Grooving to the Fresh Beats: Synergy Orientation

Grooving to the Fresh Beats: Synergy Orientation

Sriniketh Shankar | Jul 29, 2019

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Synergy, the official dance club of NIT Rourkela conducted their orientation on 26th July 2019, at Rajendra Mishra hall at 6 PM. This was preceded by “NITR Darshan 4.0” by the cultural club of NITR - Ritvic. This year had a huge turnout for the orientation reaching the record of 200 freshers. Just as the evening mood had set in, the campus witnessed a brief shower as the Orientation took off. The president Arjun Sree Madhav set things rolling in style by presenting a Solo performance. This was followed by consecutive performances by the dancers from the club. There was very active interaction between the crowd and the dancers. Many freshers took to the stage and showcased various grooves and styles with finesse.

There was a lot of energy crackling in the air thanks to all the performances. The freshers were a great pool of talent and the club’s future seems promising.

- Arun Sourab, a sophomore from synergy.

 Initially, there was a lot of reluctance among the freshers to take the stage, but as a couple of them did, many others followed much like the domino effect; Some of them even leaving everyone in awe with the standards of dance they presented. The event wound up with the whole crew performing a group event, setting the stage on fire. Just as the energy seemed to die down, the freshers who were trying to leave were stopped in their paths by the heavy downpour. This led to the whole crowd coming together in a circle and dancing to various Bollywood and western hits, leaving a cheerful impact on everyone who attended the orientation.

Considering the fact that a crowd of 200-250 students turned up without the classes starting is commendable in itself. Also, since this was the first orientation of the year, the fact that freshers came prepared to perform was surprising. In the end, it was a great start to the year for synergy.

- Arjun Sree Madhav, President of Synergy.

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