Awaaz-e-SAC 2019- The Conclusion

Awaaz-e-SAC 2019- The Conclusion

The third and final day of Awaaz-e-SAC took place on 31st July 2019. With BBA Jammed with enthusiastic students waiting to hear the nominees for the secretary post of Literary society and Games & Sports society, the Day-3 of Awaaz-e-SAC witnessed the candidates in the presence of Prof. S. K. Patel (Dean SW), Prof.Seemita Mohanty (President, SAC) and the VP’s of all four societies under SAC. Following the same pattern as that of Day-2, the session directly moved on to the Q&A round with each candidate having 05 minutes to answer all the questions of the audience.

Games and Sports Society

Armandev Puhan (Second-year Constituency)

Q: In your plan of action you have mentioned ‘up-gradation of Tennis Court’. What are your plans for that and apart from that what about the other sports? By what time can we expect the changes to take place?

AP: If I am elected, I would put forth the proposal to convert the tennis court to a synthetic one. For other sports such as football, the field will be prepared by planting more grass as well as providing proper watering systems and I would like to make all these changes before Inter NIT. Since it is a college of National importance,  these changes need to be brought about for the reputation of the college.


Q: Generally, most of the teams from different institutions have a permanent coach however our College does not have that facility.  What are you going to do about it?

AP: I will propose the idea of having a coach for different teams such as swimming and gym instructors along with the budget that would be allocated for certain requirements.

On being questioned whether he would be able to fulfill his manifestos within a year if elected, Armandev confidently answered that he might not be able to complete these plans but he would at least initiate it to be later continued by others. The answer received a huge round of applause from the audience.

Sri Raviteja Mallela (Second-year Constituency)

In the plan of work, the candidate had proposed changes related to Vriddhi. Several questions were raised regarding his nomination as he was contesting for the post of Games and Sports Society secretary and not for Vriddhi’s convenor.

Q: Since it is a national college related to technology, how will you convince people to invest their time and funds in Sports?

A: I will try to talk to people and the authorities.

Q: There are no proper tracks for the athletic team. Do you have any specific idea of what you can do for the Athletic team?

A: I can put up a proposal to SAC for making tracks specifically for Athletics. I will try to give equal importance to every sport.

Rashmi Ranjan Tandi (Third-year Constituency)

The first question asked to Rashmi Ranjan was regarding his opinion on zone culture at NITR. He answered that he supports zone culture and he said that people from one zone naturally prefer to interact with people from the same zone and he saw no problem in it. To this Prof. S.K Patel said:

All of you are mature enough to understand that you must vote for the deserving candidate irrespective of their caste, religion, and region. If any candidate supports zonism then his nomination should be cancelled.

Prof. Seemita Mohanty added:

In 2003, we moved on from being a regional engineering college to the National Institute of technology. Do you know the meaning of the word national?

RRT: When I said I support Zone culture, I didn’t mean that I support zonism in elections. I think if SAC has a problem with zone culture then it should come up with an event that would aim to end zonism.

On a crucial note, the candidate was called by Professor SK Patel for openly supporting zone culture, the former in a written statement submitted before the Professor a conformation that if found guilty of promoting zone culture before Elections, his candidature will be cancelled and if found later, he will be terminated from the post.

Ginnarapu Shivakrishna (Third-year Constituency)

Q: What steps will you take to ensure better grounds, prevent intrusion of different teams in the fields? The teams have faced several problems like lack of a coach or paying their expenses. How are you going to solve these issues?

 GS: I will talk to the officials about these issues and together we will come up with ideas.

Q: Generally, after Diwali, the basketball stadium is found in a state of mess. People even walk through the court when we are practising due to lack of barricades. Will you try to provide for barricades?

GS: I can request people to celebrate Diwali in DTS or STSC!

The answer made the audience explode into laughter.

Praveen Kumar Nalla (Third-year Constituency)

Q: Three of our teams went for the IIT BHU sports fest last year where we had to face massive embarrassment as registration fees were not paid by the institute in time. What will you do to ensure that it is not repeated?

PKN: I'm not aware of this but I’ll convey this to the Vice-President of our society and ensure that our teams don’t face such embarrassments in the future.

