Moulding the Newbies from Scratch: SCS Orientations 2019

Moulding the Newbies from Scratch: SCS Orientations 2019

Aradhana Gupta Saurav Sahoo | Jul 29, 2019

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Good mental health is vital for a successful college experience. Trying to balance academics, social, personal, and financial issues could easily cause stress in life. Therefore, the Student Counselling Services (SCS), NIT Rourkela provides you with the best possible help to tackle obstacles in your road to success. Counselling provided at the right time can make a profound impact on the lives of the individuals, families and the communities, helping people to navigate difficult life situations.

Giving a welcome to the zealous freshmen in the institute, SCS held its orientations on 26th July 2019, in two slots, one from 10 AM and other from 2 PM, at the Bhubaneshwar Behera Auditorium, and our Director, Prof.Animesh Biswas who laid the foundation of SCS was invited. A well-versed presentation was carried out by the SCS coordinators which included the various aspects of NIT Rourkela life.

Amlan Das the SCS coordinator who hosted the event, says

“There are downs in the journey to be an achiever , we help you overcome them , so that you turn into better engineers and scientists of tomorrow.”

SCS, initially named as SCP (Student Counselling Programme), was founded in August 2017, under our Director, Prof.Animesh Biswas, with a vision to set up an easy-to-access counselling services to the students around the campus. SCS highlighted its prime goals for the freshers, to achieve a smooth transition from Home to Campus and bring out the same balance in life, and assist them in understanding the challenges, nuances and aspects of NIT Rourkela.

Taking us thoroughly with the working procedure of SCS, it is headed by the Director, Prof.Animesh Biswas, followed by 8 faculty members and Professor-in-charge Dr.K.C.Pati, along with 8 student coordinators, however, the main focus lies on the mentors, because the mentor to mentees interaction plays the most significant role by helping the freshmen to adjust in the new institution comfortably.

SCS does academic counselling when the students are stressed about grades and career, also the remedial classes conducted by SCS prove to be beneficial for a better understanding of different subjects. All these obstacles cannot be encountered if social and emotional circumstances of a person distress them. Therefore SCS provides you with a counsellor and a psychiatrist, who listens to you, talks to you, and helps you.

However, each and every freshman requires guidance about academics and social life in the college. Ensuring a healthy mentor to mentees interaction is one of SCS’s main objectives. You might face problems with academics, bullying and peer pressure, exam anxiety, risky behaviour, attention and concentration problems, and adjustment issues; SCS stands with you and helps you in tackling all these issues with the best positive attitude.

SCS coordinator Amlan Das says,

We are always there for you. We believe in spreading happiness , one day at a time. Spread some love and share it with all to make society a better place to live.

All the information about SCS can be obtained from its website,; also the Facebook and Instagram page of SCS keeps us updated with the latest events of SCS. SCS recently launched its application helping the freshmen by providing them with a decoded timetable, and other necessary information.

The students were made to scan a QR code and fill a Google form with their information to contact them.

Appraising the gravity of the situation, the agenda followed an important allocution delivered by Ms.Aalisha Padhy and Ms.Zakiya Ali, the presently appointed coordinators of SCS who enlightened our freshers regarding the norms and regulations that the students should adhere to during their tenure as undergraduates. Firstly, the process of decoding the time table in accordance with the central time table was made well understandable to the freshers. The students were also made absolutely aware of the significance of an appreciable attendance and the relevance of scoring high in higher credit courses and all its implications were well realised among the zealous freshmen.

Continuous assessment and evaluation throughout the year have really added up to the benefits enjoyed by the students in shaping their future. However, it had put forth a profound impact among a few giving them nightmares, making them apprehensive about the results with frequent running butterflies among a few prior to the examination. Considering the fact that the students stay fit and think healthy, the coordinators added:

The entire evaluation is distributed among three major aspects; Midsem, Endsem and TA with Endsem bearing the maximum weight of 50 marks, Midsem with 30 and TA with 20. The student has to secure a minimum aggregate of 35 to abstain from backlogs or they have to face the burdens of summer and complementary examination. You will be enrolled for ‘Slow Pace’ if your CGPA is within 5.7-6, an opportunity to be with your juniors (a year back), if your CGPA is within 5-5.6, and if it drops below 5, then, unfortunately, you have to face the consequences of getting debarred from the institute.

