements to win your ultimate champions trophy. Getting into NIT Rourkela is in itself a catch 22 and once you are through that phase, summon all your spirits to get paid back by luring companies across various top-notch sectors coming for campus recruitments.

Taking a look at the statistics, the infamous Training and Placement Cell of NIT Rourkela along with its diligent placement coordinators do an astounding work to invite some eminent companies to the campus, justifying the elitist status of the institute in the country with a target per cent placement record making the institute secure a rank within 401-500 in the Times World University rankings for Higher Education under the “Engineering and Technology” category.

Apart from the esteemed mass recruiters, the institute also invites some of the prestigious companies to the campus under core as well as non-core sector.

The placement statistics are quite satisfactory where the growth increases every passing year. Giving you an insight into the companies recruiting the students, here are a few examples:

  •   Analytics- ZS associates, EXL services, Affine analytics etc.
  •   Consultancy- PWC India, Delloite, Cartesian consulting.
  •   FMCG- ITC, Nestle, MTR Foods, IDMC
  •   BFSI- DBS, Axis Bank, DE Shaw etc.
  •   Semiconductor, VLSI and Electronics- Qualcomm, INTEL, Texas instruments etc.
  •   Power and heavy industries- L&T, Vedanta, Tata Steel, Maruti Suzuki, Coal India Ltd, Bajaj etc.
  •   Oil and Gas industries- HPCL, IOCL etc.

The institute also has provisions for start-ups and higher studies. To create an environment where trainers are free to mould their future, Foundation for Technology and Business Incubation (FTBI) has been housed under Centre for Technology Innovation and Industry Relations (TIIR) which has given birth to many start-ups among which Dekho Market is one of the emerging incubations. The campus has witnessed start-ups like MySmartprice, Phoenix Robotics, Penny India and more!

Trainers at NIT Rourkela have cracked CAT, GATE and others to become superior league leaders!. To enlist some recent badge-winners, Nihal Chandra Das secured AIR 8, Ritesh Kumar AIR 13 and Kapil Kumar Sharma AIR 41 in GATE 2019. NIT Rourkela also provides an ideal platform for some of the research aspirants who get remunerative offers from countries like Germany, Canada, Japan etc. through DAAD, MITACS and other programs.

Alumni Relations

Professor Oak, Red and Alain are very successful Pokémon trainers; many Pokémon trainers always seek to mature like them. NIT Rourkela has an intelligible tie with its alumni. The alumni serve as brand ambassadors who remain engaged and keep abreast on the progress of the Institute. The academic experience with world-class infrastructure and excellent faculty here at NIT Rourkela has endured our alumni with lifelong career excellence.

The NIT Rourkela Alumni Association, NITRAA, one of the largest alumni organisation of the country, congregates the alumni from all edges across the globe. The NITRAA’s executive council is presided over by Venkata Narasimham Peri. NITRAA conducts its annual inductions to restore trainer-alumni relations through which it persuades the Pokémon trainers to heighten their career. Here are few of the many Pokémon champions who concede themselves to be examples for the world to witness.

Akash Khurana: a remarkable theatre artist, and an entrepreneur.

Soma Mandal: the First Woman Commercial Director of SAIL.

CP Gurnani: the CEO and Managing Director of Tech Mahindra.

Ranjan Dash: the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Y-Carbon, USA.

Institute Standing Disciplinary Committee- a legion of steadfastness

Every trainer needs a safe and malpractice-free league to hone their battle skills. So, the Senate of NIT Rourkela has formed a formidable committee of masters, professors and a couple of student coordinators to regulate disciplinary actions in the institute and even penalise defaulting students trying to use fraudulent means. So, new trainers, feel free to call out academic or professional derelicts if you ever come across one for ISDC to regulate.

Monday morning-taking cognizance of NIT Rourkela

We, at Monday Morning, the official media body and Pokédex of NIT Rourkela, strive to be the ideal interface between the trainer community and the administration by transparently and accurately portraying the opinions, ideas and grievances faced by the trainers publicly. Our motto: integrity, humility and righteousness are the golden words we always live by.

MM has been adding a tinge of flavour to every Monday with a weekly capsule of campus news since 2006. Starting from inspiring internship diaries, hall/club reviews, information about communication details, SAC, etc. to articles on success stories on Alumni; we have it all. Just like how Ash has his beloved Pokédex for all information, you have the Monday Morning Website and App as your pass to all the information, campus buzz and much more. Download the app from the Google Play Store to stay updated on the go or visit http://mondaymorning.nitrkl.ac.in/, Monday Morning’s official website which serves as a constantly updated Pokedex to all trainers.

Team Monday Morning wishes you good luck in this path of conquering the Pokémon league and hopes that you encounter various people and make many memories to cherish.


DISCLAIMER: The content, opinions or views expressed on the Monday Morning's website and its social media platforms, including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, are strictly the property of Monday Morning and represent the extensive research and work of the working team of respective academic year of Monday Morning and not those of the institute. The reports and statements published are consolidated from the collected background research and interviews. The institute's official statements can be found in the press releases published by the institute or via an RTI application.

No article or any statements by Monday Morning is to be reproduced, presented or distributed in part or whole without prior permission of the Executive Body of Monday Morning for any purposes in electronic or print form.


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