Q: Most of the students who actively take part in sports suffer in the academic front. Have you thought of any proposal for adding sports in the credits system for CGPA calculation?

PKN: I’ll talk to the Vice-President of our society and the President of SAC regarding this.

For almost all the questions, Praveen had the same answer:

I’ll talk to the Vice-President of our society and the President of SAC.

Gannamani Raveendra (PG& Research Candidate)

Q: You have mentioned in your manifesto that you’ll increase the reach of Inter Hall activities, but this is the responsibility of the respective sports secretaries of the halls. What role will SAC play in this?

GR: Publicity for these inter-hall sports activities is very important and SAC is the only body that can publicize such events on a large scale.

Q: You have mentioned in your manifesto that you will ensure proper maintenance of grounds, are you aware that the cricket team has to maintain the pitch on their own, if yes, then how do you plan to ensure better maintenance?

GR: I am in the institute cricket team and I’m well aware of the situation that the cricket team faces. I’ll ensure that the ground is well maintained in the future.

Literary Society

Partha Pratim Sahu (Second-year Constituency)

Q: There is a club called C-Cube which recruits first-year students and takes them for trips which last for 2-3 days. Who according to you will be responsible if something goes wrong on such trips?

PPS: C-Cube doesn’t come under the literary society and I'm standing for the post of secretary of the literary society, hence I'm not the right candidate to answer this question.

Q: You have mentioned in your manifesto that you wish to divert the funds of some dormant clubs to active clubs like Cognizen. Do you think diverting funds from one club to another is an efficient way of handling monetary issues?

PPS: The thing I said in my manifesto was just an example, I want all the clubs to actively conduct events and if possible I would like to increase the funds of all the clubs.

Talking about the importance of public speaking, Partha said-

Last year there was an initiative by clubs like Clarion and Hourglass in association with SCS to improve the public speaking skills of our students. I think it needs to be started again and better publicity needs to be done.

SURYANSHU KUMAR SINGH (Second-year Constituency)

Suryanshu Kumar Singh came up with manifesto plenty of surreal points some of which promised dedication and discipline in conducting events, conducting a variety of inter, intra hall activities, distribution of the annual magazine to every student and ensuring smooth budgetary allocations among others. Taking on several questions and a chiding from a member in the audience as to his tenacity to include a point like ‘remaining unbiassed’ in his manifesto that should be a mandatory feat in him Suryanshu answered several questions.

Q: How are complain boxes proposed by you help curb zone malpractices?

SKS: I also have been a victim of zone culture. Therefore, I can propose an initiative for forming teams under me by a standardized process like using google forms if possible and establishing help desks.

He reiterated his stand of being a bridge between SAC and the clubs and compensate for a lack of communication.

AudienceAKASH JAISWAL (Third-year Constituency)   

Akash Jaiswal started with a cheeky note of him ‘spamming everyone’s social media stories.’ His manifesto made a number of promises including ‘professional workshops for clubs’, conducting institute freshers more decoratively, increasing individual performances on foundation day and Gandhi Jayanti. An observation also read with a degree of ambiguity, ‘a smaller number of club events held in NU creates pressure on the NU team to conduct more events shortening their workforce.’ Taking on questions as to why BBA is not made available on Sunday mornings or if he could help with creating bank accounts for clubs, Akash honestly remarked,

 BBA is the only large auditorium in the campus and might as well be roped by several clubs simultaneously, but I can work towards making it available whenever possible in free days. I am not the supreme in SAC. A separate club account for one club can create a non-conformance situation for other clubs.

Q: What sort of professional workshops do you envision? If at all you are inviting professionals how do you pay their charges when SAC is not cooperative to invest money firstly?

AJ: The procedures have to be followed sincerely by the clubs as well and not just SAC. Clubs need to give a note of their bills to SAC at the beginning of the year itself and most importantly elect efficient treasurers and post-holders in the clubs.

Akash Kumar Sahu (Third-year Constituency)  

Q: Since you are standing for the Literary society secretary post, there is always a lack of communication or speaking skills are not well developed. What would you do for that?

A: If a person has a desire to improve something, he/she will do it on their own.

Q: The budget allocation and reimbursement process for different clubs is a tedious job. What concrete plan do you have for it?