The relevance of a healthy social and physical wellbeing was made well aware to the freshers. Owing to this, the significance of the National Service Scheme (NSS) and Physical Education (PE) was imparted to the students. Though they don’t possess any credit, it is one of the reasons a student must clear it within his/her first year in order to be eligible for choosing a minor degree.

The session proceeded with coordinators giving their valuable and worthy comments on the functioning of NITRIS and Zimbra Webmail, which have proved to be advanced and sophisticated technologies in connecting the entire NITR junta with freshly brewed content and crucial news. The entire procedure of going through some of the important sections of NITRIS was made well understandable to the freshmen. NIT Rourkela also fosters numerous trailblazing software encrypted and stored within the institute’s software vault that can only be accessible through institute’s LAN. A passion changed into the profession, is what SCS believes the key to unlocking the door behind the student’s exploration capabilities. Since the past couple of years, there has been found a massive escalation of exuberance and gusto among the technicals geeks of our institute, who are being indulged in various soft skill development and getting the right use of their monotonous weekends.

A healthy living promotes high thinking.’. This was one of the mind-boggling sessions during the entire event that kept everyone’s mind undeviated. NIT Rourkela encompasses a state-of-the-art health centre that harbours doctors with vast expertise in their respective domains and a 24X7 pharmacy functioned under Apollo Healthcare. Owing to annihilate each and everyone’s physical and mental ailments and afflictions, the dispensary bears a suitable location and a flexible time, pertaining to people’s convenience. This fact was made well aware of the freshers so that they can make the full use of its amenities without even ignoring a mild indisposition.

Discipline is the benchmark of an ideal student who can win millions of hearts with his charismatic personality. The way you admire professors, the way you show benevolence towards your juniors, and the way you acknowledge your seniors are some of the vital aspects that make you outstanding among all your peers and make you the most desirable one. Next on the agenda, was the subject of the Institute Standing Disciplinary Committee (ISDC), that grabbed huge attention among the audience. The powers of the committee and the code of conduct were explained to the freshmen, its significance in carrying strict disciplinary action against insubordination and delinquencies. A highly remarkable anecdote was stated about the Anti-Ragging Policy and Safety and Security at NIT Rourkela that stamped out the freshmen’s dilemma about a safe and a healthy stay at the campus.

The agenda followed crucial messages being delivered by the coordinators of SCS to the newly arrived students of NIT Rourkela. The invaluable advice shared among the audiences had a fervent influence that definitely awakened their zeal to explore the things beyond the horizon. Siddharth, one of the coordinators briefed the freshers about the importance of internships and PPOs at the pre-final year of the undergraduate programme. He elucidated the fact that how an internship hones up one’s professional skills and expands his network to secure the best position in some of the coveted companies worldwide. The resources that harbour an array of dynamic features, dealing with jobs and internships such as NPTEL, Internshala, and various other summer internship programmes offered by the PSUs and IITs were made well acquainted to the newbies thereafter. The advance and rigorous functioning of the Training and Placement Cell of NITR was made clear to the newly arrived batch.  

There are doubts in the minds of most of the freshmen pursuing higher education, SCS helps them with career counselling as well, coordinator Kuldeep Namdeo explained the various aspects that one needs to focus on. Either one can pursue Masters, MBA and research in India by clearing examinations like GATE, CAT, MAT, etc. or go abroad for research, MBA, and MS by clearing GMAT, GRE, TOEFL etc. However, there are many programs which offer foreign internships to the students which include MITACS, DAAD, SN Bose programs. These all can be achieved by building an effective personality and working hard.

In the modern world, non-conventional careers attract the youth, also the examples set up by our alumni motivate the young minds to pursue what they aspire, and SCS helps you so that depression and anxiety don’t come in your way to it. SCS motivates you and advises you on pursuing your dreams and they hope whether its entrepreneurship or startups, you achieve them.

club representatives

NIT Rourkela can never be complete without SAC and its clubs. SCS presented a detailed report on SAC and the four of its society. It also provided a platform to all the clubs to make the freshmen aware of them, where the representative of all the clubs registered under SAC came on to the stage and gave a brief introduction of the club.

The presentation by SCS was conducted smoothly, though there was a power cut for a few minutes. A freshmen Shibiumesh said,

A pretty good orientation. So many options of clubs to join. I’m very enthusiastic about it. Also I liked the way everything was explained in the orientations. SCS is really a good initiative that works to help the freshmen.

Team Monday Morning congratulates Student Counselling Services for conducting a successful program and hopes it continues to give its best in lending a helping hand to the students of NIT Rourkela.

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