A: Most of the students are unaware of the rules and regulations concerning fund allocations: the time limit before which they should inform SAC so that they can issue the club funds for certain activity are majorly unpopular. I would make sure that people know about certain rules and regulation acting as a bridge between them.

Akash was questioned about his support of zonism. He was asked about the fact that his posters were shared along with other people who coincidently belong to the same zone. And coincidentally, all four of them stood for different posts and no one else from their zone contested against them to which he hilariously answered-

How can you guarantee that the posters promoted zonism? Those people are my friends and it is absurd to ask such a question. 

HEMANT KUMAR KUSHWAHA (Third-year Constituency)  

Hemant Ku. Kushwaha outlined a need to conduct at least one session by notable literature personnel for the society and promised if elected he would do the running on behalf of clubs for reimbursement dues. To streamline procedures, he proposed an online system of permissions. Hemant was repeatedly quizzed about his take on 7 PM death hour rule for the clubs

Q: With the 7 PM deadline, we clubs are in a crunch and without rooms, we can’t get enough projectors, how will you help us in that regard?

HKK: I understand your concerns but it is a fact that we are left with limited security personnel. I will raise the issue with SAC officials and they can only have the final say.

SUMIT KUMAR BHARTI (Fourth-year Constituency)  

Contesting from the 4th year constituency with a misplaced knowledge of ROOTS (he believed that it is conducted by Literary society but it is conducted by Arts and Cultural Society), Sumit Bharti proposed conduction of more ‘literary activities’ and proper allocation of funds to clubs. He iterated even he wasn’t aware of ROOTS because of poor publicizing and would ensure efficient publicity this time.

Q: NITR MUN saw only 10% participation from the institute last year. How would you bring in more participation?

SKB: I would focus on robust publicity.

Shivam Shrivastava (PG& Research candidate) 

Q: You are a PG student; hence you’ll have a hectic academic schedule. How do you plan to spare time for the responsibilities that would come with this post?

SS: I have already thought about this before applying. I had noticed that the PG & Research post remains vacant as no one files a nomination for this post which is why I filed my nomination and I’ll surely manage my time efficiently.

Q: As a PG & Research candidate what exactly are your responsibilities?

SS: My basic role would be to deal with all the clubs under my society and to ensure the smooth conduction of NU.

Elaborating on the issue of reimbursement for clubs, Shivam said-

Nowadays even a tea seller has online modes of payment like Paytm and PhonePe, but we haven’t yet been able to make an online portal for approval of bills of clubs.


Due to some health issues, Himanshu, who was a candidate for the post of Arts and Cultural Society was unable to attend his slot on the 30th of July. On presenting proper certificates, he was given a chance on 31st July to address the audience.

Q: In your plan of Action you have mentioned that you will organise a film festival once a year. Tell us more about that.

HV: The film festival can be organized in our college showcasing some inspirational films from all languages and genres. Through these films, we can enhance the knowledge of students and encourage them in certain ways.

Q: Cosmo and Roots are the fests that are conducted by Film and Music society. What are your experiences in those fests?

HV: Last year I was the manager as well as I performed in cosmos. Thus, I have seen the two sides of it. The requirements were not up to the mark and similarly, there were some other problems.

On being questioned by SAS Officer, Mr Nalini Ranjan Mishra, about the difference in Arts and Culture, Himanshu said –

Culture is something that is provided to us by our ancestors, we derive it and learn from it whereas Art is a skill which anyone can develop on its own.

The answer received laurels from the faculty members as well as the audience.

The day-3 ended with a sense of satisfaction on the faces of the students. The candidates diqualified for not turning up for the event are Tarun, Jashaswi Jena and Ashutosh Kumar.

Prof. s.k. patelProfessor S. K. Patel, on an ending note, said:

We realize that SAC has been responsible for student dissatisfaction. These questions were meant not only for the candidates but also for me. I have learned a lot about your aspirations through this event. I will try my best to live up to student satisfaction and I wish you all vote for the best candidate without zonism influencing you.

The three day event marked a successful voicing platform for the NITR junta. With this team MM signed off, hoping for a fair election and wishing good luck to all candidates.

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